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Hi all

Have been trying to catch up on all your posts, the christening & Sophie have taken up all my time.  Yesterday was perfect, a sunny day with a clear sky and a covering of snow in the distance fields.  The service was lovely and we had some readings and prays for our precious Millie, I managed just one tear as I wanted it to be a happy day. We all said a pray for all our babies that we have been taken too soon.  After the service I visited the grave and put the most colourfull pink & yellow roses with the support of my hubby and godmother & family. Our fairy godmother was our ITU nurse who befriended us and I believe it was fate we met, she is one in a million and I managed to talk to her about the future.

I know Sophie is so young, but its so hard to find a healthily balance about the right time to tell her !!!!  I want her to be her own person and her birthdays to be happy but I don't want to forget Millie so I will have to work this one out in time.

I am so pleased to have read yr posts and realised that I am not on my own, like the funeral Millie died on 14th July but because Sophie was so critical I wanted them to be together again so we didn't have the funeral for over 3 weeks. I felt guilty at the time but now i understand it was the right thing to do, its just so sad we as mothers are put in this situation

Anyway thats enough about me !!!!! I'd be here all day..........................

Denise - Hope you got my pm the other day and if you ever want to chat - I am here.
My sister was due with her baby 12 days after our twins due date.  Its so hard as Sophie and her baby are the same weight, almost always in pink and my mum forgets sometimes but when we went shopping she brought them both the same outfits. I started demanding in the shop I didn't want the same clothes but she just didn't get it, that hurt so so much .  I know my mum doesn't mean to upset me but she always puts them in the moses basket together and I always think thats what it would have been like !!!! snuggled up just the two of them. I try to avoid trips out with my sister as everyone says what lovely babies - twins ???

Kiwitk --Eden - What a beautiful name meaning - pleasure / garden of peace.  So pleased no sign of infection and you have ventured out. Hang in there little one  ^pray^ ^pray^

Aggie - Never give up, your embryos must be to the minimum standard or they wouldn't have frozen them, so think positive  ^reiki^. I would like to go for FET in January next year but would only have one embryo put back. I know we were given the choice about having 2 put back but I dont think it was stressed to me how risky a twin pregnancy was which I am annoyed about.

Oooppssss - must go as some little madam is stirring - will catch up again tomorrow -

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Sorry to read that most of you are feeling especially low at the moment.  I go through cycles.  I'm fine and looking for the positives in everything, focusing on my gorgeous Nathan.  Then we start the downward spiral until I reach a complete low and then it all starts again.

At the moment i'm on that downward bit.  I do lots of thinking.  Thinking is bad for me.

I was walking through tesco on saturday.  Nathan in his buggy sucking his thumb as usual.  An old lady, a total stranger, walked up to me and said "if a child sucks their thumb it means they are missing a brother or sister".  I can't believe it happened.  Think i'm cursed or something.  Why say that?! 

Lots of love

Kiwitk - thanks for the offer, will let you know.

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Budgie -  :-\  ^hugme^ I've never heard that comment before, that's really unfortunate that she said that to you...
 I totally agree about the overthinking too  ^hugme^. Are you back at work at all? Or are you at home atm? I've had to go back p/t while DH looks after Jacob and although it was awful at first I have to say that I think a bit less when I'm there. I'm a teacher so there's NO way the kids will give me a moment to myself which can be great  :). Not so clever when you'd like to have an off day though.

Dreamer - really glad that the sun shone for you on Saturday  :), the christening sounds really moving. Great that your nurse has kept in touch with you too...

Kiwi - thinking of you a lot right now. I hope you're as ok as you can be  ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^

No news here really. Four molars are on their way, so a certain little boy is keeping us informed!! He's been an enthusiastic teether since he was 3 months old, and we've got 12 more to come  ^scared^.
 Told one of SLT about doing more tx (why do we have to inform people when we're trying to conceive?!  ^bigbad^), I really didn't want to but may have to take a day or 2 off for EC, and last time I coasted which meant many morning scans... I have to say he looked faintly irritated but I'm sure I'm being paranoid. I just wanted to shout at him, "Yes, I wish I could just do it the normal way like the majority of your staff!!!"  ^bigbad^ ^bigbad^ ^bigbad^ He has 4 or 5 kids btw! I can't believe this IF lark is doing my head in already and I've not even started sniffing  ;D ;D ;D Heaven help us!

Big  ^hugme^ for everyone. Hope you're all ok x

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Aggie - I know, trust me to get picked on >:(

I'm at home.  I can imagin that your work does keep you occupied.  I find things easier if I have busy days.  Unfortunately we do not know many other mums but i'm hoping to get Nathan to alot more groups soon.

Its such a pain having to tell people that don't understand that you are trying to conceive especially if that person is as fertile as a growbag!

I hope that your treatment goes well.  I would love to have another child.  Not sure that it will ever happen though.  Its something that would be very scary because of premature birth but truly wonderful.  I wish you all the luck in the world.

How is everybody else?  Think of you lots. ^hugme^

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Hi Girls,

Good news - Had the doppler scan today and it went really well, was really pleased as it was our actual Consultant Miss Deans who did the scan so I tend to trust her more than a sonographer. 

Baby has lots of fluid around him and really good blood flow, so would appear to be progressing normally and getting all the nutrients and oxygen he needs, his measurements are within normal ranges and he has all the signs he should have at this stage - fluid in the stomach and bladder etc..internal organs etc look good, and the 'danger' period for miscarriage after the death of his sibling has now passed - so the Consultant is fairly happy that he should now just proceed as a normal singleton pregnancy and hopefully there will be no more complications.

Big weight off our shoulders - although I'll be even more relaxed once he's got past 28 weeks :)  He's currently lying head down towards the pelvis with his butt sticking out on my right hand side and his legs on the left, which explains why I'm feeling most of the kicks to my left lately :)  I have another routine scan in 3-4 weeks and the diabetes tests on the 15th march an well as bloods so everything seems to be being monitored closely.

Thanks to everyone for your support - onwards and upwards (or should I say outwards??) from here... 

Hope the sunshine is helping put a sunnier feeling in everyones heart - we have a lovely day down here today, lots of sunshine and blue skies finally melting off that snow.

Love to all xx

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Fantastic News!!! ^jumpin^ 

^hugme^ Well done little man.

Long may the good news continue.


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Hello all,

Not been on for a few day as things awful here but anyway.

Kiwi - Fantastic news.  :-* :-* :-*

Well Aimee is back to normal now and got hopefully her last RSV jag on Tuesday. My mum usually comes with me and holds her but as my mum is on a Caribbean cruise i had to go myself and this is where I'm such a bad mummy, i had to ask the nurse to hold her  :'( :'( and now i feel so bad AGAIN!!! I have seen her go through much worse that a jag but i just cant bring myself to hold her when she gets any of her jags  :'(

Hope everyone else and there LO's are well


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Hi all,

Just a quick post as my 2 had their 3rd mmr yesterday and are by turns grizzly/sleepy. Lovely HV called and said it was normal, thank goodness. I know I'm a paranoid mum but who can blame me - I imagine I'm not the only one on this thread. Like everyone here I have ups and downs. Often I cry when I look at my surviving little boy. Will need to start unpacking all the clothes I had packed away in preparation for the triplets. 2 of most of the boys things - I feel sick thinking about it.

Denise - Sorry to hear things are rough at mo.  ^hugme^You sound so strong.

Kiwitk - Great news  :)

Budgie - I'm a bit housebound at moment too. Kitty and Laurie are 4 months but still small (8lb 8oz and 9lb 2oz). K is on home o2 as well as being small. I join a parent group in March and am already a bit nervy which the old Lisa would never have been.

Aggie - I can totally empathise. My boss even asked what sort of treatment we were having!

Lol to all,

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Hi everyone

Just a quick post.  I popped on to see how you were all bearing up.

 ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ Denise - its not nice when a relationship falls down I have been there myself but try and keep your chin up for your own sake and Aimee's. 

 ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ to everyone else who needs them right now.

Aggi - I'm just a normal Mum nothing special but thanks for the kind words xx

Euan has seen the eye specialist this last week who seems to think that surgery isn't going to be needed but will check him again in a months time.  He is having another RSV injection in March as he was late starting them this season.  He has now developed the knack of sounding like an old Amstrad computer starting up especially in the night - I find it funny - but not surprisingly my daughter doesn't!  He was so bad on Sunday when they came visiting I thought my fridge/freezer was on it's way out! lolol.

Anyway its 'Weightwatchers' for him this afternoon - his daddy is in charge as my daughter has had to resume her employment as Maternity Leave doesn't take into consideration that he was in hospital for 4 months of it!  She is very lucky as she is an English Teacher in a local comprehensive school and also Head of Media Studies and as the school is desperate to have her back she has been offered some very agreeable terms to return on.

Fingers crossed that he is well on the way to 9lb at the weigh in... one hell of an uplift on 1lb 7oz!

Love to all

Kez xxxx

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Hi all.

Hugs, glad to hear that little darling is better.  You are not a bad mum.  I know all too well that its easy to feel that way sometimes.  The last time Nathan had blood tests (a couple of months ago) he was screaming and coughing so much I thought he would choke.  I found it so unbearable, I thought I was going to pass out.  I have watched him used as a human pin cushion so many times but it was the first time he knew what was happening.  Luckly for me his Dad held him.  I wouldn't have been able to.  In the current circumstances you can't be expected to be wonderwoman.  Try not to be hard on yourself. you are great  ^hugme^.  When is your Mum home?

Welshkez - Hope the weigh in was successful.

Kitty - Hope the gorgeous ones are ok.  I'm hoping to get Nathan to some groups over the next few weeks.  I haven't been to one for awhile.  I get put off by silly comments!  Been going to the soft play places.  Although they do get my germ radar active!

Love to you all and everyone else!


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