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Morning Ladies

Hope you are all well!
Jules - Thank you so much for everything. I have received a card from the post office and am off to pick up the book this morning as they are open at silly times! I shall have a good read tonight. Also a big thank you for mentioning the festivals! i wasnt aware of them. At the moment i am waiting for Arne to confirm that i can have our consultation on the dates i have rewuested. I basically looked on Ryan air, explained the flights i would like and see if he could fit it in on those dates. Obviously with Ryan Air you have to stay out 3 days. So hopefully he will get back to me today and i will call and try to book the hotel.

Jules - I had a course of acupuncture with my last tx but when imentioned this to our local hospital, they said that they didnt recommend it and said i had to stop once i started stimming! so i will definately be up for seeing Fredrik! How much did it work out in GBP?

This has to be a short one im afraid as i have been up since 3 again. My poor old dog is now in agony with his bag and to be honest its breaking my heart. He has been like this a week today and i have not slept since. The thing is that all the websites say its treatable with a specialist and we now have him booked in for monday. He has not been in pain before last night and watchinng him is awful! Cant wait until 8.30 when the vets open.


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    Hi Sweetnats - You are welcome for the book, hope it helps.  Just a quick one from me as we have a playday in a while and my little one still not dressed!  I went to see Fredrick on my last 3 attempts the first one worked out 80 then the 2nd one worked out 100 and the third one was 120 as I had an extra treatment a couple of days before et just to boost things along a bit.  Not sure what the exchange rate is now but if you allow about 80-100 that should be fine.   to hear about your poorly doggy, hope you can find a solution  :)
    Hi Bethholm - your post did make me laugh about the ornaments!  Sorry it's a difficult time, I had some really bizzare comments when I was going through treatment and sometimes from family who don't always think before they speak  :(   Deep breaths helped and visualising holding my baby one day.  Having been through similar treatments I know you are a strong lady and you'll get there  ^pray^ ^pray^   Keep strong  ;D

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    Hello Ladies

    Jules - Thanks so much for everything. I will definately book in with fredrick on my treatment week and see what he suggests.
    Hope you had a fun time at playday!

    Beth - Hope all is going well.  I know it can be hard when you hear of all these other people who are not even trying and it comes so easily. Makes me even madder when you hear all the neglect stories. But  try and stay positive and think, i know i am not fotunate enough YET but i wouldnt wish this on anyone else. We will get our dreams but we have to wait a bit longer. Makes us stronger!

    Layne hope you are resting nicely and your  little embies are snuggling in nicely

    Afm - Its D day for my poor little boy today. We have him booked in at a specialist in Newmarket. They will then MRI him and tell us if we can treat him or not. Think i am just glad we will get an answer one way or another. Then i just have to make sure my mum is ok. He was my dog but when my dad dies 5 years ago, mum took over looking after him for me. So he has been a substitue for my dad. So its hitting her hard
    On the upside, We called   the clinic and have booked our consultation for 17th August!!! We have booked the Raddison. now just need to arrange flights and we are all ready. Least i have a couple of months to work on my BMI. So i can start planning and getting excited!

    Hope we all have a great weekend

    Nats ^hugme^

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    I just lost a massive post!!! arrgghh! ::)
    Sweetnats- Thats such a shame what you are all going through with your wee dog, they can become such a huge part of the family, this must be very hard on your mum and you ^hugme^ Glad you have you dates booked and August will be hear before you know it, now you have a date  i am sure you will kick BMI's  ASS!!!

    Beth- Big hugs honey, there is nothing worse that someone else due date that you cant escape! The worst i ever had was when i girl i am good friends with and worked very closely with fell preg. I got a daily account of every preg symptom i am afraid to say i was glad to see that back of her :-[ however it didn't stop there after she finished up i spend weeks being asked if the baby had arrived yet and when it did, i was asked every lunch time and every day how they were doing by colleagues!! I just wanted to say, leave me alone!! I am afraid people will never understand what its like, and if they do know what you have been through they will have a bit of sympathy briefly but then expect you to be over it and be able to deal with baby things!! >:( I am sending you lots of  ^reiki^ ^hugme^ and you will stay strong re DH dd, because you are an IF lady and thats one thing we are very good at is staying strong! x
    Laynne- Hope you had a safe journey home, how are u? x
    I am still of work, doc has advised me to not rush back and to be honest i am glad of it there has just been so much happened in the last 6 months i feel i haven't had time to draw breath.
    Hi to Jules and Eva

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    Hello ladies
    Just a quick one. Took my dog to the specialist today and they found that he had a massive tumour. S #o he was put to sleep. One of the hardest things to deal with as in the last stages he was in so much pain. Just loooked at me as if to say he had enough.

    I have had him 12 years and when you dont have kids they are part of your family

    Will be on soon but just need to deal with the grief. Good luck everyone and hope you are doing well


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    Sorry to hear that sweetnats! thats awful, but at least he is not in pain anymore x ^hugme^

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    hello everyone

    I am an old face on here & just thought i'd say hi. Its such a long a long time since i came on but i do recognise a few names. Beth - you are one of them your journey seems so long i really hope things are turning in the right direction for you!

    Norway and all the staff at the clinic really changed our lives. We only had one embie but  My little viking Stanley will be 3 this november and is a tornado to say the least!! just after his 1st birthday i found out i was pregnant again. My natural miracle is now 10 months & a tornado just like his brother. I have found it hard having 2 so young especially as Seth has been a difficult baby but i remember ever day how hard it is was when we were trying & i feel very blessed. My family is complete now. We are moving to a bigger house in a few weeks where the boys can grow up.

    Just wanted to say don't ever give up ladies - miracles do happen!! take care & be kind to yourselves

    Love Tot, Stanley & Seth xxxx

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    Hi all,  :)

    Just a quick one as need to go sunbathing in the garden  ;).

    I spent Fri and yesterday spotting quite a bit and having period pains, had given up hope completely and decided to test today to get it out of the way and avoid having to go to work straight after getting a negative result. Sooo... we tested this morning and there's definitely a very very faint second line in there!!!! Could it possibly be the pregnyl causing it? (trigger shot was on Sun 12th...).

    OTD is on Tuesday, will test again tomorrow. Trying not to get too excited but finding it hard not too!!!!

    Lots of love
    Eva xxx

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    Go and have an HCG beta test and the you will know for certain sweetheart.I think that the trigger shot could be out of your system, but a blood test would confirm a BFP.Keeping everything crossed! ^reiki^ ^reiki^
    Sweetnats- I am so very very sorry for your loss.  ^hugme^ Pets are part of the family. My love to you and your mum. ^hugme^

    Tot-wonderful to hear from you. ^hugme^
    Beth x

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    Eva- Its sounding like it could be the magic 3 letters!!!! Trigger shot leaves everyones system differently, i have tested 4 days early before and got a negative so for me i guess it must leave my system around then so fingers crossed its the same for you! Good luck honey!!! xx