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Re: Has anyone gone ahead with IVF with low AMH? (Part 7)
« Reply #480 on: 5/01/12, 09:43 »

Welcome Apple orchard and Lisa.  I was the same as Mrs Aba and so was also shocked when I got my AMH result.  Don't forget you only need the one egg :)

Mandy - fingers crossed that you are the 1 in 1000 it does happen.

Minxy - hope you are ok.   ^hugme^

Momito - glad your herbs arrived :)

Aimees - sorry I can't help you with the immunes stuff but hope you are ok.

Mrs A - glad you had a nice time in Italy, I also had a teary episode when away like you said it hits us at the strangest of times.  Hope your AF comes soon and I would be really keen to hear about your overseas adoption evening.

Lyrical - hope is the jabbing going?

AFM - Did my first Burselin jab last night which was fine and have to start with the gonal F tonight.  I am quite nervous about that as I think I have forgotton how the pen works.  I am also worrie because I did not have a baseline scan and when I went for my scan last month I had a corpeous lutem. My AF this month has been really light and so worried that I am not getting rid of stuff and that I might have a cyst.  I don't want to get to my day 9 scan only to be told that I have a cyst and have to stop treatment when I have paid all thsi money for drugs.  Has this happened to anyone else?

Hi to LOla, Susie, Marie, Tiara, Farmgirl, Miss Gap and anyone else I have forgotton.  Eva I hope Bondy and her little one are ok. xx


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    Re: Has anyone gone ahead with IVF with low AMH? (Part 7)
    « Reply #481 on: 5/01/12, 10:48 »
    Siann - I didn't have a baseline scan either - in fact, whole cycle was very hands off at my clinic - but it worked out fine. ^pray^ ^pray^ ^pray^

    Lisa and Apple - just to reassure, I had low / undetectable AMH, and DH has v poor swimmers, low numbers etc. Did short protocol Flare and got 8 follies, but only one egg - that one worked and I'm now 6 weeks pg. Susie's description of being like a pack of cards is right - and earlier in the thread someone wrote up main points from a talk at the Fertillity show last Nov - maybe someone knows where to find it.... basically it doesn't mean end of road at all, just might take a couple more chances to pull out both aces at once. DHEA is also a good thing to take as improves quality of the eggs that are there (but doesn't seem to increase numbers).
    Get armed with info from this thread - I've learned so much! ^reiki^ ^reiki^

    Mandy - the fact that we are here means that we are all defying the stats - you can be the exceptional one! :-*

    Minxy, have fun there  ::)

    Hello everyone else


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    Re: Has anyone gone ahead with IVF with low AMH? (Part 7)
    « Reply #482 on: 5/01/12, 10:59 »
    Thank you moo and siann! It does only take one egg! Do you know what your AMH is?

    I didn't have a baseline scan either with my last cycle. I don't think it's always necessary.

    Was very impressed with GCRM. The doc didn't paint a gloomy picture. He said that I would probably just get one or two eggs and that there's just a 5 - 10% chance of cancellation.

    If anyone knows where the main points from the fertility talk are, I'd love to read them.

    Thank you! I hope everyone is doing okay with the injecting. Hello to everyone else!

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    Re: Has anyone gone ahead with IVF with low AMH? (Part 7)
    « Reply #483 on: 5/01/12, 16:09 »
    Thanks everyone  :)

    I already feel better about things, just reading your very supportive posts helps a lot.

    Apple orchard- I hope our AF comes soon, at least then we will know things are getting back to normal.

    Hugs to all
     ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^

    Lisa xx

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    Re: Has anyone gone ahead with IVF with low AMH? (Part 7)
    « Reply #484 on: 5/01/12, 18:51 »
    Firstly I want to apologise for not doing anything in the way of personals for so long.  I've been completely caught up in my own situation.  I have been reading about how everyone is doing but just haven't had the capacity to respond.  So big  ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ to everyone.

    Farmgirl - thank you so much for your support and kind words.  ^hugme^  Your ceremony of getting rid of all the bad things from the past year sounds like such a good idea and a really cleansing experience.  I think I might do something similar.  ^hugme^

    Laird - thank you also for taking the time to post your experience.  It really did help me through a hard time and I appreciate the effort.  It brought me quite a lot of comfort.  ^hugme^  It also gave me comfort to see how you've moved on from there.  ;) 

    Miss Gap & LJYorkshire - thank you also for your support.  It's so nice to have familiar 'faces' around to get virtual hugs from.  It seems to make quite a bit of difference when people already know your story and are rooting for you all the way.  ^hugme^

    Eva - I'm so, so sorry to hear how things are going for Bondy.  She's been a pillar of support and strength on here.  I'm sending her loads of  ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ and would be really grateful to hear how things have worked out for her.

    Tiara - thank you so much for your support over the last few weeks.  ^hugme^ I hope things are going as well as can be expected for you and that the New Year is treating you kindly.

    Lola - big  ^hugme^ to you.  I haven't had a chance to catch up on your story on the other thread but I will do so shortly.  I have everything crossed that all is going smoothly for you.  ^hugme^

    Saasha - I hope all is going well for you too and that you're safely back home.  ^hugme^

    Siann - Best of luck with everything!   ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^  It's a really exciting time and I hope it all goes smoothly for you.  I'm not sure of the programme at Create have they said anything to you about why they're not going to do a baseline scan?  Iceland sounds beautiful.  I've always wanted to go there.

    Aimees -  ^hugme^ Always typical of AF - shows up when you don't want it and is nowhere to be seen when you do want it.  ^hugme^  I was similar to you - always hoping (but never quite daring to believe) that one day it all might just happen naturally and let us off this horrible ride.  ^hugme^  After so long, I've given up hoping now but I do hope that the miracle will happen for you one day.  ^hugme^  In terms of the adenomysosis - I completely understand.  A new day, something new to worry about.  ^hugme^  Re: Dr G - I haven't cycled with NHS but from what I understand, they don't like it.  My advice to others has been to simply not  tell them that you've seen him and go with him anyway.  There is no need for them to know.  He can easily run immunes treatment alongside your tx cycle and does it with many, many people.  Just make sure Dr G knows what you've been prescribed immunes-wise from the NHS.  Steroids are pretty standard so I would say get them from the NHS (i.e., free) and just tell Dr G that you don't need him to px them for you (the only issue on that may be dosage.  He tends to prescribe 25mg but there are schools of thought that this is too high.  I don't really know - I had 10mg on my last cycle and didn't get pg.  I had 25mg on this cycle and did get pg - could be down to that or a million other things).

    Minxy - best of luck with your BMS!  Sometimes it's good to try the old fashioned way - even if just for fun. ;)  DH and I are considering it once I'm off this horrible merry-go-round as we haven't done anything for, well, months now. :(

    Lyrical - good luck with your jabbing!  Exciting times ahead for you.  ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^pray^ ^pray^ ^pray^

    Momito - Massive, massive hugs to you.  Your support has been like virtual cuddles that I have so desperately needed and has meant the world to me.  Hopefully I can return the favour one day and be there for you as much as you have for me.  ^hugme^  I'm pleased to hear that your herbs have arrived and will be following your progress with great interest.

    Susie - your NYE sounds like torture!  Well done for making it through! I'm pleased you were able to get some answers at your F/U and have a clear way forward.  I'm also pleased that you're able to take some time out from it all for a bit of a holiday.  DH and I are going to go on holiday in a couple of weeks for a few days.

    Lisa - I'm sorry to hear the witch is not co-operating. :(.  After a tx cycle, unfortunately it's anyone's guess.  In previous cycles, mine has shown up before OTD.  I guess it depends on your protocol.  Re: your AMH numbers, I know an initial diagnosis of low AMH comes as quite a shock but if I could advise you of anything, it's to wait and see what results you get from the actual cycle.  I was told I'd need a donor in February  and was all over the place and on my first cycle (which was not tailored) I got 3 good eggs.  By the end of the year with a different doctor and a much more tailored protocol, I got 9 good eggs.  I've also seen ladies with egg counts in the twenties or thirties who have ended up with nothing to transfer at ET day.  It's always, always, always quality over quantity.  ^hugme^

    Apple Orchard - Hi there and welcome.  Apologies for being AWOL earlier - my head has been all over the place so I haven't been able to welcome you properly - so welcome! ;D  I'm afraid I don't know anything about GCRM though so can't really help.

    Mrs A - Sorry to hear about your NYE  ^hugme^  I didn't leave the house on Christmas day for exactly the same reason.  I wanted to go for a nice walk but just knew that all the neighbourhood kids would be out on their new bikes/skateboards/rollerskates and just couldn't handle it.  I'm glad the rest of your holiday was nice and am sending you  ^reiki^ ^reiki^  ^reiki^ for AF to arrive in the next week or so.  I'd be very interested to hear how you get on at the adoption talk too as, if things don't work out soon, we'll be looking into it too and I don't know much about overseas adoption and am keen to learn more.

    Marie - hope your nurses appointment went well and you're now all geared up for starting D/R next week.  Exciting times ahead for quite a few of you.   ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^pray^ ^pray^ ^pray^

    Mooo - thanks for your kind words.  ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^  Fingers crossed that everything runs smoothly for you from hereon in.  ^reiki^

    I hope to god I haven't missed anyone but will post this and double check now just in case.

    Big hugs to everyone


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    Re: Has anyone gone ahead with IVF with low AMH? (Part 7)
    « Reply #485 on: 5/01/12, 21:42 »
    MandyP - can I just say how blinking fabulous you are to think about us all - every single one of us - when you are going through so much.  Sending you every positive vibe I have got. ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^

    Moo - good to hear from you!

    Siann and MandyP - I will indeed fill you in on the overseas adoption evening.  I met a couple recently who adopted a little boy from Russia and he is absolutely gorgeous.

     ^hugme^ to you all especially the newbies.


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    Re: Has anyone gone ahead with IVF with low AMH? (Part 7)
    « Reply #486 on: 5/01/12, 22:14 »
    Mandy - wow, that was a mahoosive one. Thanks so much for your tips on that, I've been umming and ahhing but I think that you have helped me to make my decision. I think I'll go back to see Dr G in a few weeks time to get an idea of what to do. Thanks a million  ^rainbow^ ^rainbow^ and thanks for taking the time to write to us all (as Mrs Aba says) when you are clearly going through so much yourself.

    Lisa I'm glad your're feeling better, it's swings and roundabouts and rollercoasters on this journey and we're all here to help support during the down times.

    Mrs Aba - did I miss something? Did herbs make you faint? Sounds nasty. So sorry to hear about your NYE, it's not really what you need when you're trying to have a nice romantic dinner with DH on a special evening. I can't go in any of my local cafes anymore as they are all run over with yummy mummies with buggies. Where did you guys go? I love Italy and am dying to go back.

    Siann the gonal-f pen is really easy but if you get stuck, give me call and I can talk you through it. Also if you go on youtube they usually have videos for these things. I had a cyst when I started a tx a few months back, and my af just prior to starting had been completely brown (sorry tmi). I mentioned this to my consultant when I went for a scan and he said it sounded like I had a cyst, and sure enough I did. So not sure if a light af is enough, and sometimes they just are light.

    afm - thanks for all your support. I feel a bit better, I'm just going to avoid people I don't want to see.

    ladies, just wondering for those interested in a support group. a quick poll: what do you think would be preferable? A Saturday afternoon once a month, or a Monday evening once a month? Venue will probably be in Kentish town, right near the tube, as that has good transport links and is fairly north central. I'm just finalising bits and pieces, ie where and when... OK so still got to finalise the most important things but almost there!!



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    Re: Has anyone gone ahead with IVF with low AMH? (Part 7)
    « Reply #487 on: 6/01/12, 00:30 »
    Hi lovely

    Bondy/ Eva thank you for the update and real sorry to hear this. So glad you are on a ward now. Gosh that must've been scary for you. Will keep  ^pray^ ^pray^ ^pray^ for you.

    Mandyp i agree you are a star thinking of everyone.....totally entitled to be posting me posts. Still have absolutely everything crossed for you hun.  ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^

    Moo good to hear from you.

    Lyrical and Siann  ^dancing spot^ ^dancing spot^ ^dancing spot^ ^dancing spot^ ^pompom^ ^pompom^ ^pompom^ for you both. Siann my cycle at create was a natural cycle and my first scan was at 5 days. Not sure about stimulated/modified cycles thought.

    Minxy good luck with  ^BMS^

    Susie glad you have a plan, good luck.

    Momito good luck with those herbs hope they do the trick

    Mrs a  ^hugme^ ^hugme^

    Lisa and apple orchard  ^wave^

    And big  ^hugme^ to the rest of you



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    Re: Has anyone gone ahead with IVF with low AMH? (Part 7)
    « Reply #488 on: 6/01/12, 09:11 »
    Hello girls,

    finally I managed to log in ... so difficult if you are not good english speaker.
    As I couldn't follow forum, I rather printing everything for Bondy since she is in hospital, so she can look it up. Situation is still quite critical, but we all believe that she will be OK with her small little angel. So far she has is not able to have her computer with her, but when it will be possible, she will write you.

    All your nice words made her very emotional, but she was always mentioning you as great bunch of ladies, so I'm not surprised.
    I have some individual messages for you from her ... here it comes:

    Mooo - I`m very happy for you and congratulation to your BFP!!!

    MandyPandy - Bondy explain me your situation and I have to agree that in SK doctors usually takes similar approach in your case as she is suggesting here. As you have confirmed uterus pregnancy, they wait till w.10 to see if its not vital pregnancy, as in some cases it can be delayed, so there might be still hope despite your HCG blood levels. If possible my advice would be to still wait for development and I hope and pray that on the end it will be success and you will be next miracle here!!! Try to hold in there hun! I keep my fingers crossed for you!
    Just a comment - In case you would need to go to D&C you would not need to wait for long time to have another go ... here they suggest to wait for proper period (usually 6 weeks) and you can start immediately, also changes to conceive after this is lot higher!

    Aimees - I`m sorry to hear about your experience, but I can understand both site. Maybe just isolate from friends you care about it`s not such a good idea. Try to openly talk to them on how you feel, as many people who didn't have this problems just don't understand. I hope that this year will be successful and happy for you!

    Lolla, Sasha, Laird - fingers crossed for you ... now I have double power as the fingers doubled to 40!!! Hope you soon also find out what is there waiting for you, we have so far confirmed baby-boy.

    Swissbump - great to see you around, how you doing? Hope everything is OK with your pregnancy! 

    Marie - don't worry, humor still the same ... bit difficult now, but still there!

    Farmgirl - sorry to read about Kevin, but I like you New Year ritual! Great one and actually I'm doing something similar each year, so we are bonded :-)

    Minxy - sorry to see you BFN, lots of love to you and positive vibes for your old fashion way!

    Siann, Lyrical, Marie - good luck with stimm ... hope you are the first one to start with BFP this year and open the train for everybody else to join :-)

    Momito - big, big, big and even massive hugs to you for all the support!!! Good luck with the herbs, hope the result can be already seen :-)

    Apple Orchard - welcome to the tread, girls here are fabulous so they will be great support to you!!! Don't give up, test results is one thing, but reality is completely different. My levels were also almost not measurable and I have miracle natural pregnancy, even now with problems in hospital, but that is not linked to low AMH at all.  You will definitely find some magic here, so heads up!!!

    Mrs.ABA - great to hear about you holiday in Italy, last year I went to Sardinia at it was great also! Probably NYE ruined it, but hope you forget it fast! Are you thinking of adoption?

    Tiara - thanks for support. So far no news in my case, I just relax in hospital, pray constantly and hoping that little one will hold on for couple of month still. I'm trying to talk sense into him, so I'm hoping he will listen to his mum!

    Susie - if you are not sure about quality of you embies, here in SK it is possible to do before implant testing. With this method they check if embbies are OK and they transfer only good one, so chances are lot higher.

    Girls, I just want to thank you all for positive thoughts, vibes, energy and nice words you have written to me. Sorry for those I missed, but thinking of you all the time!
    Obviously situation is not good one at the moment, but BELIEVE we will make it with little one to the happy end. I'm trying to talk some sense into him, so I hope he will listen his mum and dad and stay where he is for some time!!! Unfortunately risk of miscarriage is quite high at the moment ( I have problem with very low placenta and blood issues), but I'm sure it will be get better!

    Ok, hope I got it all from the list.
    I have to say for my personal experience that Bondy always has been rock for all of us over years and we call her energetic bomb, as she was always very positive and pushing us forward. There were time I could kill her for this positive attitude, but on the end she was right and I think of it each day when I see my two little angels. What is also interesting that her believe about our minds shows correct, as many of us are having another children without any treatments. The same goes for me, as after so many years I just found out over christmas that I'm pregnant, naturally at my age 42!!! 

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    Re: Has anyone gone ahead with IVF with low AMH? (Part 7)
    « Reply #489 on: 6/01/12, 09:19 »
    Morning ladies, I'm back :) will try my best to catch up as much as I can

    Mandy- loads of hugs to you ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ you are such a strong lady, I really hope that there is a a miracle waiting for you ^pray^ ^pray^ ^pray^

    Aimees- good to hear you had a relaxing brake at the cottage :) but sorry about your not so sensitive friend ^bigbad^ ^bigbad^ honestly don't understand how people think....she knows what you are going through. Definitely right new year resolution. Best of luck with you next cycle ^reiki^ ^reiki^ as Mandy said it shouldn't be any problems do have tx with Dr along side NHS. It's wonderful what that you are taking your time and organizing the support group, I'm sure it will help a lot of people :)

    Momito- glad to hear that the herbs have has finily arrived :) hope they will do the trick for you ^reiki^ ^reiki^

    Lisa and Apple orchid - welcome to the thread :) you will find all the support you need hear. I would probably go insane long time ago if it wasn't for all the ladies here

    Mrs A- Glad you had a wonderful brake, even though NYE ended up a bit on emotional side ^hugme^ ^hugme^ Best of luck with the adoption evening :)

    Farmgirl- loved your burial ceremony......very good thing to do. Hope it allowed you to feel more positive for this new year ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^

    Marie- Best of luck with your cycle ^reiki^ ^reiki^

    Minxy- sorry about the cycst, but 5 follies sounds fab :) Was your cycst an active one and that's why you couldn't continue?

    Susie- couldn't agree with you more on your theory. Its all about the right egg and sperm getting it on in the end of the day and it's basically down to luck and good timing. I honestly think it's the single most important factor.....of course the protocol you use can make a deference and any additional meds, but in the end of the day it's all about that golden egg. So don't give up and keep on throughing that dice, it WILL happen ^reiki^ ^reiki^  ^reiki^

    Lyrical and Siann- some follie dancing for you  ^banana^ ^banana^ ^banana^ ^pompom^ ^pompom^

    Bondy- if you or your friend are reeeding, hope that everything has worked out find ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ please let us know

    Hello to Miss Gap, Moo, Saasha, Laird hope all of you ladies are doing good :)

    Afm- had a lovely time in Sweden, although we did not have a white Christmas, in fact it was not a snow flake in sight for all the time we were there.....very unusual I must say, but I don't mind, I'm not a winter person anyway. Had a busy day yesterday, went to Lister for a scan, it all went fine, thanks God ^pray^ ^pray^ also had Intralipids, have booked to have another one in 4 weeks time. My DP is very against me having any more drips, because Lister does not reccomend any more after the one I had yesterday, and he thinks that us, people with fertilty problems, sometimes being taking advantage of and being pushed into unnecessary tx,  because we are so desperate and will do anythung to get and stay PG. I think he is just being tight ;D  I will have one more drip, just to be on the safe side, but no more after that and no more
    immune re-testing.

    Love to all