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Morning all
Just a quick reminder that Fertility Friends is a public forum so only share information that you are happy to share on the World Wide Web. Please don't include anything that could be risky for yourselves including surnames, dob, specific locations, telephone numbers, private 'e' mail addresses etc etc.
Please ask if any conerns.  :) :)
Lottie x

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The drug company have just phoned. My drugs are being delivered next week. Seems very real now!

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awwww chops thats great news.
i had mine delivered 2 weeks ago it proper freaked me out lol. but it is very exciting xxxx take time to look everything over,  maybe get used to how to use it all xxx

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All questionnaire forms now filled in and sent off in post ready for next weeks consultation.  ;D

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Hello all you brave and inspirational ladies! What doesn't break you makes you stronger!

Thanku, Thanku, Thanku for all the caffeine, sugar and fizzy advice.  I will cut down now and completely stop my pepsi max and chocolate on the 27th aug (my 1st injection day)...ttc 6yrs is too long to risk.

Meds have arrived and I totally freaked out when I saw the needles couldn't remember them bring so long and fat (ooh er missus) when I had the training, then when I read the bumph I saw that the needles that I was freaking out about were actually drawing up needles and not injection needles haha what a plonker! ;D

I'm actually really excited now and feel like I am the one in control for the 1st time in ages.


Harybo xxxx

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Afternoon all....

Harybo - Received all the love and positive vibes - thank you :) Great your drugs have arrived, so funny about the needles!! Good luck for actually tarting to use them!!

Honey monster - fingers crossed for DR'ing later this week!!

Mrs E AKA Stacey - Hows it going with you, you sound really positive  ^reiki^ st the moment!!

I'm Jenny 31 OH 33 been TTC for 3.5 years unexplained infertility being treated at Oxford!!


Offline Mrs E xx

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hi jenny,  ^hello^ ^hello^ ^hello^ ^hello^
yes feeling very very positive today so its alllll goooooooooooooooooooooood !!!! lol.  i didnt realise you were 31. its a nice age i think.   ^Butterfly^ like a blooming butterfly !!! hahahaha

good luck honey monster for D/R this week   ^reiki^ ^hugme^... ^pray^ for you!!!!

loving the post harybo !!! ^reiki^ ^reiki^

my god im still on a high hahahaahahahahaha feel bit  ^idiot^  :o :o :o  ;) ;) ;)

 ^Cuddle^ to everyone
love stacey xxx

Offline jenny79

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Stacey - you are proper mad!!! ^idiot^ ;)  yes i'm getting on a bit ;) but hopefully IVF will work and we will have a little bundle of our own...  31 is not a bad age, you've got a few years yet to find out!!

Very glad you are having a positive day!!

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Stacey – glad you are feeling positive and have started the injections.  Before long you will be an old pro and handing out top tips.  Are you sure you have just been injecting the stuff they provided you???   ;D ;D If so I am looking forward to it now ha ha ha

Jen – you have nothing to worry about age.  Guess I ought to keep my under wraps then!  ::)

Ash – (hope you don’t mind the abbreviation) Thanks for the info on aspirin, might need to have a look at that.  What point should it be taken, and how long for? Great news on the insurance xxx  :)
Loppipops – Good to see you again.  Don’t leave us just yet; you never know it could be all systems go on the 6th of September  ^pray^ ^pray^

Chops5 – Once the drugs arrive it all seems so much more real, like something it happening.  They take up quite a bit of space though...............glad I have a spare fridge in the garage.

Twinter12 – Good luck for your appointment next week.  Let us know how you get on.

Harybo – you made me laugh with the needle mix up.  I did the same, opened the box then closed it again and thought I would wait for my training.  Now you have reminded me, I feel a bit silly  ;D ;D ;D

Again apologies for the lack of personals to all.  Thinking of everyone xxx

PS – just taken the last pill of the first packet.  Yeah!  Next week I start the second and last, the time is starting to tick

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hey jen,  ;D
i actually meant it really is a good age, not that you're getting old  ^eyes^ ^eyes^  ^hugme^  lol but your reaction made me chuckle lol and made me feel bit cheeky :P lol.

tuckeiller - i havent started injections yet lol.  ^eyes^ my nasal spray (D/R) starts on 31st august and injections start around about 11th september  ;D ;D ... i think.  so .. so far im not on any drugs yet (well not any that id like to admit being on .... hahahahaah jooooooking!!!)

i just feel on a huge high at the moment  ;) and im excited about everything getting going !!! we've had a 5 yr wait to get this far. i have days of pure panick  :o, some days of calm  ::) and days like these of pure and thrilling excitement with craziness entwined !!!!  ^idiot^ :P ;D :)

hello to everyone else too !!!

love stacey xxx


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