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Relaxing sounds good  ;D
Im sure you will be pregnant hun Im hopingto plan my treatment this month!!!

What clinic are you at?

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Oooh, planning your treatment, that is very exciting! Good luck with it  :)

I am at Salisbury Fertility Centre, under the lovely Mr Fountain. He's so lovely, I can't believe he is going to do all that he is going to do up my ladybits, but hey, I shall be asleep and not know much about it  ;D

What about your clinic? Are you finding it ok getting time off work? x

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Hi there ladies, can I join you all....

A bit about me......I have PCOS and very irregular periods, whilst the other half has very good sperm (Or as he calls it, super sperm!!) last year we went through 3 IUI treatments, the first resulted in a bfp but sadly we miscarried.  The second treatment didn't get to the end stage as my body decided to have a period mid treatment and so it was stopped.  The third treatment was a long process, but was a bfn.  So we are now on the road to IVF.  We have been down regging (I think that's right!!) for the last few weeks and start our Gonal F stimulation injections on Monday (13th).....we then have check up scans booked in for the following week, with a view to having egg collection on Monday 27th Feb - all being well.

I've found i've been ok on the injections till now, i'm just so tired and feeling run down!!  But i'm keen to get started on the gonal f on Monday and get those little follies growing!  Although egg collection sounds scary!!

Doofuz - great advise on the eating/drinking.  I thought red meat was good for protein??  So, this weekend when we are shopping, I plan on getting pineapple juice and milk as I have the brazil nuts at the ready at home.  Also, more veg and fruit!!  Milk - just checking this still needs to be full fat??

Hope you are all doing well, and happy to be sharing our journeys together

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I have my mock ET and a 3D SIS (Hycosy) today.  I'm not looking forward to holding in 1-1/2 litres of water for a few hours (with my small bladdr) or having the pain of the SIS (I did one 3 years ago and had some major pain which I didn't expect).  Just hoping that all looks good/works well so I can go ahead and start sniffing next week (no birth control for me if it all works out this cycle).

What I have been doing for all of this:  very little to no caffeine (I'm now drinking water filtered decaf but will quit that soon and am drinking mint tea), I had all of about 6 units of alcohol since Jan 1 and none since Feb 1.  I take a ton of vitamins/suppliments...let's see if I can remember them all (spelling is probably not the best):  Pregnacare Conception, vitamin B6 & B12, bee propolis, coenzyme q10, aceytl l cysteine, vit C, royal jelly, l-arginine, ALA, l-carnitine.  I eat nuts for the protein and various vitamins, including brazil nuts for the selenium.  I have upped my protein intake and am drinking between 2-3 litres of water a day (which I've always done so it's not a change).  I work out per usual and have lost about 5 lbs recentlly (though should lose a bit more) to try to get to 25 BMI (I'm muscular so 26 BMI is a normal for me).  As I am a therapist (I work with teens) and psychology teacher, so I do a lot of stress reduction stuff (visualization and deep breathing) anyway, so I'm just continuing it.  I don't get stressed too often and am trying to keep steady through all of this.

This is a great website for relaxation stuff: http://www.allaboutdepression.com/relax/

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Hi Silly - best of luck to you!

I'm drinking whole milk (what a shock the first time I did it!)...and trying to eat as much organic meats as possible - less likely to have hormones and all (though this country is better than the US about not using hormones in animals).

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Morning ladies

Carole I starting down relulating injections on day 21 of my cycle (they give you the spray or injections they do the same jobs just depends on your clinic) it's been 10 days since I started and I'm having baseline scan and bloods this morning to check ovaries are asleep so I can go on to the next lot of injections to stimulate ovaries again :) hope this helps it's so much to take in! X

Well as I say I've my baseline scan today I can't wait !! I'm the most patient person in the world but when it comes to ttc I want it now lol! I was thinking about someone practice ec yesterday and how it went I'm so sorry I can't think who I'm using my phone as laptop it out of action right now! X

Hi danni

Good luck for tioday and also your wedding when the wedding date for?

Not ivf related but had to share i picked up our wedding rings yesterday it's made it all so real I'm already starting to get a bit nervous!! Lol hope you all have a fab day x

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Oh my!! :o look how big our thread is growing,its amazing how close in dates our treatments are too ;D
Welcome newbies! I think this thread is going to be a positive and happy one.
Yankee and. Doofuz. I'm doing more or less the same diet as you both,but hadn't realised full fat milk! Yuckk! Also I didn't know about peppermint tea,what's that for?

 Silliest Sausage. My ec is 2 days after yours! I'm also exhausted and can't wait to start stimming as its meant to take those nasty symptoms away,I start them on the 17th
Stacey Emma. Good luck starting your treatment.

Carole. It sounds like you will be down reggin after 25th and stimming after the  5th. All clinics are different though and once you get your treatment plan it shoul explain in detail. Its even more exciting when you have that in your hand,I didn't put mine down that whole day ;D

Danni. Its lovely 2 hear  about your wedding!

Piesie. Miss rudy is right,the pens are pre loaded with certain amounts in them that you don't need lots of pens for each day,the pharmacy should be able to give you the right amount going by your prescription.

 Oh and Yankee good luck with mock et and holding your pee today! I hope I didn't forget anyone,I do all this on my phone so its difficult to do personals. Is anyone turning into a she devil on down reg??? I usually have bad pmt but this is ridiculous,my dh is afraid to look at me hehe because he thinks I'm going ^idiot^
Well lots of ^fairydust^ to all xx

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Soooo happy so far so good! I start stimming tonight scan Monday,wednesday and Friday then Monday again with egg collection booked for wednesday 22nd (22 my lucky number) I'm just so elated right now :)

Our wedding is the 5th of may just under 3 months to go

I have just asked the consultant about foods and diet and he just said only water and folic acid I think I'm still doing pineapple juice/ nuts/ water/no caffeine don't think it's going to hurt is it?!

Works being incredibly awkward with my scans etc driving me barmy just called to cancel my diary for an hour for each of the above days they are not to impressed about it which I don't get as they were very supportive at the beginning?!

Lots of luck to all hope everyone is well x

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  • thank you for the love and support from all on FF
Danni that's brilliant! So excited for you! ^reiki^
And make sure your  dress has a bit of give in it! ;D
My clinic said the same,just folic acid and broccoli lol but I'm still going by the diet advise that's been given on here. Like you say,it can't hurt xxx

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Dannib - exciting about the wedding plans!  I remember those days (I got married on 7 April almost 5 years ago).  I just told my work that I would be out quite often though I'd try my darndest to work around my classes (teaching)...they are supportive now, but when I'm going in every other day it could be a different story.  Hope you continue to get support!!


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