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Dear Diary,

I didn't have any plans to start a diary for my treatment but after today I realise I need an outlet for my madness.  Its only day 1 of stimms and I nearly went into full meltdown. After posting the full details of my stressful day on the NOA thread, I realised I had written an essay of mad ramblings  ^idiot^ and figured I'd be best off venting all my treatment woes in a diary or I risk boring the ladies on the NOA thread to tears.

So if anyone out there happens to start reading this, I apologise in advance, I doubt it will be educational or even interesting but just an outlet for all my stress I'm afraid. 

So to make it a properdiary I'd better start from the beginning I s'pose:

Our History:

DH & I married in 2006 and have been ttc since Jan 2007. Towards the end of 2007 we realised that there was an issue so we went to the GP.  The GP ordered a semen analysis and it came back with zero sperm. A second analysis came back the same.  We were referred to our local hospital who diagnosed DH  with Azoospermia. In March 2008 and we were referred to UCLH.    We had to wait a year before we got to actually see a urologist because UCLH kept losing our referral (they lost it six times so we had to constantly ring them & chase them and get re-referred). You can   imagine the frustration!!!

DH finally had an MTese in May 2009 but only immature sperm were found and we were told he had Maturation   Arrest.  Although they agreed to perform a second operation if we waited a year, we decided to go private (wish wed done it sooner).  Having read about Dr Schlegel on the NOA thread, we contacted him and he asked for DHs medical records.  Once UCLH sent through our   records we realised that DH had not had the Y chromosome or Kareotyping tests even though we had been told he had not sure if the records had gone missing or they just didnt do the tests! DH then had Y chromosome  & Karyotyping done privately and they came back normal, so its a bit of a mystery as to why DH has Maturation Arrest. 

After sending test results in to Dr Schlegal, he gave us a 45% chance of success so we were all set to book up to go to NY as soon as he was next available.  Unfortunately,  Dr Schlegal then noticed that an ultrasound report from UCLH reported DH had a small varicocele & he recommended having it repaired and waiting another 6 months before he performed MTese.  DH went to see the lovely Mr Ramsey and had another ultrasound and the results showed that there was no varicocele    Bizarre!

So finally after two years of waiting and getting no where, we finally booked to have treatment at Cornell. I flew out to New York in March 2010 to have a saline infusion sonogram and a trial   transfer with Dr Chung.  The results came back ok so we were then booked to start treatment in May. 

A few days before I was due to fly to NY a volcano errupted in Iceland and the ash cloud forced all airports in the UK to close down.  I seriously thought it was all over for us and we'd have to rebook for the summer.  Luckily, it moved so my flight wasn't affected - I like to think its a good omen that it shifted in time for my flight.   

I started taking Necron contraceptive pill on 9th April and stopped on 4th May.  I've never been on the pill before and I can report it had an interesting affect on my moods.  It made me completely over emotional, DH is not used to me being like that but he tried to be patient.

I flew to New York a few days ago (on 5th May). At JFK the immigration man told me I was 'as cute as a button' and gave me a chocolate.  I thought that was a really nice warm welcome!  One of DHs friends works in NY and has offered us his company apartment free of charge, he is a total star. Its basic but nice enough, it has air con and a decent shower.  Its a 30 minute walk from CRMI so I plan to take a taxi there in the mornings (to make sure I get there in time) and walk back.  The internet only works when it feels like it but there is a Starbucks up the street so if I'm desperate to log on I can go over the road, have a hot chocolate and use their WIFI. 

DH cannot get away from work until 13th may so won't arrive in NY until 14th May.  I'm ok on my own, don't mind my own company (although i do irritate myself sometimes lol).  However, I've noticed that I am getting over anxious about the treatment, hence the need for this diary. Hopefully if i get it all out of my system by writing it on here, i'll be calmer.........well thats the plan anyway!!!

I went into CRMI the day after I arrived to have some blood tests.  The clinic in the UK didn't understand some of the tests that CRMI had asked for so I thought it easier just to have them out here.    They all came back ok so that meant just sitting back and waiting for AF to arrive to start treatment. 

AF arrived on 7th May but it was light and the CRMI instructions say to only ring to start treatment once AF is in full flow.  I only get light periods anyway plus I had no idea what a period is   supposed to be like after coming of the pill (as I've never been on the pill before) so I thought I'd ring the IVF nurses to ask whether i  should be coming in.  Got no answer from any of the numbers so left a voicemail asking if someone could call me back.  No-one called back, which annoyed me so   was quite anxious when i went to bed and didn't sleep well.

And so to today.........

Sat 8th May - Stimms day 1

Woke up this morning and tried calling CRMI again, still got voicemails so jumped in a taxi & headed down there.  When I got there I spoke to a nurse who took my bloods & I also had an ultrasound.  They said the   linning was nice and thin and it looked likely that I'd be starting treatment today but to wait for a call to tell me.  She said meanwhile that she would order my meds from the pharmacy so i could collect them after i got the call.  Waited a few hours and finally got the call   telling me to start injecting Follistim today and to come back in for bloods on Monday. 

Headed straight for the pharmacy to pick up the drugs and they told me they hadn't recieve any orders for me.  Arghhhhhh, rang every number on the contacts list, got voicemails for them all so rang the emergency number.  The woman seemed most put out that I'd rung that number but to me, this was an emergency.  She told me she'd speak to a nurse and get straight back to me. 

Paced the floor for three hours waiting for the call back, no call came so i headed to the   pharmacy in a panic...just about to reach a full meltdown.  Thankfully,   as I walked through the door they just put the phone down from receiving the order.  Panic over but I've given myself a massive headache from stressing about it all. 

So I start 225 of follistim tonight.  However, also in the order was a bottle for 16 pills of tetracycline and Ganirelix.  I know I don't need to take the ganirelix yet but no-one has mentioned the tetracycline pills and the pharmacist ddn't know when i'm supposed to take them.  So I've posted my days madness on the NOA thread as the lovely ladies will know the answer to my question.

The Follistim, Ganirelix and tetracycline bill came to over $2000 which I expected.  I'd told my credit card company that I was going to NY and to expect me to use the card.  The transaction went through but I immediately got a call from the credit card companies fraud team.  I confirmed it was me that had made the purchase but they said my card would be frozen until tomorrow.  They also said to expect it to be frozen everytime I make a large transaction.  As I'd already confirmed to them twice over that it is me in NY making these purchases i asked if this could be avoided; the answer....No!  Usually I'd argue but all the fight in me had gone by this stage so I just accepted it.

Spoke to DH via skype.  The internet in the apartment went down so went to Starbucks and just chatted to him by typing instant messages.  He feels bad that i'm here by myself and he's worried about how stressed I've been today.  Whilst I was in there, two old men sitting near me started having a strange arguement.  They were both shouting loudly at each other, not sure what it was about. They were clearly barking and for the first time today I felt quite sane. 

I've just stopped typing to do my first 1st injection, I've been looking forward to it all day and I have to say it was painless........must be the extra bit of padding I've gained on my tummy recently.  I knew there must be a reason for it lol.  Also whilst I've been typing, DizzyD one of the fab ladies from the NOA forum (who is also out in NY having treatment) has spotted by last post and text me to say the tetracycline comes later and not to worry about it.  Bless you Dizzy, I can sleep tonight without worrying now.

Right after all that typing, I'm off to my bed



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    Re: Joely-Js Tx, CRMI New York, MTese & ICSI
    « Reply #1 on: 10/05/10, 05:49 »
    Sunday 9th May - Stimms Day 2

    Haven't done much today to be honest, I just wanted a chill out day after the stress of yesterday.  I really need to make sure I don't get that stressed again.

    I was going to go out and look around the shops but the weather in NY seems to have turned cold.  It was 75F yesterday but only 50F today..whats going on? ???  I only packed summer clothes and a couple of cardis and haven't bought a coat with me.  I'm not exactly sensible when it comes to packing clothes.

    I decided I was too cold to go out so the furthest I ventured was to the Duane Reade store next to my apartment building.  I bought lots of bottles of water.  I've made a real effort over the last few months to make sure i drink lots of water but I'm obviously still not drinking enough.  The nurse at CRMI yesterday told me it was hard to take my bloods because I was dehydrated and it wasn't flowing well.  Must drink more.  I love the Duane Reade store  ;D , it sells everything!!!!  I was in there for ages.  My GHD hair straightners don't work over here so I bought a cheap pair of Revlon straightners.  Tried them out when i got back to the apartment, they don't get my hair perfectly straight but it was a vast improvment on the frizzy mess that was there before. 

    After getting back from the store I just pottered around the apartment and tidied up, I seemed to have all my clutter everywhere so decided to put everything away.

      The internet in the apartment decided it would work today which is   great.  DH skyped me and it was lovely to see his face on my laptop screen   and to chat to him.  We talked for about two hours, he said the volcanic ash cloud is still causing problems in Europe and may return to the UK next week.  Just have to  ^pray^ ^pray^ his flight out here isn't affected.  He was worried about me doing my own injections bless him.  I told him it was fine, it didn't hurt really.  He's really sad that he's not out here with me so I did my best to convince him that I'm ok, which is the truth.  It would've been nice to have him here yesterday but in fairness theres nothing he could've done that I couldn't do myself...apart from give me a cuddle that is  ^eyes^ .  Told him about my woes with hair straightners, he said he would buy me the new version of GHDs (that do work in the   USA) and will bring them when he comes over next week.  He wouldn't usually go out and buy me hair straightners so he really must be feeling sorry for me, I might have to milk it a bit more lol.

    My sister also skyped me and I chatted to her for ages too, so even though I'm out here on my own it doesn't really feel that way. 

    I tried to make myself scrambled eggs for lunch earlier and managed to set off the smoke alarm in the apartment  :-[ :-[ .  Not sure why it went off because there wasn't any smoke.  I'm rubbish at cooking anything, I just don't have any interest in it.  DH loves to cook which is pretty fortunate.

    I decided to listen to the Zita West IVF hypno CD which I bought before   coming out here.  I have to say that I wasn't that taken with it.  I didn't find her voice soothing and relaxing, I found it irritating.  Instead I switched to the Paul Mckenna Control your Stress CD which was much more relaxing.

    I did my second injection of follistim about an hour ago.  I'm probably a bit weird because I quite like injecting it.  After waiting so long to start treatment it feels great to finally be doing something.

    I'm going back to the clinic tomorrow to have my bloods taken.  It has just occurred to me that I wasn't given the swipe card that they give to patients to sign them in in the mornings.  Must ask for one tomorrow.

    I've just read this post back to myself.......OMG I've got way too much time on my hands.......its sooooo boring.  For anyone who has read this, you deserve a medal for hanging on in till the end. There aren't any medal smileys so here have a flower instead  ^daisy^

    Love Joely xx


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    Re: Joely-Js Tx, CRMI New York, MTese & ICSI
    « Reply #2 on: 11/05/10, 06:46 »
    Stimms Day 3 - Monday 11th May

    Today was slightly more exciting than yesterday due to the fact I actually left the apartment. 

    I was woken up at 6am by a text message from a lady at work saying they had sent me an urgent email and could i get back to them asap. This lady knows I'm in NY.  I'm self employed and I gave all the clients I have contracts with plenty of warning that I would be unavailable for the entire month of May.  I was mildy annoyed at being woken up by the text but was amused by the fact that I couldn't have cared less about her email & had absolutely no intention of logging on to read it.  usually I'd have jumped out of bed and got on the phone to find out what was so urgent but I promised myself I wouldn't be dragged in to any work stress whilst having treatment.  I've only just logged on this evening to read it and it wasn't urgent anyway so I'm glad I didn't jump up out of bed to respond.

    Got up at seven thinking i'd have plenty of time to get to the clinic by 8ish (only takes 15 mins max by taxi).  After drying my hair hair i tried straightning it with cheapie straightners again.  They didn't do a great job of getting rid of the frizz or straightening to be honest so put lots of serum on my hair which then made it look greasy at the front.  Gave up with the hair and got dressed.  Got in the lift and once i got to the lobby, the top button on my T-Shirt pinged off.  Great....I know I've put on a bit of weight in the last 6 months, I don't need my buttons popping off my clothes as a reminder.  Tried to console myself by thinking that it was a cheapie top and the button wasn't stitched on properly but it didn't work.  Anyway, with the top button gone there was way too much cleavage on show so had to go back to the apartment to get changed.  By the time I'd got back down again it was 8am and all the taxis were unavailable as they all had people in them.  Got a bit worried that I wouldn't get there in time (you have to be there by  8.30 at the latest)  Started walking to the clinic and luckily after 10 mins I finally managed to get a taxi.  Got to the clinic at 8.25 but was in a bit of a fluster.  Must leave earlier next time!!!!

    Saw DizzyD at the clinic and we had a chat in the waiting room. It was lovely to see a friendly face :-).

    I got called to the front desk to pay for the IVF, anasthesia and hospital fees for egg retrieval,and DHs Mtese , this totalled $25,411.68, plus a hold of another $5000 just incase we need assisted hatching & cryopreservation.  I handed over the credit card fully expecting another call from the  credit card fraud department but the transaction went through without any problems which is a relief.   The exchange rate today is crap due to the hung parliament in the UK.  Apparently the fact that the UK can't sort out who is going to govern it means that the pound has weakened.  Bl**dy politicians  ^bigbad^ !!!  They also said that on the day of the MTese we will need to pay a further $10,755 for hospital fees, anasthesia & sperm processing.  One of the ladies on the NOA thread (CeciB) itemised everything she paid for her cycle in her diary which was so helpful, so none of the costs were a shock.  I'll try to do the same at the end of my cycle just in case anyone is looking to come to CRMI in the near future.

    After we were done at the clinic Dizzy & I went for a cup of hot chocolate and a chat.  It was great to talk to someone who has already been through it and she is remakably calm and chilled (hoping it will rub off on me).   Dizzys DH joined us later along with Barneybobs (another lady from the NOA thread) and her DH.  They were all really lovely & friendly and I really wished DH was there to meet them too.

    After we left the cafe I decided to walk around the shops as I need a bigger purse to hold the dollar notes. My current purse is only small so all the notes get scrunched up and as they are all the same colou,r I can't see whats what which means i faff everytime I go to pay for something.

    Promised myself I would only buy a purse and thats all because I went shopping the other day and bought a few new tops and some jeans. Found a purse I liked so bought that and before i knew it  i was on a roll; one pair of silver flip flops, one pair of ballet pumps (my feet were hurting and they looked so comfy), a hand bag, a pair of shorts and two t-shirts later, i hung my head in shame  :-[ . Must stay away from the shops now.

    The clinic rang, I'm to stay of 225 of follistim for tonight and tomorrow and go back to the clinic on Weds for bloods and ultrasound.

    DHs friend (the guy who got us the apartment for free) rang and asked if I wanted to have dinner with him tonight.  He has just got back from the carribean and is flying to London tomorrow so it was really nice of him to think of me when he's so busy.  Met him at an Italian restaurant near his apartment.  He's looking forward to DH coming out and I'm sure DH is looking forward to a few pints with him once his op is over & he feels up to it. 

    Did my injection tonight, it hurt a little more than it has on the previous two nights.  Not sure what i did differently (if anything).  My tum is bloated, could be the drugs (more likely the pasta).

    I've just looked at the time, its 1.30am.  Need my bed, night night xx

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    Re: Joely-Js Tx, CRMI New York, MTese & ICSI
    « Reply #3 on: 12/05/10, 03:10 »
    Stimms day 4 - Tuesday 11th May

    Didn't do much today so not much to report.  I noticed yesterday that my eyebrows had an overnight growth spurt and i can't find my tweezers (i know I packed them) so headed downstairs to Duane Reade to purchase some more. Did I mention I love the Duane Reade store...lol

    I also went to the organic grocery store just up the road and bought more milk, nuts fruit & veg etc.  After unpacking that lot I headed out again to a different organic food store which is a bit further away.  I go there everyday and buy a large cup of organic mixed veg juice.  It tastes horrific  ^zombie^ but I force myself to drink the lot. 

    On the way back I passed a really nice beauty salon and popped in and got a manicure and spa pedicure.  As they were slapping on all the lotions and potions onto my feet, I wondered at the wisdom of having it done.  For months I've only used Paraben free soaps, shower gels, shampoo, face & body creams etc and now I'm cycling, I'm allowing them to put god knows what on my skin, not to mention the chemicals in nail polish. 

    I spoke to DH via Skype.  I thought he was flying out late Fri night but it turns out he is actually coming out late Thursday night.  Not sure how I got that confused but its a nice suprise that he's coming out earlier.

    I managed to set off the fire alarm in the apartment again whilst cooking organic chicken & veg for dinner.  The neighbours must love me lol.  Decided to be lazy and use the small dishwasher rather than washing up my dishes.  It leaked water & suds all over the kitchen floor.  That'll teach me. 

    I'm going back to the clinic tomorrow morning for bloods and an ultrasound.  My tummy is still bloated and i've had stitch like pain on the right hand side all day.  I've not had IVF before so I've no idea if this is normal or not.  Please let everything be okay  ^pray^ ^pray^ .

    Right, I'm off to watch Law & Order.  DH hates it so I never get to watch it at home. 

    To anyone reading this, big hugs ^hugme^ ^hugme^


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    Re: Joely-Js Tx, CRMI New York, MTese & ICSI
    « Reply #4 on: 13/05/10, 05:31 »
    Stimms day 5 - Wednesday 12th May

    Went to clinic this morning to have bloods and ultrasound.  Had trouble getting a cab again so had to walk some of it in the pouring rain.  I didn't have an umbrella and because i'm an idiot I didn't pack a coat or any closed toe shoes.  So i was walking in the rain in a small cardi and flipflops.....needless to say, i looked ridiculous and some guy on the street even shouted at me to put a jacket on lol.

    I remembered once I finally got in a taxi that I bought a pair of ballet pumps the other day and they would've been much better than flip flops but it was too late by then (plus they wouldn't have gone with what i was wearing so would've had to change last minute etc).  Why didn't I pack my Ugg boots?  I live in them when I'm at home. 

    Got to the clinic and had bloods and ultrasound.  Dr Chung did my ultrasound and i was really pleased to see him.  He said I had 14 follies (7 on on each side) and there weren't any dominant follicles. Not sure if this is good or bad but he seemed pleased. He said they were all small, stupidly I didn't ask the size.  Not sure what happens to my brain in there.  I seem to remember the questions i want to ask after the doctor has left the room.  However, i think maybe its better i don't know too much, it means i'll just obsess & worry if they are not exactly the size they are supposed to be. 

    Saw Dizzy in the clinic again and we went for a hot chocolate.  The cafe that we went to is lovely and the hot chocolate comes out in what can only be described as a soup bowl - delicious.  Went to a book store and I bought myself a few books, i left all the books i was going to bring with me at home.  Had i organised myself a little better i would've remembered to pack them (and some warm clothes). 

    Spent a few hours walking around the shops trying to find a decent coat/ jacket.  I always have a nightmare shooping for coats and jackets because they never fit me properly.  If they fit around the arms and waist etc, its too tight around the bust.  If it fits around the bust, its way too big everywhere else and just looks likea tent. At home i have to buy coats/jackets etc from shops like Bravissimo as they allow a little more (.)(.) room. 

    Anyway, after 2 hours I gave up on the hunt for a jacket as i refuse to buy a tent. Bought a jumper instead, obviously not rain proof but i'll be a bit warmer. 

    Skyped DH and asked him to bring my Ugg boots and a jacket.  He said his suitcase is full and he can't get anymore in it.  Oh well, the weather is supposed to start cheering up anyway.

    Got a phone call later in the day and was told to drop the dosage of follistim from 225 to 150.  Again, not sure what that means but i'll just do as i'm told.  Keep wondering when I will be told to start the Ganirelix, perhaps i might remember to ask tomorrow.

    I noticed earlier that i have more bubbles.  Thank you to who ever sent them.  Its made my day  :) :)

    Right, I promised myself an early night and i haven't managed it. 
    Night night all  xx  ^hugme^

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    Re: Joely-Js Tx, CRMI New York, MTese & ICSI
    « Reply #5 on: 14/05/10, 04:56 »
    Stimms day 6 - Thurday 13th May

    I noticed earlier that I have even more bubbles, so to all the people sending me  bubbles, I want to say a massive thank you.  It really makes my day when i see they've gone up.  Thank you for thinking about me, its so lovely to know people care.

    Went to the clinic earlier to have my bloods done.  The nurse struggled to get a vein, she said they were tiny.  It took a couple of attempts to get any and she had to keep wiggling the needle to get the blood flowing out, it made me feel a bit queasy. 

    Saw Dizzy again in the waiting room so we had a chat and after we were done, we went and had a hot chocolate and a natter.  I rang Peggy to make an appointment for DH (who should be landing in NY soon)  to see Dr Schlegal.  She said to come in at 9.30am tomorrow.  As Bleep is in a different building to CRMI i went and found where his office isso we know where we are going tomorrow.

    Then I decided that as it was a sunny day I would just walk around until I was tired.  Managed to walk to Times Square and Macys.  I think the hormones are finally getting to me.   I was walking along Madison Ave and a woman walked past me cuddling a very very cute baby girl.  I welled up and had to choke back tears (not sure what thats about, it doesn't usually  happen when i see people with babies).  Then about a few hours later, DH text to say he had just boarded the plane, welled up again and had to pull myself together.  Other than that I've felt perfectly fine and relaxed today.
    I'm still really bloated and (TMI alert) keep needing to pee.  I had to ask the assistant in a Banana Republic shop If I could use their staff toilets.  15 mins later I had to go again in Macys, 20 mins after that I had left Macys but had to rush back to use their toilets again.  Thought my bladder was going to burst.

    Decided to get a taxi back as couldn't keep running into shops to ask to use their loos.  Unfortunately the traffic was a nightmare and the taxi driver said it was because President Obama was in NY and when his motorcade passes through they close some of the roads.  Thought I was going to pee myself  in the back of the taxi.  Managed to hold on till I finally got to the apartments.
    Once I was back at the apartment I went off to find the laundry room on the 1st floor.  I bought some bath sheets in Macys and wanted to wash them.  I know I'm getting old & boring because i was very impressed with how quickly the tumble dryer dried them, (this isn't something I would've given much thought to before).  My tumble dryer at home is new and takes an hour and a half  to dry towels.  The ones in the laundry room dried them in 25 mins .......Oh dear....Sorry, I did use to have a life.  Up until we started TTC I was a a party girl..... now I'm reduced to sitting in my jim jams, sipping herbal tea & writing about tumble dyers and needing to pee every 15 minutes.
    Anyway, I've tidied up the apartment, had something to eat.  Drank the nasty mixed vegatable juice  ^zombie^ ^zombie^ and done my jabs.  The Ganirelix jab definately stings more than the Follistim one.

    DH has just text to say he has landed and is in the taxi on the way to the apartment  ^clapping^

    Night night xxx

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    Re: Joely-Js Tx, CRMI New York, MTese & ICSI
    « Reply #6 on: 15/05/10, 04:35 »
    Stiimms Day 7 - Friday 14th May

    DH arrived last night at around 1.30am.  It was lovely to see him and have a cuddle.  We were both knackered so went to bed. 

    Got up at 7am still knackered.  I had to go to the clinic for bloods and ultrasound and DH had an appointment to meet  Dr Schlegal at 9.30.  Got to the clinic at 8.15 and was shocked to see the waiting room was completely full (standing room only).  At 9am I still hadn't been called for either bloods or ultrasound and was beginning to get worried.  I spoke to the receptionist and explained that I needed to be out by 9.30 for Bleep.  She told me that there were only two other people to be called for bloods and then it was my turn.  After watching about 5 or 6 other people get called for bloods (who had arrived after me) I went up and asked if I could be called next.  By then I was getting myself wound up as it was around 9.15  so DH rang  Dr Schlegals nurse Peggy and explained our situation.  Peggy said Bleep was running slightly behind anyway so not to worry and just head over when we were done - phew!! 

    The nurse finally called me for bloods but again had problems getting a vein.  She said they were all too tiny and the biggest one was now covered in scar tissue from all the previous days blood taking.  She tried a new vein but it collapsed ( ??? ??) and I now have a big bright purple bruise on my arm. She tried a few more times and finally got blood.  I usually don't mind having bloods but I'm dreading it tomorrow now.  I was called for an ultrasound shortly after but althought I was shown into the scan room I was left sitting there for about 25 mins before anyone actually came in to do the scan.  The doctor said my largest follies were between 12 and 10mm and that I would be on at least another 3 days of stimms.  He said the lining was great so all seems to be going well so far which is a relief.

    We then headed over to Dr Schlegals office and needn't have got stressed about being late as he was stuck in surgery anyway.  We were told to go away and come back in an hour so we went for breakfast at a lovely cafe.  Came back at 11.45 but Bleep still wasn't there so waited again until 12.45.  I wasn't expecting much from meeting Bleep because when we had our telephone consult he wasn't very forthcoming with information and it was hard work trying to talk to him.  Barneybobs from the NOA thread had said he was the same for their meeting with him.   However, he must have been having a good day because he was very personable and quite charming.  He talked us through the MTese and gave us the same 45% stats on finding sperm.  He started asking DH about how he was getting on with the Clomid - WHAT? ??? ?? DH is not on Clomid!!!!!!  We didn't know what he was talking about, Bleep hadn't ever prescribed Clomid.  It turns out that somehow DHs medical records had been merged with someone elses which is a worry.  He said he would get it sorted. 

    After our consultation we went to Internation Services to pay the New York Prespertarian Hospitals bill which came to around $7900.  The transaction wasn't authorised so once again had to ring the card sompany and tell them that its me in New York (how many times do they need me to tell them?).  Finally it went through thought so I can relax.

    We didn't get out from the hospital until 14.30 and we just strolled back to the apartment.   The clinic called early today (at around 3pm) and said to continue to take 150 follistim and the Ganirelix injection too and to come in tomorrow for bloods & ultrasound. 

    We stopped at the health food shop near the apartments and I ordered two wheatgrass shots and the horrid mixed veg juice I've been drinking everyday.  Dh and I drank the wheatgrass shots but DH had one sip of the veg juice and refused to touch another drop.  I drank it but felt ill after so I'm going to give it a miss from now on. 

    Jet lag had caught up with DH and once we got back to the apartment he fell asleep until 7pm.  We went out around 8pm to an italian restaurant called Lex on Lexington Ave and 92st Street.  The food was lovely and it was great to be dressed up and going out  to eat after a week of sitting in and eating my awful cooking.  I could've killed for a glass of red wine but wouldn't dare touch alcohol so settled for fresh orange juice instead.

    I'm just about to do my jabs (DH has crashed out on the sofa in front of the TV) and then its bed time.
    Big hugs to anyone reading this  ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ and thanks again for all my bubbles  :)

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    Re: Joely-Js Tx, CRMI New York, MTese & ICSI
    « Reply #7 on: 16/05/10, 04:19 »
    Stimms day 8 - Saturday 16th May

    Had a really lovely chilled day today.  Got up at 7am and got to the clinic at 8.20am for bloods and ultrasound.  When the nurse called me for bloods she looked at my arm and said 'Oh my god are you serious?'  Think she was quite shocked at the bruising.  She looked all over for another vein but couldn't find one big enough so had to use the same vein that has been used everyday which is so sore now.  Still I'm not going to moan, every thing else seems to be going well, so a bruised purple arm is a small price to pay.  The doctor that did the ultrasound seemed pleased with the way things are going.  He said the largest follie is 12 1/2 so it hasn't grown much since yesterday.  He said my lining was 7.4 which he was happy with  and I had a least two more days of stimms.  Saw DizzyD in the waiting room and also met Cornell Miracle (from the NOA thread) and it was lovely to have a chat.

    After the clinic, Dizzy and I went for a hot chocolate and got our DHs to meet us in the cafe and we all had breakfast.  It was fantastic for DH to meet to meet Mr Dizzy.  DH & I haven't told anyone his diagnosis so its the first time DH has spoken openly about it to anyone other than doctors (and me of course).  I think it did him good to talk and Mr Dizzy managed to get DH to feel more optimistic about his chances of success.

    After breakfast DH and I headed to Central Park and had a long walk around it.  We got a row boat and DH rowed us around the lake which was lovely and romantic.  The weather was fantastic.  There is a fab restaurant on the lake called The Boathouse. It was very busy so we didn't fancy eating there today but we reserved a table for dinner next week (as we thought it would be quieter during the week).

    We then sat in the park watching the world go by.  It was lovely and relaxing - perfect day.

    We walked backed to the apartment, got a huge ice cream on the way back, felt very naughty but I have been good up until today.  We looked on Last Minute.com to see if we could get tickets to a show on Broadway but didn't manage to get anything for the next few days. Might try again mid week.

    I think the walk in the park did us good, it definately took our mind off of things and chilled us out.  We were both dancing around the apartment to Jay-Z and having a laugh and I realised that its been ages since we had been silly like that.  We have both been too serious and too stressed for far too long. 

    The clinic called and told me to stay on 150 of folistim and the Ganirelix injection.  I'm to go back to the clinic tomorrow for bloods.  I've still got a stitch like pain on my right hand side but my belly is less bloated today.

    DH and i went out for dinner to a nearby restaurant called Parlour Steakhouse on 90th st & 3rd Avenue.  The food was fantastic, I had organic salmon and DH had steak.  We will be going again!   A couple sitting near us heard our English accent and started talking to us as they were leaving.  They told us they lived in London for seven years and loved it.  When we asked where abouts in London they said Belgravia.  Had to laugh at that, of course they loved it, they were in the richest part of London. I couldn't take my eyes off of another couple sitting near us.  The husband insisted on dragging the chef out of the kitchen to talk him through every minute detail of how they cooked a particular fish dish.  It was like an inquisition.  They were clearly very rich, she was wearing very expensive clothes & jewellery, and I have to say she looked very sharp.  She was giving her husband a hard time telling him if he didn't book her into first class for her upcoming flight then she would refuse to fly.  Oooh how the other half live lol.
    Right better go, DH is crashed out next to me asleep so it must be bedtime.

    I noticed my bubbles went up again, thank you everyone, its nice to know people care.  Big hugs to anyone reading  ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^

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    Re: Joely-Js Tx, CRMI New York, MTese & ICSI
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    Stimms Day 9 - Sunday 16th May

    Got up at 7.20am to go to the clinic.  Didn't get to the clinic till 8.30 due to my faffing around.  Saw Dizzy & CornellMiracle in the waiting room, so grateful I have them to chat too.  They have both been through it before and answer all my questions (even the stupid ones lol). 

    I was only called for bloods today not ultrasound which I guess means I'm no-where near ready and will be stimming for a few days more.  It took three attempts of sticking me with the needle before they could get blood.  she ended up having to twist the needle whilst it was in me....made me feel a bit queasy.

    My belly is very swollen today, I could pass for being 6 months pregnant i'm sure. DH is trying to be nice and keeps saying it doesn't look that bad but he is a terrible liar.  I keep needing to pee every 15 mins which is getting seriously annoying now.  I went to the loo before i left the clinic and decided to walked back to the apartment.  I had to dash into a hotel foyer when I was halfway home and beg to use their rest room as my bladder was about to burst.  By the time i got back to the apartment about 10 mins later, i was bursting again.  I've cut down the amount of water I'm drinking but that hasn't helped.  Not sure what else i can do.   

    I bought a wheatgrass shot and a mixed berry smoothie from the organic shop near the apartment.  Thought about buying the mixed veg juice but remembered how ill it made me feel the other day, its vile and I can't do it anymore. I'm trying my best to eat healthily though.

    When I got back to the apartment DH was working  (he bought paperwork out to NY with him).  We were going to go downtown today but I was nervous about going out because of my bladder situation.  I hung around the apartment until 13.30 and my bladder seemed to calm down so we decided to go out.

    DH saw that there was an International Food Festival on 9th Avenue and wanted to go to that so we are going to go downtown tomorrow instead.  DH is a real foodie so he loved the food festival.  I was more concerned with making sure there were toilets nearby lol.  We went to Times Square after and then had a walk around Macys.  By then our legs were aching so we got a cab back to the apartment.  We're both knackered so we've decided not to go out to eat tonight.  We're still trying to decide what we are going to eat.   

    We also looked at getting tickets for a broadway show.  Theres a show called Fences which has Denzel Washington in it.  We had a look for ticket availability over the next few days  but they cost 400 each  :o :o so decided to give that a miss lol.  DH wants to see Jersey Boys but there were no tickets for the next few nights so I'll guess we'll have to see it in London instead. 

    The clinic called and told me to take 125 of Follistim and a Ganirelix injection. I'm to go in for bloods and ultrasound tomorrow.  I've no idea how much longer I need to be on stimms. I'll just have to have patience......not a vitrtue I possess unfortunately.

    Right, better go.  DH is feeling unwell so had better go and pat him on the head and tickle him under the chin  ;D .

    My bubbles went up again, thank you, thank you, thank you. Big hugs to anyone reading this  ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^

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    Re: Joely-Js Tx, CRMI New York, MTese & ICSI
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    Stimms Day 10 - Monday 17th May

    Completely overslept this morning so didn't get to clinic until 9am.  Missed seeing Dizzy & CM which was disappointing but my own fault as I must've switched my alarm off & gone back to sleep.

    Had the same problem with bloods this morning.  They had to use the same poor vein they always use and then twist it until the blood flows.  My arm is battered (poor me  ^eyes^ ). 

    Had an ultrasound too, my largest follie is 16mm, the rest are at around 15 so they said I will need more stimms tonight but possibly may trigger tomorrow.  I have to go in again tomorrow for bloods and ultrasound and then they will know for sure. 

    I'd ran out Ganirelix so called into the pharmacy to get another one and then DH and I had breakfast in a lovely cafe nearby.  DH then dragged me on the subway to go downtown (i'd have prefered to take a taxi).  DH wanted to go to Ellis island & Statue of Liberty so we got tickets and then discovered the queue to get on the boat was 2 hours!!!!!  They usually sell express tickets where you don't have to queue but they were all sold out today so we had no choice but to do the 2 hour queuing thing.  Ellis Island is really interesting and details the history of immigration into the US. I'm glad we went. The Statue of Liberty is great to look at from the boat but I don't think there is much to be gained by stopping on the island itself (unless you want to climb up the inside of the statue). 

    We booked The Boathouse restaurant for tonight.  Its in the middle of central park on a lake and its a great location.  The food was ok, not the best I've ever tasted but not the worst either.  The restaurant itself has lovely decor and it makes for a romantic evening sitting at a table by the water. 

    The clinic called earlier and told me to increase my Follistim dosage from 125 to 150.  Its so exciting that tomorrow may be trigger day  ^jumpin^ .   I'm off to do my jabs now.

    My bubbles went up again, thank you, thank you, thank you.  I'm touched that people care.
    Love and hugs to anyone reading this  ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^