* Author Topic: Success stories with fragmented embryos?  (Read 2815 times)

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Success stories with fragmented embryos?
« on: 20/05/11, 11:43 »
Does anyone have any please?  I'm desperately trying to find some positivity to cling to and am really, really struggling.


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    Re: Success stories with fragmented embryos?
    « Reply #1 on: 31/05/11, 15:03 »
    Hi MandyPandy!

    My OTD is tomorrow, I had 2 embies out back in, one was top grade 5 cell, and the other was top grade with fragmentation score -2 also a 5 cell, transferred on day 2. I questioned them about the fragmented one and the embryologist said that there's still  a perfectly good chance of a fragmented embryo sticking and developing into a healthy pregnancy. I don't think they'd transfer them if they thought it wouldn't work.

    I hope you're ok and managing with the 2ww  ^reiki^ ^hugme^ xxx

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    Re: Success stories with fragmented embryos?
    « Reply #2 on: 4/06/11, 23:33 »
    Hi MandyPandy, sorry I'm a little late in replying but thought I'd share with you my fragmentation story! My ICSI cycle in January resulted in a freeze all due to OHSS. I had some embryo's frozen on day 3 that were considered the best at that time for freezing. The other embryo's were very fragmented so not a great quality, but they grew them on to day 5 to see if they would loose the fragmentation. By day 5 two had indeed lost the fragmentation and I had them transferred as an FET in May, which has resulted in my BFP! So where there is fragmentation, there is still hope. For me the fragmented one's were better than the ones that weren't because those ones didn't do very well after thawing! Good luck