* Author Topic: How long should i lay down after embryo transfer???????  (Read 28417 times)

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Hi just wondering if you are better off staying still to let things settle after embryo transfer, i only had a short lay down last time, would like to know about other experiences and whether it was beneficial xxxxxxx

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I stayed on the table for about 5 minutes, got up and had a wee (i was bursting before they started), then rested for about 5 mins more and then got dressed and went home.
I got pregnant with 1 out of 2 replaced.

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I managed to get pg twice (although lost them later) with no post-transfer rest - no lying down and straight back to work! Good luck!

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At the Lister they make you jump up immediately and get you out of the room. I don't think that this is right. Other clinics I have read about make you lie there for an hour or so. I think that this is correct and was a bit shocked at the time at what happened at The Lister.

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I was told to get straight up and dressed after the embryo was transferred and you can see from my signature we were very fortunate and now have little boy.

Georgia May 
From what I've read on here, getting up straight away or soon after seems to be the norm and I'm yet to hear about anyone laying down for an hour or so after a transfer, so wouldn't worry that you were made to do something out of the ordinary  ^hugme^

Lots of luck ladies for any future tx ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^

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We get made a cup of tea and biscuits and are told we can go as soon as we like but its also not a problem if we want to lay for a while. I stayed for about twenty minutes or so and then got up, didnt need a wee as our clinic does transfers with empty bladders so didnt actually wee for about 7 hrs after ;) xxx

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Was told to get up straight away. I went for a wee and was worried the embryo would fall out, even though I know that's impossible! Husband and I then went straight to the pub for lunch. We got a BFP, so the embryo obviously coped with all the moving around.
Good luck for your treatment.

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God it was good to read all these replies. After transfer I was given half an hour to lie still and then advised to lie still for as long as I could, ideally 24 hours.

We went back to our hotel room after transfer at about 3pm , via taxi, and I stayed in bed until 8 the next morning only getting for a wee and something to eat.

I've been getting stressed about the time I had to be on my feet getting around the airport to catch our plane back home ( do we all worry about the embryos falling out..if I have my calm hat on I know that's not possible otherwise no one would get pregnant!!) so it's great to hear how a lot of you had a lot less rest than I and still had a great result.

Thanks girls.

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In my clinic you get up and dressed straight away, see the nurse for last chat, any problems then go home. I got a positive although later lost it but another girl that had transfer at same time is 30 weeks with twins. So doesnt do any harm XX

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At GRI i was up within a minute, i almost felt like i had been chucked out the door ;D i know in reality research suggests there is no benefit to lying down afterwards, but it would have made me feel like i was doing my bit even if i could  have had 5 mins. To be honest i was a bit taken a back when the transfer was done, i still felt very uncomfortable from the EC so the ET was just a horrible sensation ^bigbad^ i didn't know what i was letting myself in for, so there i was legs akimbo, then a horrid sensation and then the nurse takes my arm and pulls me up off the bed ;D i was then taken in to the recovery room and sat down on a chair, one of the other wee nurses, that i got to know and was really nice, walked past and asked if i was ok, as did DH apparently i was just sitting there with a total look of shock on my face! ;D and i was shocked i just remember thinking "what the hell was that" i think i actually needed 5 mins of lying down time just to get over the shock, never mind to help the embies.  :o


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