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Welcome Harybo  :) :) . Have added you to the list.
Lollipops - Oh I am  ^pray^ ^pray^ ^pray^ ^pray^ ^pray^  you get that flashing  ^BFP^  this time.
Mrs E -  ^hugme^ ^hugme^ . So sorry to hear you are so worried. I so understand. I am horrifically claustrophobic and if somebody told me I had to have EC in a lift I'd worry more about that than anything else  ^idiot^ ^idiot^ . Please tell them tho. I can't help thinking there must be a way round that. I wonder why you couldn't take a very small dose of Diazepam tho? Or maybe take some pethedine orally first and then they could out the canula in when you're out of it a bit? Why don't you post on the main IVF thread and ask if anybody has any ideas? It would be nice to try and get it resolved now so its one less thing to worry about  ::) ::) . Link is below if you'd like to
Lottie xx


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    Hi can I join you. Live in Leeds but will be having our ICSI cycle at Care Nottingham.
    Will be doing short protocol starting at the beginning of October. We are hoping to have array cgh testing done as we lost a baby to a chromosomal abnormality earlier in the year.
    We are nervous but excited and thought Care seemed great.
    Good luck to all the sweeties

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    Gala - Hello & welcome to the thread! Sorry to read of your M/C :(
    Really hope this cycle works well for you ^pray^
    Dame - thankyou ^hugme^
    Honey-bee - you will get there honey! 7 weeks seems ages away but it won't take long, I'm waiting 6 weeks for mine and I know how hard it is to wait and wonder what the next steps are but we will get there!  ^hugme^
    Harybo - Sorry to read about the ectopic  ^hugme^ but sounds like you have one tube in full working order which is great. Best of luck for this cycle  ^hugme^
    Jenny - Hello !  :)  Hope AF turns up on time!  ^hugme^

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    Evening all,

    My name is Vicky and I will be starting my fourth go of ICSI in early september (I know this sounds like an introduction from an AA session, but not sure of how else to say it lol)

    This time around however I have been tested for immune problems (paid privately for this, although I'm being seen by the nhs)
    and it has come up with elevated NK cells!
    This I'm thinking is a good thing, as now I feel this might have been the reason for the failed previous cycle's!
    I will be put on steroids after egg collection and then I guess it will be alot of  ^pray^ ^pray^ ^pray^
    I'd love to have some friends to chat to who are going through there cycle at similar times as me. Hopefully I will be able to support some of you too ^hugme^

    Love Vicky :-*

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    Started on my very first cycle today with the Pill - until 19th sep. Long wait ahead, then injections until first scan 5th October. EC week of 17th October. Anyone similar timings? Xxxx

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    Welcome Katya, Vicky, and Gala
    Gala - Lots of love for the loss of your LO. I  ^pray^  this time is your time.
     ^fairydust^ ^fairydust^ ^fairydust^
    I have added you all to the HOF on the front page

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    Hope it's not to late to join, just had our follow up appointment today and I should start the pill on the 3rd Sept. We'll be doing icsi and it's our first time around - hopefully all going well egg transfer in oct.
    Really nervous and excited at the same time now it's finally feeling real.

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    Mmmmmm Ben & Jerryís,  yup the munchies are going well Lollipops  ;D

    Mrs E, I really feel for you.  I am fine with needles, but spiders .... urgh.  I can only imagine.  Hopefully the clinic can help you if you discuss with them first.  Maybe a little peth before like Lottie suggested.  I am just grateful I am getting something.  My last clinic gave me nothing, and I was getting quite anxious about that this time. 

    Hi Vicky,  hopefully now you know a little more about why previous attempts were unsuccessful, this will be the cycle for you  ^pray^ xx

    Honey-bee, I hope the time goes fast for you.  8 weeks for my baseline scan, which seems forever away.

    Hi Galadriel and all the other newbies, looking forward to getting to know you all xx

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    Iím so cross, I just did a huge post & lost it all  >:( Iíll try again!

    Wow!! Itís been a busy 2 days on here, I hope I can keep up once we all start treatment!

    A big hello to all the new ladies - Barneybandit, Harybo, Vicky, Katya & Vhopeful - lovely to have so many of us on here now
    Harybo & Galadriel Iím very sorry for both of your losses, I hope your tx results in a sticky bfp for you both. Vicky Iím glad they have found the raised nk cells & hopefully this cycle will be successful for you.

    Lollipops Ė Good luck with your bloods & scan today. I like your name too, I have a sweet tooth  ;D (which Iím trying to kerb!) Still got 1 bag of washing left  :o

    MrsE Ė I really feel for you  ^hugme^ I had a bad experience with a canula in my hand too, but it was this year so can only imagine what that did to you as a child. Iím a bit nervous about having it again when we go for ec but nothing compared to what you are feeling. As the other ladies have said perhaps they can give you something orally first.

    Jenny Ė I hope af behaves & shows up on Friday.

    Honey bee Ė hope you got in the mood for a clear out  ;D 7 weeks will come around soon enough, can they give you the paper work in the mean time? That will help pass the time as there is so much to fill in! Iíve had mine for 2 wks now & still not finished it Ė itís a massive pack (although a few more forms than usual as Iím egg sharing) & Iíve had to sign my name about 20 times  ::)

    A big hello to all the other ladies xx

    What's everyone doing to prepare for treatment? Diet....alternative therapy....etc?

    I've managed to pretty much cut out caffeine, I've upped all my vitamins & I'm looking into starting acupuncture again. And I've just bough zita west's cd for IVF, I've heard good things about it helping ladies to stay positive through tx. Although I'm not having a prob with positivity atm, it's realism I need  ::) A BFN is just not an option, but I know I need to try and bring myself back down to earth a bit but without feeling negative. It seems a fine balance between staying positive without being unrealistic.  ???

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    Gosh I am so emotional already! Feeling strange on the Pill. And HoneyMonster's lilypie banner really set me off. I hope I never have to go through anything so devastating - but of course there is big chance I will  :(