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Re: Treatment at BarcelonaIVF - Part 2
« Reply #20 on: 5/10/11, 22:31 »
Hello everyone and thank you for all your messages and kind words and offers to chat. Thanks LP, i sent you a pm earlier today but it sounds like you havent received it? We are just taking stock right now and deciding what to do next, but we are not going to hang around, I just want to try again and quickly. I will write a longer post shortly but I just wanted to say - thanks everyone for thinking of me.

love Bo x


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    Re: Treatment at BarcelonaIVF - Part 2
    « Reply #21 on: 6/10/11, 21:34 »
    Hi All
    Just a short note to say was matched with a donor today and start the estrogen tablets on 16 Oct so tx will be in early November  I think.  Get in touch if anybody is cycling around the same time.  Feeling a bit apprehensive this time, but at least know what to expect now  :)
    Passenger xx

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    Re: Treatment at BarcelonaIVF - Part 2
    « Reply #22 on: 6/10/11, 21:42 »
    Hi Passenger,
    That is truly wonderful news! You have done brilliantly, finding the courage to go ahead again so quickly!
    Well done!
    Cruicky xxxx

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    Re: Treatment at BarcelonaIVF - Part 2
    « Reply #23 on: 6/10/11, 22:24 »
    Evening girls!

    Passenger - brilliant news! Well chuffed for you!  ^hugme^ ^hugme^


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    Re: Treatment at BarcelonaIVF - Part 2
    « Reply #24 on: 6/10/11, 22:34 »
    Passenger thats brilliant news ^hugme^

    My AF arrived today so I've started taking the pill, so we are off again!! Not really sure what the timings are now...

    Is anyone else going to be cycling shortly?

    Hope everyone is doing really, really well

    love Bo x

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    Re: Treatment at BarcelonaIVF - Part 2
    « Reply #25 on: 6/10/11, 23:20 »
    Hi Ladies
    I really really shouldn't leave it so long before replying !!! So much back tracking to do  aggghhh
    Thank you all for the lovely message of congratulations .....still really can't believe it!!


    Yes I think the Mikado is reasonable, we ended up paying a fortune as there was a conference on over the week we were there with 20,000 people decending on and taking up rooms.  It was really hard even to get one, never mind at a reasonble price.
    Yes we did the red route on the hop on hop off bus ... it gave us a good rounded view of the whole city.  I had been to Barcelona before mostly seeing all the Gaudi stuff, but DP had never been, the past two trips felt like a different experience as we stayed in different neighbourhoods each time.  This is probably too late to post now, but you can get to Sagrada Familia really easily by metro, you literally come out of the metro stn and it's in front of you.
    Yes the Sarria area is amazing, you don't feel like you are in the centre of Barcelona at all.  Yes Bar Thomas is renowned for it's patatas bravas, but I never got to try them!
    Glad to hear your ET went well, you're very brave going by yourself, congratulations on being PUPO and good luck on the dreaded 2ww

    Erika 74
    Welcome, and you really couldn't have chosen a better clinic, the service they offer is second to none, but what really makes the difference to me is the personal touch from Maria and Romana etc, they make you feel cared for every step of the way and they are there for you whatever you need.

    I'm with you on the bullet thing, plane toilets, that must have been difficult!  You're right normal people have got no idea what we get up to!!
    Good luck with your immune testing, hope it all goes well in March.  Good luck with winning the lotto, we could all do with some of it, it's ridiculous the amount we have all spent.  I have actually pictured myself winning, I would turn up at a fertilty clinic and just give it to couples who have to pay, cos I know how much pressure trying to get the money together puts on people.

    I hope you figure out what to do about the promotion .... it's so hard people don't realise that your life is in limbo, we wanted a baby 6 years ago, since then, we have postponed our extension, our wedding, offer of a job in private industry and many holidays.  Other people must wonder where your money goes ..... or why you're not moving forward with your life... it's so difficult.  As Bopeep says, it struck a chord, I think it would with most of us on here.  Good luck with whatever you decide, hopefully if you have been there a long time and they value you, they will support you.

    Yes by stork would be so much simpler for all of us!!  Glad you found out where AF had gone ..... good job Dr O knows what he's doing .... not a cyst .... a follicle!  Good luck with AF coming soon.
    You're so right Maria is definitely the best person for keeping you sane, I can definitely vouch for that!


    Congratulations!!  on your BFP .... so happy for you!!   :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) I don't know about you, but it hasn't sunk in yet, the same as you, we have been trying for 6 years and can't really believe we have got a BFP
    Oh you must have picked up the "avo" from the Kiwis then?  I never got to go there but it looks amazing, spent a year in Oz, went back for my godmother's wedding and ended up staying a year.  Re: the boobs, mine too are massive, but more noticibly heavier!!! all these bloody hormones

    Passenger 42
    Good luck for next month!!  Glad you've got the money together, hope you got alot for your beloved Mulberry bag, we have sold everything that is not nailed down on ebay, we have made quite a bit, but it's hard work.
    I wish I could have popped to your London clinic 40 that is unbelievable!  I had to pay 150 and I must have only been in there about 2 mins (including taking my clothes off!!)

    No didn't let BCN about my crazy symptons in 2ww, it was on a sunday, so I was just left with DP to go out of my mind!!  Thanks for all the recent info, it's been great to share.  So good to hear your 10 week scan went well .... you must have been over the moon seeing  your bean.  You are so right about the wedding, I think we all know where you're coming from, if you were not pregnant, I think you would have been well within your rights to ask to move tables!!
    Yes getting sick of these pessaries, but much better in a colder climate .... melt central in a hot country .... yuk  :-[

    I know it's hard, really don't give up, this is such a great clinic, and look at all the BFPs on this thread now .... I really didn't think it would ever happen to us.  It really is worth trying again, we did the shared risk and we are really happy we did.  If you get something planned, at least you know what you're doing, so take a little time to think it through, the best of luck with whatever you do.
    Thinking of you and sending you lots of   ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^

    Congratuations on your BFP,  :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)I bet you are in shock!!   Best of luck with it all, keep us updated.  GP didn't do blood test for me, she said there was no need, as I'd now done 3 HPTs!!  Not that I'm paranoid or anything

    Hope ND
    Thanks for the congrats and thanks for popping in, please don't lose heart, we are here to listen, so you get back on here and have good moan, cos it is really crap sometimes, and it's good to have a good rant to the people who understand

    Hope your test results give you some answers, so you can plan your next move  ^pray^

    I'm good, don't think it has really sunk in!!  Nearly in tears 2 days ago, brownish red spotting whilst in work .... couldn't concentrate, phoned Maria in mild panic, she soon calmed me down (she is fantastic)  I just thought here we go again, AF coming, but Maria said cos 2 bullets now it can cause irritation of the cervix, omg!! how panicked was I.  So changed to "back door" and it has pretty much stopped.  They were exactly right, as soon as I changed, it went to a small amount and dark brown.   Thought I'd put this on here to stop someone else from panicking if it happens to them.

    Not had a HCG or a scan (all of you seem so orgnised on how to plan this) saw GP this morning to try and get progynova and bullets, but it proved difficult, but after another trip back there after work, I have got a px to tide me over ...... well when the pharmacy orders some, so can get them tomorow, I run out at 3pm tomorrow, nothing like getting close to the wire  ^idiot^ ^idiot^

    Not sure what to do about a scan, my get one done at a 3D clinic as they are 1/2 the price of the hospital! Otherwise I will have to wait until 10 weeks scan, don't think I could wait that long not knowing if everything is alright, also whether 1 or 2 sacs  :o :o :o  Got my first appointment with midwife on 17th that DH made for me on the day of the OTD!!

    Good luck to all on the thread, love and  ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ to all
    A xx

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    Re: Treatment at BarcelonaIVF - Part 2
    « Reply #26 on: 7/10/11, 02:06 »
    OK Ladies---my transfer was done on Sunday  :)
    I am officially in the dreaded 2WW!

    On the way to Barcelona on Friday my flight from New York was cancelled and had to schedule flight for as early as possible the next day. I arrived at 8:00 am on Sunday and took the public transport to Hotel Catalonia Mikado. As I was checking in Romana called to tell me the transfer would be in 1 hour. I quickly showered up and walked around the corner to the clinic. We transferred two embryos---one a grade 9 and one a grade 10 ^rainbow^

    On Monday I went back to the clinic to meet everyone else. Maria is a sweetheart just as you all have written and she gave me all kinds of tips on what to see and do during my stay.
    I saw Dr. Olivares just as he was going to lunch----and he was different than I imagined---much taller,thinner and younger!
    Of course Romana and Dr. Guix took good care of me and they are amazing at making you feel comfortable and I cannot say enough good things about them!!
    In the afternoon I walked to Sarria and visited Foix De Sarria (the original one at 57 Major De Sarria) and purchased the BEST chocolate crossiants I have ever had ::)

    On Tuesday I rode the Bus Turistic and did all 3 routes---blue,red and green. I stopped at MNAC and then took the cable car up Montjuic and saw the castle and got some good views.
    I also stopped in Barri Gotic (which was my favorited area) and bought a lovely pottery bowl at Itaca and some bisquits at La Cure Gourmande. I checked out La Rambla and got a cold fruit juice at La Boqueria and something for dinner later. I snapped photos of the Gaudi houses (Casa Batllo and La Pedrera) and made a stop at the Sagrada Familia. No time for tours but had to get all my touring in on one day!
    I was at Park Guell right around sunset and it was a wonderful time to be there.

    Wednesday morning I headed home with my "precious cargo" on board!
    The Hotel Mikdado is a good hotel for those on a budget. It is just around the corner from the clinic and there is a pharmacy right on the corner and also a small supermarket right across the street. There is a lovely little terrace that I enjoyed one evening too. I paid 85 Euro one night and 55 Euro each for the next 2 nights so found it reasonably priced.

    I also took public transport to/from the airport and it was very easy to use!! A taxi would cost about 25-30 Euro but the metro L6 and Aerobus cost a total of 7 Euro! It took about 1 1/2 hours to use the transport including walking to the stations so not that bad time wise.

    I was soooooo happy to hear about the recent BFP's
    Congratulations to you all ^party^

    As for the BFN's---I know how hard they can be. I have had 8 failures.  That is why I am doing the Risk Sharing Program using donor egg and donor sperm. It is a relief to know that if this time doesn't work that I have 2 more tries and money back if no success. I also liked knowing that my embryos were fresh ones and came from young donors. With embryo donation/adoption you usually get frozens and not necessarily from young donors. BCN offers some great programs and I am soooo happy to have found them!

    I want to thank all you gals on this board for all the support and advice---it has kept me sane during this whole process.  ^Cuddle^

    And I now have a new Favorite City----Barcelona---I just Loved it!!!!!

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    Re: Treatment at BarcelonaIVF - Part 2
    « Reply #27 on: 7/10/11, 19:04 »
    Congratulations Carmen, LittlePigeon & AliCat - great news!! cheerleader smileycheerleader smileycheerleader smileycheerleader smileycheerleader smileycheerleader smileycheerleader smileycheerleader smileycheerleader smiley

    Madeleineus congrats on being PUPO! Glad the trip to Barca went so well - sounds like you packed in all the sights! When is your OTD?

    BoPeep & Passenger  ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ to you both. I'm so so sorry, and am thinking of you both. Passenger I'm delighted you're back on the road so soon. BoPeep I also did the shared donor cycle so please feel free to pm me xxxxxxx

    Hope  ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ How are you doing hon?

    Spuds any sign of AF?

    Fantastic news on the scan Zaffa  :)

    Cruicky - great news on your progress with the immune tests xxxx

    Hi Ann, Caudalie & Erika xxx

    AFM have had some testing done through the recurrent preg loss clinic at my local hosp & will be going back for results in about 8 weeks. Also had a chat with my old clinic about full immune testing but it'll be after Christmas before I can go ahead with those. I'm planning on using my time over the next while to see what I can do nutritionally to try to reduce the endometriosis-related inflammation - it can only help and at least I'll feel like I'm doing something proactive!

    Love to all ^Cuddle^

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    Re: Treatment at BarcelonaIVF - Part 2
    « Reply #28 on: 8/10/11, 09:00 »
    Morning all :)

    Watching England and France rugby - come on England what are u doing !!?!

    Day 3 of contraceptive pill and feels so good not to have to have BMS this month - what a sad relief ! Trying not to think about donor too much as the concept is still messing with my mind ;) but I know I have no choice and have to get myself through this mentally more than physically and all will be fine I hope x

    At the minute very distracted by dh's 50th and looking forward to Rome next wkend to celebrate - without fir once the BMS pressure Wahoooooooooooo !!

    Bo n passenger x cycle buddies x x

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    Re: Treatment at BarcelonaIVF - Part 2
    « Reply #29 on: 9/10/11, 15:54 »
    Hi Everyone!

    Spuds - great to hear you're on the pill!!!! (did you ever find out where AF went to?!?) I am sure you will have a wonderful time in Rome next weekend! Will be thinking of you, as DH and I will be in Milan that same weekend (where he is from) to celebrate his birthday ;)

    Love to all you fantastic girls,
    Cruicky xxx