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Just read your post was thinking about you the other day, so that photo of you and thought something was different I am so, so, so, pleased for you has bought a tear to my eye. I am so glad you went to the czech republic they are miracle workers. And a precious bundle a little boy, enjoy your pregnancy so both deserve this so much.

Lots of love

Tracey & Peanutxxxxx


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    big congratulations to nutpot ,enjoy every moment with him they do grow quickly 6 hrs that very quick .

    hello amz hope everything goes well for the growth scan glad to hear you feeling better.xx                                                                               

    Callum was 3months yesterday my god where did that go hes just perfect we had a wet the baby head party on sunday everyone said what a lovely baby !!feel complete now and happy xxx

    Offline Bibi

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    Withane!! firstly welcome back, I've missed you. And WOW!!! Congratulations!! I'm so pleased for you and DH.

    Bibi x

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    Nutpot, the twins only took about 30-40mls for a while. We fed them every 3 hours including through the night so they got into a routine very quickly.  You'll find your way. A happy mum is a happy baby, don't worry about not being able to BF, it's N~O~T the end of the world  :)
    WithanE oh so so so pleased to hear your news, and can't believe you got out to Brno all by yourself! Isn't it a lovely clinic and just brilliant that you are 20 weeks.  Did you have Stefan or Marek as your consultant?? Very pleased indeed with your news  ^hugme^
    AFM Very tired today, cracked Noggin this week and made her go cold turkey with her dummy. within 36 hours she was settling without it. Very pleased at her progress.  DH was one of the unfortunate military people that got made redundant a few weeks ago so we've been letting the dust settle at the news. It's not all bad as he has his job till next August and the RAF are very good at helping chaps settle in civilian life. Luckily we have our own house, else we'd be looking at being homeless in August too!  Both girls are great fun now, chatting away, giggling and causing mahem and mischief most of the time. My dear sweet baby-as-was DS (not so little now!  :o  ) is going to be 11 on Sunday!  so i'm off now to finish his cake. Love to you all. Would love a morning meet up somewhere at a play centre. That one in Westborne has been recommended to me again - where is it and is anyone else interested?
    Wendeth x

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    Sorry I haven't been on for so long - I never seem to have the concentration left for keeping up!
    Ariel - I can do Thurs and Fridays, as I work Mon-Weds. I'll be off for two week from mid-Oct though, so perhaps one of those Mondays?
    JHB - Robert likes to put on a lacy number of mine, put a silver necklace on his head and prance rond shrieking "I A QUEEN!" Makes his father so proud.  :-[
    Well done Withane! I am a great fan of going abroad - you certainly seem to get more care and expertise. Have a good rest of pregnancy!
    Hello everyone else!

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    thanks everyone. It is nice to be sharing good news at last!
    Wendy - yes it was Stephan we saw....what a lovely man. The whole experience was so positive and reassuring. Brno was lovely too. It made a bit of a holiday out of it.
    JHB - haha, I'm sure you just noticed my new haircut that's all!  ;)   I've not said anything about it on social media. I think we're still a bit scared of announcing it.  People will find out soon enough I guess  ;D

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    CONGRATULATIONS Withane and DH!!!  :)
    Quick question again ladies................Rhys is drinking roughly 90ml (give or take 10ml) of formula every 3 hours (so 8 feeds in 24 hours).......is this too much for a 2 and half week old baby? He seems content on 90ml and doesn't ask for more but we were hoping we could try and get him to go every 4 hours between feeds and we're not sure how to master this??? Any ideas......or am I being a little bit impatient as he is still so tiny?
    We are trying to move away from the demand feeding as it was completely erratic and he was all over the place, sometimes he would go 5 hours inbetween feeds and then another time he would want more after 2 hours. That's why we've kind of settled on the 3 hour thing which seems to be working apart from the fact we're worried we are over feeding him.
    He's also becoming very windy and gets quite grumpy so not sure if colic is developing.....hope not!
    Very difficult to know what's best  ^idiot^
    N xxx

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    You can never overfeed a bottle fed baby they will only take what they want, it is like us adults when you have had enough you have had enough. Wind is normal and it does get worse before it gets better when they hit twelve weeks, infacol or detinox is good to give babies, I use to give it to Hayden. I will be honest with you he was a really windy baby and I spent a good hour after every feed winding him, which was a pain. Some babies don't get as much wind just try the above and see how you feel. You could always give him a bit more milk he wont take it, if he does not want it. If you think if you were breastfeeding you would not know how much milk he was taking, after winding him I raised his moses basket up so he was raised at one end, this did help a little with his wind/colic. But little man did not get better until the magical twelve weeks, sounds like you doing well, would love to pop round and see little fella, or holiday next week if your up for visitors let me know how you feel.

    Hi to everyone else hope your okay so looking forward to my holiday next week have been working five days a week for the last couple of weeks and saturday so I can say I am shattered, little man has been Angel and most of the time sleeps through now???


    Offline Sarah K

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    Hey all just a quick post,
    Withane - congratulations!
    JHB - Glad little man is now sleeping through - must make a difference
    Nutpot - I think it maybe a little early to be in a routine for feeing at this stage. If you think as adults some times we can go a long time between meals while othertimes we need a bit of a snack to keep us going and I always try think like this when Poppy changes from her 'norm'. I would be tempted to go with the flow at the moment and you'll probably find that he develops a routine in his own time. As JHB say, those who breast feed have no idea how much little one is getting. Hope everything is ok with you guys.
    Poppy has an accident yesterday while I out with Mum in town. She was asleep when we parked the car so decided to transfer her to her buggy while still sleeping but didn't strap her in as I knew it would wake her. She then woke up a while later and I put the buggy from laying flat to the sitting position and Poppy when face first on to the pavement. I had completely forgotton to strap her in when she woke. An ambulance was called and we were taken to Poole where she was checked over and we were told to keep an eye on her. Had to wake her every 4 hours last night to check that she was still conscious  :'( . To say that I feel like the worst mother in history is an understatement. Thankfully she is fine but probably has a slight headache today. On a more positive note she got her first tooth yesterday too so not all bad. Anyway, my message is...... ALWAYS strap your baby in their buggy/highchair/car seat etc I don't want anyone being as stupid as I was yesterday.
    Right, going to watch Doc Martin from Monday then bed.
    Love to all

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    Oh my goodness Sarah - what a fright you must have had! Glad Poppy was ok - fortunately babies are very resilient.  You were very unluck, we all do silly things especially when tired and busy.  Nancy fell asleep on the floor last week, and like you I didn't want to wake here so left her to put shopping away.A very frightened DS came out to say she was hurt as he'd knocked his chair over and it fallen on her head!  She had an egg shaped bump but was ok - lesson learnt, will move her in future!

    Congratulations Withane and DH - wonderful news!

    Miranda - how about next friday morning? I could come straight after school drop off so be there just before 10am.  Have you been to Iplay, is it ok?  If weather is nice we could do Borough gardens, if not Iplay unless you know somewhere else where we can have babies on floor? Anyone else free to meet?  Is it too far for you Wendeth - would love to see your girls.  Sorry to hear about DH being made redundant but hopefully it will lead to better things.  A big Happy Birthday to DS, presumably he's just gone up to secondary school, hope he's settling in ok.

    Ariel xxx