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Hi all,

Feeling let down this morning :'( I have been given rough instructions of what my treatment will consist of this time around as with elevated NK cells, I will be on steroids after egg collection!
Until I was told that maybe starting the steroids on day 5 of the cycle would be much better! I now have try to speak to a DR not my asigned nurse about reviewing my treatment but I feel I may not no enough to be then telling a DR what to do!?!

I paid to see someone privatley at my clinic to find out why the last cycles didnt work. The DR suggested the immune tests NOT the nhs, why not?  :'(

Hope your all doing well today  :-*


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    Hi Galadriel,
    Nice to 'see' you here! Thanks to everyone for my welcome!

    What kind of pre IVF diets are you on, if any? I'm a healthy eater but want to know if I should be doing anything else to prepare my body. I'm about a stone overweight with a bmi of 27 so I'm trying to lose a few pounds x

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    hey ladies,

    how we all doing? my dear this thread is going to be busy busy busy.

    welcome chops, i hope you find this thread helpful as well as reassuring. in regards to pre-ivf diets, i have cut out caffeine, alcohol and generally eating healthily. i don't believe in all this drink a pint of green juice every morning malarkey, lol .

    hey Vicky, I'm sorry you're feeling a bit let down at the moment, but from what you're saying its a good thing that they are starting steroids earlier right?? maybe i read it wrong. but what do you have to speak to a DR about? sorry bit confused about that!! lol.  i hope you get it sorted and can be reassured once again.

    katys - ooh i love a good wedding lol. awwww no dancing? thats horrendous, you have to dance at a wedding lol. i don't know what to suggest about re diverting the mind lol. hope you have fun anyway lol.

    honeymonster - thank u for the message. I'm great thank you, Ive just had a full body hot Stone massage today. it lasted about 75 minutes and i cleared my mind of ALL troubles and just relaxed. it was brilliant. i feel so much more calm and in control now. on my way home i was actually thinking ... so what if they have to inject me on Monday it doesn't matter lol. i know it'll be a different thought n Monday but hey its not worrying me at the moment.

    galadriel - i haven't tried acupuncture but would you reccommend it? does it hurt at all?
    welcome maybebaby22 .

    hello to honey-bee.

    i hope i haven't forgotten anyone, there's quite a few of us NOW isn't there lol. we need like a standard register type list that we can copy and paste peoples names then write a message to them.


    if i've forgotten anyone please message me, id love to know what stage everybody is at, at the moment.
    I'm currently on CD2 of long protocol of ICSI.

    love ya all
    Stacey xxx

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    I think minimal caffeine and alcohol and lots of fruit and veg.
    During Stims I was told lots of protein.

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    Hello everyone, how is everyone doing? I'm still waiting for my AF ugh! Could it come any slower

    Vicky1982-I'm sorry to hear that, what exactly does steroids do?
    Galadriel- I really want to try acupuncture but I'm scared it looks painful how was it for you?

    Welcome maybebaby!!!

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    Mrs E - you could copy and paste the front page list into your reply box, and then just delete all the information apart from the name xx

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    I was a bit nervous about acu to start with but it doesn't hurt at all. I get shivery when the needles are in but that's all. I would make sure you go to someone experienced in fertility.

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    Hi peeps – I’ve been quiet the last couple of days, off visiting friends.  Which was a lovely break from the madness of IVF.  We’ve decided to keep it quiet, as I find the well wishing constant questions a bit wearing at times and it is nice to have a break and be ‘normal’   ;D

    Vicky – hope you are feeling a bit more positive today?  Don’t worry about speaking to the doc, they are not always right first time, and sometimes (dare I say it), it can be a best guess.  If they are half decent they will be prepared to listen and discuss your concerns.

    Stacey – thinking of you tomorrow, and sending lots of  ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^

    Damelottie – thanks for the list of all the lovely BFP, really motivating x

    KatyaS – how exciting, you are actually doing something.  It must feel real now.  How are you feeling?

    Can you believe it, after waiting two years for a major op for my DH he finally has a date.  Yup you guessed it the week before I am scheduled for EC!  (he will still be in hospital, and when home will need a lot of looking after).  I phoned the clinic on Friday and they said I could postpone to the New Year.  No thanks.  DH is going to have to produce a frozen sample (well, they will freeze it lol) and I will have to use taxis – there is only the two of us.  Going to try and see if we can postpone DH’s op on Monday, fingers crossed  ^pray^

    Big hugs to everyone  ^hugme^ ^hugme^

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    hey tuckeiller,
    thank you for the luck and  ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^. i really appreciate it.
    im feeling amazingly calm and excited for tommorrow now. its the beginning of something brilliant.

    awwww how weird is that to have 2 app in the same week for each of you. i hope you can get something sorted babe.
    and im sure itll all work out fine, everything happens for a reason and what will be will be.

    its lovely to hear from you again my lovely. xxx

    hello to the resto f you lovely ladies, i hope youve had a great weekend and sending you all bucket loads of PMA XX  ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^

    love stacey xxxx

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     ;D Just over a week (24th) till our first consultation appointment then will find our exactly what route we will be taking with all this IUI first but not sure if medicated or not yet till appointment.  ^reiki^

    Hopefully can start in September cycle - AF due this week