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Haj - I know exactly what you mean about 'would I be a good mummy?' I think some of it has to do with how long we've been going through this and you start to wonder whether it's just not supposed to be because you'd be a crap mother... or maybe that's just me... I seem to have lost my smileys so am totally expressionless on that front.

Eva - good luck today hon!!! Will be checking in to see how it's all gone for you. I do hope it's good news.

Nats - I really want to try Zumba, my friend went and said I would LOVE it and I should be teaching it - ha ha! Don't even know what it is, but I am a trained aerobics instructor, but haven't taught in YEARS!!!

So it's 2 days till I fly out to Norway and 1 day till I go to TAKE THAT concert!!!!! 20 years ago I got their video - I was so in love with all of them... and tomorrow I finally get to see them (ALL!) live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't care if you think I'm sad... I'm in heaven right now....


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    Hi Laynee.

    Not sad at all. I went to see the circus tour and it wa amazing. I even cried at the end (now that is sad!)
    I tried all day to get tickets and couldn't so have justbpaid double the price on eBay and am taking my mum (who is 70!) with me. You will have a truly amazing time. Wish it was me but I only have until 2nd July to wait.
    Also you have 2 days until Norway, wish that was me as well lol still not heard back from the clinic yet.
    You also so need to give zumba a try it was fantastic even for those who couldn't dance just trying wore us out! It's justvreally funny and an hour of moving about can't be bad. I know I came out sweating like a pig!

    Haj. I know what u mean about funding. The whole journey is such an expensive one. I guess I was lucky in that I had my funded attempt first. To be honest my local clinic was not the best. The nurses were good but the doctor was so cold and hardly spoke to me.  So I can't wait to get to Norway and have someone who listens

    Right was meant to be a quickie as I am at work on my phone.

    Eva. Thinking of you and keeping all crossed for good news x x

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    Hey Ladies
    I just popped on to wish Eva lots of  ^reiki^ and luck for today, hope all goes well! ^pray^ ^pray^ ^pray^ ^pray^ ^pray^ ^pray^ ^pray^ ^pray^ ^pray^ ^pray^ ^pray^
    Sweeatnats- I can take the clinic a few days to get back to you via email so don't worry they wont have forgotten about you. You must be itching to get started, My NHS goes were also "cold" felt like i was on a convery belt.
    Laynee- OMG! i had such an amazing time at the concert last time, i also cried at the end. You will have an absolute ball, its just such a fab nite! Oh and then the excitement of going to Norway!! Its all sounding good x
    Things this end were a bit frantic for a few day, not really stopped having tummy pains since treatment and OHSS but i started getting cramps like pains and felt like my back was going to snap, I know this can be normal in early preg, but  the pain in my ovaries was bad, then on Sunday night i had some spot bleeding i was just in so upset, never slept all night! Got a doc app and thankfully the doc got me a scan for the afternoon! (i was told it could take a wk) I was so grateful i just couldn't wait another second, i have honestly never been so anxious, even though i have MC before this just felt worse this time after all we have been through to get this baby, but thankfully all is well seen one wee precious heartbeat and it looks fine ^pray^ Feel better now and so thankful the baby is well  ^pray^
    Hi to Haj and Beth :)  Roo roo, still thinking of you honey

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    HI Ladies

    Misha - What a horrible couple of days you have had!! So glad all is well, and you have seen the little ones heartbeat, Thats so reassuring for you! And you can now sleep well

    Eva - Hope all is ok. x

    Only a quick one as i am off out.

    So hi to everyone else. Hope you have all had a good day!

    Nats ^hugme^

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    Just wanted to stop by and wish Eva all the best! Hope it went well today. And if it's any consolation I only had 2 mature eggs and that was NHS in the UK. I was lucky they both fertilised but it does happen here. They sort of blamed me by telling me I was a non responder!! Anyway it worked for us with just the two eggs, got 2 embies and 1 implanted so I am keeping everything crossed for you xx

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    Eva - hope all is ok, thinking of you.

    Misha - what a hellish time you've been through but thank goodness all seems ok with your little 'un and there's a healthy heartbeat! Even when it works it's not over eh... constant worry - how does anyone survive!?! We must be strong eh!

    Peacock - always good to hear positive stories - thanks!

    Nats - will try the Zumba, but I guess I may have to wait a couple of weeks...

    Hi Haj!

    So I'm off to Take That tonight and have just heard on the news that Take That middle aged fans in Manchester have been worse than footie hooligans with more drunken behaviour and A&E visits!!! Had to laugh... now slightly worried too...!

    Norway tomorrow - won't get much sleep, what with a concert in Cardiff, then Stansted airport in the morning... we go straight to the clinic for a scan. Will let you know how it goes.

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    Hi all :)

    Thank you so much for all your personals, they really mean a lot. We are on the 5th floor at the Radisson andthe wifi signal is not that strong so it's been frustrating trying to post in here, it keeps disconnecting......

    We went to the clinic yesterday and had IUI; Tiger Lily and Tiger Prawn were still there and were a good size, and dh's sample was also good so everything went well considering  ;) everyone in the clinic was amazing as always, Jon whistled during the procedure and the nurses were all hugging us and wishing us good luck. We left the clinic full of hope.

    Sooo..... I'm officially on the 2ww though as we had IUI i'm not sure I'm allowed to say I'm PUPO...?

    Laynee - we'll probably see you at night tomorrow. Look out for us, DD has curly wurly hair so difficult to miss us  ;D. Had agreat flight and good luck at the clinic too.

    Peacock, Misha -  ^hello^ long time, how are you doing?!!

    Lots of love
    Eva xx

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    Evening Ladies,

    Hope you are all well.

    Eva - So glad all went well for you ! now you just have the lovely 2ww. So will keep everything crossed for you !

    Laynee - I know you are currently having a fantastic time as i imagine Take That are now on the stage!! Hope you are not too tired in the morning for you lovely long journey to stansted. Least you can have a rest on the plane (although i imagine you will be too excited!)

    Hope everyone has had a good day. Still not heard back from the clinic yet and i emailed them on Sunday, i know its only 3 days ago but when you are waiting for the email seems such a long time!

    Off to spend some time with DH as he is going away to work tomorrow (works in Norway) so will be away for just a week.

    Speak soon all

    Nats ^hugme^

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    Eva - have only just read this so didn't know to look out for your DH's curly wurly hair! Really pleased it all went well, just know that you now have a long 2ww! Keep as distracted as possible and try to do nice, happy things.

    I had my scan yesterday and all was looking fine - lining was 9mm, so I'm to start cyclogest pessaries on Sun and Embryo Transfer is due for 11am Tues, before we fly straight home at 2pm! Not much else to report apart from there were hugs all round at the clinic and everyone was lovely.

    Will let you know how the ET goes once we're home after Tues.

    Take care

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    Evening Ladies

    Hope you are all having a great weekend!

    Laynee - Glad the scan went well, not long now for your transfer!! You have had a busy and exciting few days!!

    Its 7 days tomorrow since i emailed the clinic and still no reply? Its that normal? I have never waited that long to hear back from any business before, and i can appreciate they are busy but 7 days just for a response is quite a while!

    I just want to get started now.!!