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loops - have you always been an east midlander? don't know if u saw mine&10fingers discussions but we're both original (but moved away) east midlanders :) i've seen a few websites that say to stop taking any vitamins as soon as they start giving us drugs for the stimming as vitamins can stop the drugs working properly. So yes, we need a firm yes or no from someone in the know! If i 4get  (as i may be away Tue/Wed) good luck for Wednesday :)  let me know if u get an answer re.vitamins thx xxx let us too know what DH decides....

Ruth - PMSL = widdles myself laughing.....bit rude, but sometimes a necessary expression in life  ;D enjoy the film tonight and good luck with the blood test tomorrow..... sorry for adding another question to your list. i can't work out how to ask that question in French....  ^idiot^  my feet are aching after my walk/mini-panic run yesterday. i couldn't sleep because i kept dreaming about evil men following me!! i'll have a think re. the positive affirmation.  :) & as Katie said we've been discussing our DP/DH's lack of 'care' when it comes to money.

AFM - I've just purchased Zita Wests infertility and assisted conception book on my kindle so i shall be starting that tonight. i tell ya this thread has been a great advert for her. i'd never have bought it had you all not said how good her books are. lol

fingers crossed we finally get through to the anesthetist tomorrow cuz at this rate there'll be no apps left on the day we need one!

love to all.....
 ^reiki^   ^PumpkinCute^

p.s. anyone want to blow me some good luck bubbles? my bubbles are feeling low.......  ;D


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    argggh I've just lost another long reply!! Lost internet connection, cant face retyping it just yet!

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    Poor 10 Fingers! Keep the faith mate. We'd hate to stop hearing from you as a result of your frustration!! I have bought fresh peas and sour cream but not got round to your soup yet.

    Sweet dreams Suzy - the nasty strangers will keep at bay tonight so you can get a good rest. I am a Southerner at heart. Grew up in South Bucks but went to University and met a boy... the rest is a history that happens to many a love-struck girl. We usually follow the boys rather than the other way round. Fortunately its the one I stuck with. Mr Kig was born and raised in Market Bosworth and we now live just on the Leicester city/county boundary - another strong factor in our decision to have our tx at Royal Infirmary rather than regular 45min trips to Notts. I don't know how you ladies cope that have to travel for scans, tests and treatment. Any improved success rates at a less local clinic would soon be negated by stress levels of being constantly late for appointments for me. There was a Notts option with satellite in Leics but not for Egg Sharers. Much better clinic stats but about a grand more. Ho hum we'll never know which path is the best, at least not until its too late.

    Good luck all with upcoming appts and results,
    Loops xxx

    Right, I will try again! Evenin all!

    Suzy - Glad you've managed to get the Zita book, its worth it for sure.  I did get some marking done, but not enough, wasn't really in the mood and in fairness I'm always a last minute crammer and I have until Friday so I'm going to have to finish off in the eves this week  ^idiot^

    Ruthie - We sure can talk on here!  ;D  My excuse is I'm a gemini  :)  Hope you've enjoyed the inbetweeners as much as I did.  I'm off caffeine completely, hence the milkshake at the coffee shop and given that I've read in Zita's book that full fat milk and even the odd bit of ice cream is a good thing rather than low fat options, that is all the convincing I needed! I am depriving myself of coffee but I need some joy in life  ;D  Good luck for the blood test tomorrow x  I agree with Suzy and Katie, if you have the time to do it and its a a discount and you don't think it will add to the stress then go for it as it might actually take your mind off the tx stuff which could be a good thing.  You don't need to make decisions yet about next steps so take it a chunk at a time I reakon.  I like your affirmation - you may have seen the one I use quoted earlier - if the mind can conceive, the body will follow  (well its not mine, its from Zita - bloody hell, you're gonna think I'm on commission or something!)

    Katie, well done on bying the book, hope you find it useful x

    Loops - hello fellow midlander(ish) - I was actually in market bosworth funnily enough 2 weeks ago to meet my friend for lunch at the black horse  ;D  And of course, checked out the lovely housey shops there! I'm over an hour south east of there now and I too ended up moving to be with DP after moving around all over the place for a bit.  Hope you reach a decision you're both happy with on the egg share, an amazing thing to do  :)  I'm very lucky too my clinic is 20 mins away and on the way to work, I don't know if I could cope with the stress some have to go through just to get there.  Hope all goes well on Weds and hope the soup making is a success x

    AFM - I didn't make the pie today as DP surprised me but announcing he was going to cook a roastie - what girl could refuse that offer! I bought all the bits tho so will be making it for tea tomorrow - thanks Suzy!

    Good night all x

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    Wow what a good film!!! Excellent!!! Right good laugh!!!! Went with mil fil bil and his gf and Nan in law!! All thought it was fantastic. Hubby was a bit embarrassed Nan was with him for certain bits he he!

    10fingers - I like that affirmation 'if the mind can conceive the body will follow'. I prob found the other one from Zita West lol

    Suzy big big  ^hugme^ hope you are feeling better, perhaps you need to do something for you, get your hair done, read a favourite book...? Just an idea. I have found since all this IVF stuff when I need me time I am being more selfish and taking it!!!  He he. You away for work Mon/Tue or pleasure? PMSL hubby has just figured out, I'm sooo blonde  ^idiot^

    BIl did my hair today (his my hair dresser since being part of the family) I don't normally get a thrill from having hair done but you know what for once I felt good after.

    Back to work tomorrow, only the morning a meeting.

    I will try to ask re vitamins to clear it up. I bet it is one of those questions that different Dr's/nurses say different things! That WOULD be typical.

    Thank you girls for study dilemma, I will think it over further this week, with your comments in mind  :) .... final week to decide  :-\

    Loopskig - Good luck Wed, try to stay positive and if you find out re vits let us know please:)

    Big  ^PumpkinCute^ ^hugme^ to all

    Ruth x x

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    Ok girl you are freaking me out!!!
    Im from Newbold verdon before I moved to essex in 2004 and I used to work in the dixie arms bosworth when the Knights owned it, what a small world ;D Quick quetion not been out that way in ages but i peppercorn cottege till there? I love that jam. Must run cos Im on my way out but will update proper later xxx

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    Morning to all
    I read three chapters of Zita West last night and i can't wait to finish it. What a great read. So informative. thx to all for the recommendation :) Still trying to book that other app and the line we are calling is STILL shut. WTFreak, are they ever open!?!

    10fingers - Grrrr to your internet connection. technology is always there to try and test us! lol. Well if you have until Friday then there's plenty of time yet.  ;D  to butt into your convo with Ruth i've seen many websites saying were not to have low fat dairy and only full fat milk etc so i'm glad that Zita agrees to that too.... i'd pass out with shock if my DH ever cooked a roast dinner. He's had to look after me for a total of 3 weeks this year and we lived on freezer food and toasties.....  ???

    loops - i had a really nice nights sleep thank u xx. I think reading Zita helped  ;D  My mum&dad currently live (for half the year) near Melton Mowbray and i once had a laporoscopy in a private hospital in Leics. We have a 4 hour round trip to our clinic so although the petrol costs will be a pain there is no stress involved in driving as it's France and there's never any traffic jams to negotiate. PLUS the hospital is right on the sea front :)  so it's not all bad.

    Ruth - Now i really have to go see this film. DH pulled a face when i asked him though  :(  Thanks for the  ^hugme^  sending them back 2 ya!  ^hugme^  i'm over to the UK for a couple of days and i'm driving so it will be a great way of de-stressing for me as i love driving in France (we own a very fast sports car) and i'm only staying in Dover as we just have a few things to sort out at first stop off in the UK! i'm hopefully going by myself as i just want some me time. i'll come back all fresh - i hope.

    i'm loving how 10fingers and fingerscrossed have more than their names in common :)

    Love 2 all, have a gr8 one
    Suzy xxxx

     ^reiki^   ^PumpkinCute^

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    wow you lot can chatter!!  I'm having trouble keeping up and as for personals...........

    I'm an honourary east midlander, originally from london i have lived all over the country but we now live in nottingham, so lucklily 10 minutes from our clinic!  DH parents live in nottingham and we moved here to be nearer to them as they are getting older (mid-late seventies),

    weird thing is happening to my computer, the mouse pointy thing is going nuts and I am not touching it honest!!  spooky!

    I've started sleeping better (without sleeping tablets) and feel much less anxious since doing zita cd.  going to see my psychiatrist today so will let you know what happens.  down to 200 on my lithium now and next step is stop altogether!

     ^reiki^  and  ^hugme^  to all

    Dibbs xx

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    Fingerscrossed - Small world, DH lived 14 steps from the Dixie (yes he measured! nextdoor to Co-op) until he went to University 1997. His mum only sold the house a few years ago. You probably already know about baby groups over your way from your girls but if, when your treatment is successful (which it WILL be!), you need any pointers lots of my 'footballers wives' friends over that way have little ones I can hook you up with. Also someone on FF directed me to this page:
    https://www.social media.com/#!/groups/hinckleyyummymummy/

    Most of it is a bit far for me but you might find useful,
    Loops xxx


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    ^reiki^ ^PumpkinCute^ Greetings Positive Pumpkins!!!  ^reiki^ ^PumpkinCute^

    Hope you are all well!

    I am planning on starting your Hall of Fame so as soon as you know your actual date of Down Regualtion (if on Long protocol) or stims (if short protocol) or any other stage of your treatment (if you're FET, egg donor/recipient, surrogate, etc...) then shout up in RED please and i'll start compiling our list!

    Becca x