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Misha- you moan away. I had a similar situation before I went out for the FET. It can be so stressful trying to work out all the timings for the trip and then your body does ntwant to play ball. Hope AF turns up for you in time.
I ve had such a rollercoaster of a week. I bought some cheap early testing kits on ebay they are supposed to be really sensitive. I have used them before when I had my ICSI and I had a positive result 4 days before OTD. So of course being the impatient person that I am I did a few tests and got myself completely depressed becase they were all BFN.
Then this morning I wa just checking the test agin before I binned it and I saw a really really faint line!!! I m just praying it gets stronger tomorrow. I don't know what to think. I was absolutely convinced it wall all over. But there is hope!
Bluebell xxxx


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    Hi everybody,
    Bluebell you shouldn't worry. I bought some of those early test strips off ebay and on my 2WW date I used the strip the clinic gave me and it was very, very, very faint so I didn't think it was positive. It also took about 5 minutes to show up at all. I did another with one of the ebay strips and it was even fainter. The next day i tested again with ebay strip and it was definitely positive and just 1 day later made a big difference. So you might just be like me and the hormones are taking a while to show up. A faint line is still a positive. Fingers crossed!! xxx

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    Hi ladies reading the whole pages made me ready for the IVF have been contempleting for a while.
    Please about how much roughly would it cost me for hotel, drugs and IVF


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    Hi Nina,
    Prices have gone up a bit recently but it was still cheaper for us.
    This is roughly what we paid a coulpe of years ago
    Flights were about 200, Hotel about 90 quid a night (double with breakfast and dinner included- Stayed for a week) ICSI 1800, Drugs were around 1000 on top.
    So for everything it was just over 3000, whereas at was about 4-5000 in the UK NOT including the drugs!
    One or two tips if you are pricing. Be aware that the Clinic is now becoming very popular and successful and with that comes a price increase! So they are now charging for the initial consulation and the freezing of embryos which both used to be free. You may or may not see Jon Hausken - My FET was with Arnie who was also lovely. But the team is still small and lovely and fab in my opinion. It was so lovely to see them and they were really genuine asking about my little girl and giving me lots of big hugs :)

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    Hi everyone :)

    I haven't been here for a while, this post seems quite quiet (not as quiet as the Radisson can be though!  ;D)

    Bluebell - did you test again? A faint line seems a very positive sign, one more Hausken baby?!  ;)

    Nina - we went to Norway for our initial cpnsultation back in Feb and will be back in June for treatment week. Everyone at the clinic was really great, you feel like they really care and that was the reason why we decided to go for IVF and cycle in Norway. We had spent the last five years or so having different treatments on the NHS and have had enough of waiting and being treated like a number by that point. At Hausken they are genuily nice, they hugged me after the initial consultation and said were really positive.

    Re. costs, it's true that the prices have gone up in recent months but still cheaper than the UK and you get a small 'holiday' out of it too. Norway is such a beautiful country!! The eschange rate is not so good anymore so IVF turns out something closer to the 2k mark, then drugs depend on what they give you (ours are just over 1k but that's just because I have PCOS and need extra 'stuff'). For the consultation you will need to go for 2 nights, and then on treatment week we are staying for 10 nights. Ryanair flies directly to Haugesund, you can check prices online.

    I start DR on the 14th May so still a little bit and then will be flying on the 9th June ... it's getting very real now!!! This post has gone very quiet, where is everyone?!

    Love to all, have a great weekend
    Eva xx

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    Hi, Eva
    Thanks for the reply
    Am now looking forward to starting my one hurray!

    I would love to follow your journey and hopefully will start mine too

    What do you think should i do all my blood test in the UK? (hep A&B, hiv, rubella, FsH ETC)

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    Hi ladies,

    Just thought I'd post on here as I've haven't been on this site for years.  I used to come on here all the time when I was going through the treatment myself.  Some of you will remember me, but most won't.  We had 2 successful treatments at Norway, though miscarried one.  We then had an NHS cycle and got our second little boy from that.  We've had no more treatments for ourselves, however I have just done a donor cycle (the two ladies are both pregnant with twins).

    I must say that I really want to go back out to Norway for our frozen embryos.  We have six frozen and I really want to use them.  Does anyone know the protocol in Norway.  I see Bluebell that you've just gone through a treatment and that you've got a faint line.  I really hope you are.  Also Huldra, I can see that you've just gone through a FET which wasn't successful.  Am really sorry for you and I hope you're ok.

    How does the thawing work?  When they thaw, do they know instantly whether they're still alive?  Do you get a call straight away?  We've got 6 however the first two were from our first cycle and the clinic had only just opened.  They hadn't got any successful results from those days with FET so I'm not sure they'll survive the thaw.  We've then got 4 from our next cycle and I'm more positive about those. 

    I just want to wish you lovely ladies every success with your treatments.  Whilst I've done my donor cycle locally and my last cycle locally, my heart still belongs in Norway.


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    Hey Ladies
    Hope ur all doing well! Well i am on day 6 of stimms now, called clinic last Tue after AF didn't show AGAIN and was told it would have to be put back once more, i went into work re -arranged all my time of again and then the clinic called in the afternoon to say it was back on and we had to start stimming! ;D ;D yeah! So we are getting all ready to go on Thur but what i wanted to ask any of you ladies who have previously been is what did u take your drugs over in? i am worried about them not been cool enough on the journey as them will be out the fridge for about 9/10 hrs.
    Bluebell- How are u ? how did things go? hope ur doing ok huneyxx
    Peacock- how are u?
    Addy- wishing u luck for your new journey, i don't know much about FET but i am sure that some of the girls will give u a wee bit of advice x
    Evap- Hey not long till u start, we are not to far apart in our cycles! I am looking forward to getting started today, yesterday i had a real wobble and felt like i was dreading going, but i am ok today! xx
    Hi to anyone else xx

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    Hi everyone, it all sounds like it's happening for you Eva and Misha Moo. Best of luck with everything.
    I am good thanks, I am 15 weeks pregnant now and we had a 3D scan at the weekend which was amazing. I still worry every day though especially as my twin sis had a miscarriage last month, she was only a bit ahead of me. I suppose after everything we have all been thru that is pretty standard to worry every day!
    Haven't heard from bluebell hope she is OK.
    Well I am wishing you ladies all the best of luck and will be following all the updates on here when I get the time :-)

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    Hey Ladies :)

    sorry havent been on for ages but just wanted to wish everyone going through treatment best of luck especially eva and misha moo ( hopefully its finally your turn :) Misha i just had a cool
    bag - you know the ones u take on picnics for your drinks and had it in my hand luggage along with the letter that said that u will be carrying medicines with you. Peacock- i am really sorry to hear about your sisters loss. god 15 weeks have just flew by- try and cherish every moment although must be soo hard trying not to worry.

    Not been on the board for soo long because DH is being tested for cancer :( and just want him to be ok :( and suddenly baby not soo important ( although still want one soo bad) .He going hospital tomorrow for biopsy so fingers crossed he ok. NHS Appointment cames for icsi as well which was surprisingly fast but just a bit confused whether should wait a little or go ahead with it as everyone keeps saying do it while you stioll can because most places are stopping ivf on the nhs. sorry for the depressing post but just feeling a bit bleurgh lol.

    Hope everyone else is ok :)

    Lots of hugs and babydust to everyone.