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Telling the child and other people, Chat/Support thread

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Ju I deleted your other post ;) and was going to say post again but you have lol
Thanks everyone, Happy Chatting ^wave^

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Ju - don't know what you are on about!  :-[ :P :P :P :P
purple - I'm pretty sure they tell you if there was a BFP??  ^hugme^

Mini - We were told we had to request the info.

olivia m:
Hi Joy
Yours is an interesting question.  Whilst I would completely agree with Hazel that honesty is the best policy, the Government in it's wisdom did not think carefully enough about the needs and interests of children within the family of a donor, when they came to laying down provisions in the HFE Act for availability of information.  Donor conceived children, conceived in the UK post April 2005 have the right to have information about their donor from age 18 and at that age ANY person conceived at a licensed clinic with donated gametes after August 1991 can go on a register to have contact with half siblings.  However, the children in the family of a donor have no rights to have their names on any register in order to be in touch with their half-sibs nor can DC children be in touch with them.
Of course the possibility of contact between half sibs will be there if/when DC young adults make contact with their donor post 18 (in our experience likely to be older than that if they were told early).  This is just one of the good reasons for donors to share information with their children about their part in creating other families sooner rather than later.  I hope you feel you can do this with pride Joy.  You certainly have done something very special indeed and you are entitled to know the outcome of your donation.  If you can't get this information from your clinic you can get it from the HFEA.

Just like to confirm what Hazel said.  Our experience at DC Network is that donor conceived people are often much more interested in half-sibs than in their donor.  Those told early are never looking for a parent and it's not surprising that they have more interest in others around the same age as them who are likely to share some interests and are in the same, or similar, position to them.

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