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Aubergine – great to hear you’re going to NY, you both deserve to treat yourselves ! We did the same thing with Santorini, it’s a nice recharge before the next attempt too. We’ve just started our next cycle, feeling like we’re moving forward again has really helped me re the mc. I hope you’re both doing ok.

Leanne – you made me LOL calling your DH a plank !

Princess Lolly – How do things look for starting stims on Friday? Hope all is going well and there have been no more hot flushes.

Ruth – really fabulous news that all is looking good after your tests. I hope you get your appt quickly, if they keep you hanging about for an appointment pester them until they cave in and call you back.

MR – Wow - fingers crossed the infection is at the route of the problem and you have a very different results next cycle. Great they have found something to work with. Are you going with ARGC?

AFM I’ve started stims now. I’m on the short protocol and 450 of Gonal F instead of 350 this time, with Cetrotide at some point, which is new for me. The day 2 scan showed 5 recruited follicles on the left and they couldn’t find my right ovary at all. 15 minutes they searched for it and then gave up, but it was playing hide and seek. Last time my right ovary only had one follicle so no great shock I guess. So looks like it will be another low egg count, we only had 4 last time and I just need 1 good one really, right? ^pray^  Have started my visualisations and affirmations, chanting to myself like a mad woman in the car every day.

Provisionally I can make 18 th or 19 th but it depends where we are with transfer by then. 19 th is better for me if that is ok and having haircut on 18 th , my diary is as exciting as Jen’s hahaha

Next scan is Friday and then I’m off to the Isle of Man for the weekend to see my friend for a girls weekend.

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Hi ladies,

I just thought I'd let you know about some changes that are being implemented across the site with regards to current cycle support. In addition to the cycle buddies section each regional area will now have an ongoing cycle support thread which you can find herehttp://www.fertilityfriends.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=272272.0.

The clinic and other "area" threads are unaffected but it's an extra place for you to receive support when you are cycling.

Wonder who will be first to post?!

We hope you find this helpful.
Best wishes
LV xx

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CGT.... Whats Cetrotide hun ?
Ive had a scan a while ago after Drilling and a round of clomid with Mr Steer and he couldnt find my lefty  ^idiot^, all i could think of to say is '' its got to be there some where so keep looking, unless you lazed too many holes and its gone ?'' ^confused^ he just laughed and said he didnt and its prob not feeling very social today lmao

5 follies is still good hun  ^reiki^, you only need 1 any more is a bonus im sure they will all have big ripe eggs waiting for EC and you still have time,  ^goodluck^  for the scan i will be  ^pray^ for you xx

MADELINE... ^pray^ the anitB's work for your DH, have a brill time with you friend, lots of retail therapy for you that week ?

Ruthie.... Hows all the travelling going ? Sorry you had to have a heap of tests hun  :( but im glad you will hopfully know more about whats going on inside and i really hope you get all your tests back on time and the biopsy results turn out alright !?  ^hugme^

Princesslolly...... Hows the DR going hun ?  ^hugme^

Aubergine..... How are you feeling now ? Wow NY , im sure your have the most amazing time ;D .

Henrch & Jen ...... How are you you both doing ?

AFM ..... 5 days with on off AF pains but still not here grrrrrrrrrrrrrr ^bigbad^

Just came back from first time with Denise  :) ( i ended up being there over an hr ) she say's my body seems to have a mind of its own and giving off mixed signs ^eyes^.
 she said she can help but will take time, her main thing she feels she needs to work on  first is the stress and blood flow she feels the blood is not flowing to or in my womb correctly. 

Im not sure what i make of it all yet and it bloody hurt my feet and upper legs but the rest was ok and actually felt kind nice in a strange way ^idiot^ . Either way its worth the money as i do feel a bit more relaxed atm might just be in my head but right now i dont care as to why i just love being ''de thinking'' about it all lol , ive been getting the odd twinge down there for last 20 mins but might just be because i was on a flat bed for 40 mins lol  AND what a lovely lady she is too !!!

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Oh cool, thanks LadyV :)

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Hi everyone!!

I would really like to meet up with you all on your next meet up.  Any night is fine by me as I'm still on "house arrest" so have no plans whatsoever lol. Will you be doing beckenham again?

Leanne- Did you see Denise Callaghan?  It sounds like you are pleased with her. I've contacted her and am going to make an appointment in November. I still can't lay on my tummy and it's still quite sore so the idea of pins in it doesn't sit well lol. There are a couple places closer to me but I like that she specialises in fertility. Plus if she is recommended I think worth the travel.

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Hi journey, how are you hun ? sorry i missed you out of my list , im  a  ^idiot^ lol

Yes, she was brill i really liked her and im going back at 4pm monday, i hope its not as long though as i will have my son with me straight from school then i need to drop him off home to hubby , pick up my neighbour , go for a meal, then off to see sally morgan in Guildford on monday night . I didnt have any in the tum, just my feet, ankles , legs and hands  so you should be fine, although it does depend on what she/you want it for i guess !

leanne x

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Leanne, it's a drug to stop  ovulation because I'm on the short protocol so no down reg x

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Lol..it's all good. I'm doing much better now. Managing to get around more and not as sore.

I obviously am going for fertility reasons but also want to relieve back pain. I get bad sciatic pain at times. It's not been as bad since the op so I'm hoping that it was a fibroid pushing on a nerve and it should improve. My largest fibroid was at the back of my womb so it makes sense.

I assumed they stuck needles in your belly for fertility acupuncture...at least they did on Test Tube Babies lol

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Journey - I had some needles in tummy and a lamp over it too when i tried acupuncture.

Jen - Yeah Yeah don't pretend...he he...(don't leave me alone in the sad world... ;D)

Leanne - Glad you enjoyed acupuncture, it is relaxing if nothing else which is all good:)

CGT - Definitely keep up the positive affirmations, thinking and  ^pray^ for you:)

MadelineRose - That is interesting news, fingers crossed that will make a big difference when infections have cleared up:)

Thank you all for your well wishes over tests i had done and the results, really lovely of you all:)

Glad so many people can make Oct, looks like 19th is better is that right?

Ruth x x

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Morning Ladies!

Ruth, when do you get your results?

CGT, hope your injections are going ok,

Aubergine, enjoy NY!

PrincessLolly, hope DR going ok

AFM thanks for your messages & support! We have decided to stay with Guy's rather than move to ARGC as v happy with our cons and they can do everything for us bar immunes. Hoping to start short cycle  end-ish Oct...feels like ages since our last tx - may have forgotten how to stab myself....

Really annoyed I keep missing all the meet ups - life feels way too busy atm!

Have a good Thursday everyone!



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