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Re: Has anyone gone ahead with IVF with low AMH? (Part 7)
« Reply #260 on: 8/12/11, 23:08 »

Hi ladies

Farmgirl  ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ real sorry hun, a difficult one for you! But glad you are getting  ^hugme^your bloods done also!

Lola...so pleased your hcg levels doing what they should. have everything crossed for you hun  ^reiki^ hope it all continues to progress the way it should...surely the hardest part is over. Im well thanks hun!

Jasmine, good luck with the BMS!! ;D EDD are always difficult one  ^hugme^

Moo big congrats to you, after all the follicles...you did great  ^pompom^ ^pompom^ ^pompom^

Lyrical  ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ of course you will be upset...although happy for your sister. The fact that people know and dont tell girls like us early on is always upsetting...i guess they never know whats the best thing to do either. Please dont say you will never make that announcement...because you just never know so you cannot say that ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^

Sasha...very pleased about your scan..congrats!

Aimes  ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^

Mrs A  ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ amazing how the little things bring to light the bigger feeling we are feeling! What was that you said earlier about being good to yourself! xx Hope your follow up is positive for you.

Marie ^wave^, interesting about the chiropractor, ive not heard of it before.

Tiara ^wave^

Momito big  ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ to you!!

Big hugs to all those not mentioned!!

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Re: Has anyone gone ahead with IVF with low AMH? (Part 7)
« Reply #261 on: 9/12/11, 05:41 »
Hi girls

Ditto re the chiropractor, I am going to see one for my shoulder but will find out as much as i can and report back. Evie, your sounds amazing it is clever isn't it. Now I wish I studied something useful instead of accountancy.

Mrs A, I didn't realise with double transfer the odds were so good, I will try and stop beating myself up about why it didn't work. I have a list, too much red wine and no detox before my surprise cycle, not going to see Dr G properly after my first round of immunes, but I gave him my cd69 results and he wasn't that interested. Maybe he was and maybe I didn't understand, and also crossing the embryologist on the stairs after et. I didn't think much of it til hubby shouted no!! My list goes on and on. After today I will add my body producing all those follies as a way of clearing out the rubbish ready for the menopause, bit like clearing out the loft.

Marie I have a new theory, long protocol is good. Good luck for Jan hun.

Lots more I want to say but worried I sound a bit negative. I will be in the weekend and check up properly. I'm off now til mon so I can stop the drugs, get af out of the way, put my tree up, dig a big hole in my allotment and try to rest relax and grieve.
Yesterday I did well, I lasted til 8.30pm without shedding a single tear. I made up for it at 8.31 - it comes from nowhere doesn't it and punches you straight in the face. I was doing so well, I didn't want hubby to come home to find me in such a state as I had done so well through the day.

Hope all my lovely friends on here are ok, I wish there was a different denominated that had brought us all together. when I'm old and in the home I know I will still think of you all. Only then ill know that we were all ok, we did all survive and we all had peace and happy endings to our journeys.

Right I'm off before you ban me for rambling.

Love to you all

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Re: Has anyone gone ahead with IVF with low AMH? (Part 7)
« Reply #262 on: 9/12/11, 06:00 »
Me again sorry, just checking my pms.

A lovely lady wrote to me yesterday about my bfn, she has just written again as she is seeing an endocrinologist to help with implantation. I had never heard of it. Think we need to research this also girls.



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Re: Has anyone gone ahead with IVF with low AMH? (Part 7)
« Reply #263 on: 9/12/11, 10:56 »
farmgirl lots and lots of  ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ to you over the next few days

mrs aba where in north london are you out of curiousity?am in finsbury park/crouch end!

lola thought of you today - am in sweden for my new job - not supposed to start until january but apparently my new boss hasn't noticed! love stockholm but it's hard to be a veggie here!

mooo congrats on being pupo!

aimees it's hard to imagine but before you know it you'll wake up one day and it'll be time to start - starting bcp in end january IS starting (i too had to do this) so really it's only a month's downtime, and luckily it's during the festive fun season! wishing you patience so it's not too terrible waiting  ^reiki^

hope you are all well! xox

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Re: Has anyone gone ahead with IVF with low AMH? (Part 7)
« Reply #264 on: 9/12/11, 11:37 »
Morning ladies,

Farmgirl- Feel free to say what you want to say hun, that's what we here for and if it sounds negative, so be it! If it makes you feel a bit better and of loads some things of your chest it's all worth it. God knows I have been sounding negative and bitter from time to time.....I mean we are not superwomen. Hang in there, better days will come and you WILL be a mommy one day ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ I dont believe for one second that a wonderful personal like you will not be granted her biggest wish, just don't believe it :) Interesting link....yes in the states they do have doctors  called reproductive endocrinologist, do they have it in UK as well?

Saasha- what are you doing in Stockholm ;D Hope it's not too cold for you....although London is not much better at the moment I guess. Will you be coming to Sweden in the future as well? Sorry that it's hard to find good veggie food over there.

Miss gap- thanks :) just have to keep sain till my till next week

Mrs A- Sorry that you are still feeling emotional from time to time ^hugme^ ^hugme^ but as we all know , it's completely normal. Best if luck for your follow up

Moo- congrats on becoming PUPO  ^pompom^ ^pompom^ ^pompom^ well done! Sending you loads of sticky vibes  ^reiki^ ^reiki^

Marie- very intressting about chiropractor ......sounds like it could be something there

Jasmine- awww it must be so hard with EDD coming up ^hugme^ ^hugme^ I'm from Stockholm, Västerĺs, it's not far away, been there a couple of times myself, my friend used to live there few years ago. It's a small world hey :)

Afm- Had an appointment with Dr G yesterday to plan how to do with my drips for the future. The cons. went pretty good actually, he was very happy for me :) But he did say again that he recommends Ivig for my next drip which I'm having on the 19th......was a bit torn on what to do AGAIN ^idiot^ ^idiot^ Of course I don't want to risk anything, but at the same time it sounds like most clinics do switch from Ivig to Intralipids because the results are basically the same. A part of me just want to do Ivig to have a clean conscious......but it so extremely expensive and I really don't like the fact that it is a blood product. What to do, what to do.....have to put my thinking cap on

Hello to Bondy, Tiara, Momito, LJ, Laird, Aimees, Susie, Evie and everybody else here ^hugme^


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Re: Has anyone gone ahead with IVF with low AMH? (Part 7)
« Reply #265 on: 9/12/11, 22:39 »
Saasha - I am in Crouch End.  You probably live next door ;)

Farmgirl sweet - it is totally beyond your control and not your fault in any way.  Unless you are totally intoxicated, a few drinks of wine will not hinder and some (eg Prof Winston) say it can even help.  I am always paranoid about magpies, but that too doesn't seem to make much difference!  Look after yourself, you deserve some slack ^hugme^

AFM - went to the clinic and they were really not that helpful.  Suggested just doing the same thing again - long protocol in January.  I might have been unlucky or the same thing might happen again.  Went away feeling somewhat deflated.

Lola - there are no firm rules.  Intralipids don't work for me but IVIG does.  At Lister they do a test to see which one makes a difference to your NKs.

Sweet dreams all - at least it is Friday.


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Re: Has anyone gone ahead with IVF with low AMH? (Part 7)
« Reply #266 on: 10/12/11, 00:02 »
Evening all!

Just a quickie for Marie re chiropractor... I don't know if it was a coincidence but I got my first natural bfp after one visit to a chiropractor when she adjusted & aligned my pelvis!!! I went back recently with my dodgy ankle she didn't fix that but bizzarley she did post some packet of little white pills thru my letter box one eve....she is also a homeopath.,, I think one was for pain & the other stuff was apparently to help me flush out the GA from my system as she said it really very bad & toxic for ur body... I didn't take them cause I had started ivf3 by then...

Thanks for all the kind words of support for EDD that never was.,, Not made easy by two family members popping out babies the same week..... And not helped by the fact I will be the big 40 very soon - I soooo wanted 2 be preggers by then..

 Another EDD lost to come in march but hopefully I will get a bfp b4 then.... DP better brace himself I'm ovulating soon!!!! ;D  ^bigbad^ ^bigbad^

Love 2 all


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Re: Has anyone gone ahead with IVF with low AMH? (Part 7)
« Reply #267 on: 10/12/11, 06:47 »
Hello girls,

I drop by at work and then I stayed for 3 days, so had no time to stop by  >:(

Farmgirl - I'm so sorry sweetie  ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ I really hoped it will work for you this time ... I understand you are down now, but I'm sure you fill find strenght to fight again and I'm sure you will be mum one day!!! Take care  ^hugme^ ^hugme^

Loluska - when is your first scan planned? Great HCG result  ^jumpin^

Saasha - great result, heartbeat is so special ... but when is so small its hard for Dr. to play the sound of it. When you go for 12w scan I'm sure you will be able to hear it, but don't get scared as heartbeat will be fast and also heartbeat rate is very high at this stage, but its normal. To the tender breasts and size I can say that normally I'm size DD, E (which is already a lot)  :o , but my breasts increased to size F  ^idiot^and first 3 month I had to sleep with bra as they were so painfull ...now they are still tender, but not so much and Dr.told me that it will propably in my case last to the baby birth  :-\

Mooo - congrats on being PUPO  ^clapping^ ^clapping^^clapping^ I know its upsetting to have only one embie, but don't forget that on the end one good one is more then enough  ;D

Mrs.ABA - sorry to read about you appointment at clinic :( Any news about job in Germany?

Marie, EvieC and other girls - about chiropractor ... there are lots of girls here who has problems to be pg, or had MA visiting them ... I went to one as well, actually fyzioterapeut (have no clue what is the difference), but we have also chiropractor, so there must be one ... He fixed my bones and I don't know to describe what everything and there is also one method, which is exercised here called Mojzisovej method and this is special for ladies who have problems to conceive and its quite helpful ... you need to exercise for some time and during this period its not advice try conceive. I look Slovak web page and I had part of it translated by Mr.Goggle translator, but I think its readable:

Exercise by Ludmila Mojžišová
Method Ludmila Mojžišová is now associated primarily with exercises that help women with fertility problems. Originally set of exercises prepared for the compensation patients with back pain and headaches.
Ludmila Mojžišová based on the observation function of the muscles around the spine. These, if not practiced, flags, holding the cause disorders of the spine, coccyx misalignment or rotation of the pelvis and ribs.
Marie Babičková from the Prague Institute for the Care of Mother and Child in Podolí (ÚPMD), explains that the set of exercises for the proper functioning of the spine should be practicing real life. And at least three times a week. Exercises should be initially carried only five times. The entire series can be done about an hour, the train can be doubly. "The first three to six months but is essentially required exercise daily. The only way to build up muscle basis," explains Marie Babičková.

First, it is good to learn the exercises under the guidance of a physiotherapist. The client should also be regularly checked and carry-called mobilization. In essence correcting, unlocking the entire spine, including the removal of the coccyx and muscle cramps.

Hello to everybody I have missed  :)

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Re: Has anyone gone ahead with IVF with low AMH? (Part 7)
« Reply #268 on: 10/12/11, 07:02 »
Morning Bondy!

Farmgirl - lots of  ^hugme^ to you.  I suspect any negative feelings are nothing that us other girls haven't had too at some point.  If it helps to share then please do.  I'm an accountant too and I really really wish I'd studied something more interesting.

Mrs A - so to hear about your disappointing appointment.  Where are you cycling at the moment?

Mooo - congratulations on being PUPO!

AFM - I'm booked in for EC tomorrow but I'm having a bit of a panic.  I'm doing a modified natural cycle which includes taking cetrotide to stop ovulation but I just used an OPK this morning and it looks like I'm surging!  Has anyone had this happen?  Do you think I should call the clinic or would it all be too late now given I took my trigger last night?  I'd do some of this  ^hump^ but DH is meant to abstain today if we're having ec tomorrow.  Should I just chill out and turn up tomorrow as planned?

Thanks girls!


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Re: Has anyone gone ahead with IVF with low AMH? (Part 7)
« Reply #269 on: 10/12/11, 11:13 »
Minxy - do call the clinic if it makes you feel better but I think the trigger injection causes the surge!  ^pray^ ^pray^ ^pray^ ^pray^ for you!

I'm at the Lister.

V fascinated by this talk of chiropractor - I have a very slight curvature of the spine so I am sure it would not be money wasted to see one in any event, but not sure where to look!

Jasmine - so understand where you are coming from.  I really don't like Christmas as it reminds me of time passing and I have to see so many pg friends and grit my teeth and smile.... :( .   ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ to you.



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