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Re: Dogus Clinic - Northern Cyprus - Part 7
« Reply #10 on: 22/02/12, 22:15 »
Tilly, I've had a good look but can't see anywhere saying how I can donate funds to help pay for the site. Alas, this is not a great site to search for "donate" - rather too many results!  ;D

Is there a page with any info or an email address I can use? I'd really like to contribute.

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Re: Dogus Clinic - Northern Cyprus - Part 7
« Reply #11 on: 22/02/12, 23:06 »
BC, I have a good feeling for you. Pls stay positive. Not so long now..  ^hugme^

Zedbee  ^pray^ do their thing tonight so get loads of lovely embies to choose from  ^hugme^

Jen glad AF finally arrived. Did you need to change travel plans?

Linlu hope you got a response from Julie. It's such a stressful time. Pls try to stay calm. Good luck.

Siob hope you've fully recovered from hysto.

Blondie hope you are doing ok  ^reiki^

Kaybee, hope you are enjoying you pregnancy so far  :)

Hi KFC Bon, BA, Snk, meemee and everyone else.

AFM, still lurking around. Emailed penny today to ask if clinic is opened during the Easter break so dh can go his tests.mhavent had a response yet.  My body has been feeling very strange since bfn.. Head aches, tiredness, and annoying hot flushes which I didn't have during tx. I just want to keep an eye before going to gp if need be.

 ^hugme^  ^hugme^  ^pray^  ^pray^  ^reiki^  ^reiki^ to the tww ladies and those starting soon  :)


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Re: Dogus Clinic - Northern Cyprus - Part 7
« Reply #12 on: 22/02/12, 23:48 »
Hey guys, bath worked and had to quad out and take feminax else I couldn't get through- but all worth it... The flight plans nor any of my other plans need to be reorganised so I am fortunate with that- and I can still just squeeze in a 5 day transfer instead of just the 3 and it was why I wanted to be out longer, so I'm so pleased, also means I can get a scan me out there, Julie confirmed they would scan me at no extra cost on Wednesday to see how the follies are doing, so that's a relief.. Just concerned when I go to man airport wig all my drugs- I have the dogus prescription and a letter- so scared they will seize all my meds still!

Anyways, day 1 of stimming starts tomorrow... On that rocky road we go!!! Xxx

Love and sweet dreams to all xxx

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Re: Dogus Clinic - Northern Cyprus - Part 7
« Reply #13 on: 23/02/12, 07:54 »
BA - try sending a message to Caz or Chux (part of our Admin team) and see what they have to say. I don't know of any way of donating, but they may have some ideas.


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Re: Dogus Clinic - Northern Cyprus - Part 7
« Reply #14 on: 23/02/12, 08:15 »
Zedbee- hope you have lots of lovely embies to choose from today.  ^pray^ ^pray^ ^pray^ that everything is good.

Jen-yay thats brill. Glad you don't have to change your travel plans.

Nekosimom- hope you hear from Penny soon.

Linlou- did you hear from Julie?

Blondie- how are you doing? Not long now for us.

afm- had horrible pains in my hips and lower back last night as well as the cramps so didnt get much sleep, god how many times I checked my pants over the night. Still feel sore today, but lots to do so will just have to ignore the pain and get on with it as so behind with college stuff.

Hope everyone has a good day. x

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Re: Dogus Clinic - Northern Cyprus - Part 7
« Reply #15 on: 23/02/12, 11:51 »
Berry - one more day  ^pray^ 
Jen - good luck with first day of stimming today!
Neko - glad things are moving for you and hope Serum is open during Easter
Zedbee - hope you have good news re your embies today
Siob - only just clicked you are BA's DW!! derrr - I am a bit special!
afm - havent heard anything from Julie  >:(  - oh well no urgency yet but annoying
Speak soon xx

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Re: Dogus Clinic - Northern Cyprus - Part 7
« Reply #16 on: 23/02/12, 13:17 »

Linlou - how are you doing? Not getting too stressed I hope x

Berry - how are you doing today? Not long now, hang in there  ^reiki^  ^pray^

Jen - hope the injection goes well, thinking of you, not long till we're all off, getting excited now  ^hugme^

Zedbee - hope you get the news you want today, good luck  ^reiki^  ^pray^

Nekosimom - hope you hear from Penny soon, then you can get things underway again x

Blondie - not long for you and Berry? Sending you positive vibes  ^reiki^

Snzk - not long now till we're off, are you excited, I know I am, well I am now things are sorted  ^hugme^

Afm - I'm waiting for my DH to come home for lunch with his sperm analysis results, so praying that will be fine  ^pray^.  I've just heard from Julie and as AF was late our donors EC would be on the 2nd March then we would have to go with an ET on Day 3 on the day we fly home on the 5th.  I didn't feel entirely happy with this as I felt it didnt give us any leeway incase anything went wrong with my endomitrium thickness or the donor wasn't ready so I've now changed our flights so we're now going next Wednesday instead of this Sunday then flying back on the following Wednesday instead of the Monday, this now gives us the option of a Day 3 or Day 5 Blastocyst- both DH and myself feel much happier about it all now and Julie's been good rearranging it all.  We will still be there at the same time at snzk and Jen so that's great.  Right DH just got in so I'm going to have some lunch with him before he goes back to work xxx

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Re: Dogus Clinic - Northern Cyprus - Part 7
« Reply #17 on: 23/02/12, 14:54 »
Hi all

I heard from Penny this morning and she said easter brk is ok. So here we go again.. Yayyyy.

I tried booking flights just now and they are flipping expensive!!!  >:( and most arriving so late 2am, 4am.. Well if we have to go, we have to get on one of those but I ate arriving a place I don't know so well at night.

Hope everyone is doing ok.

BC and blondie still keeping everything crossed. BC hope the cramps and low back pains are the embies digging in. Not so long now ^pray^

 KFC glad you got flight sorted.

Ladies hv a good afternoon. I'm off to sort flights and hotel... Getting excited already  ;D


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Re: Dogus Clinic - Northern Cyprus - Part 7
« Reply #18 on: 23/02/12, 15:34 »
Nekosimom- great news that you are on for easter. Yay!!

KFC- hope you DH's results are good ones. Also glad you have managed to rearrange the flights, hope it didn't cost too much extra.

Linlou- you must be getting frustrated by now. Hope you hear back soon. If not give her a call. I know last time when I was stressing I did that and made me feel much better. My test day isn't till next Tue, but need to test a few days early.

zedbee-any news? Hope its all good.

afm- well my best mate has dropped an absolute bombshell and bet you can all guess what it is!

Yep she is pregnant, 18 weeks in fact with a little girl but didnt realize for the 1st 14 weeks as she was on the pill. Would have though after 3 babies whilst on the pill she would have learnt!!! I am so happy for her as she has always wanted a little girl and I know it must have been really hard for her to tell me, but at the same time I feel like I have been kicked in the stomach. I said before I went (not sure if it was on here) that I expected one of my 2 close friends to announce that they pregnant with their 4th, but didnt really think it would happen.   

Pains seem to have stopped and have that horrible wet feeling you get before AF so I am still not that hopeful.

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Re: Dogus Clinic - Northern Cyprus - Part 7
« Reply #19 on: 23/02/12, 15:53 »
KFC - how were the results of dh's analysis? All good I hope. I think you've definitely done the right thing re-arranging to have time for day 5 transfer. I really wish I was able to stay out longer for day 5 of my own eggs. 

Berry - hope the pains have eased up. I was sure you'd crack & test today, well done fore not doing. You've got this far, don't give up the pma just yet. 

Jen- hope your first jab has gone well? 

Neko- great stuff, just what you need - a definite plan to aim towards 

Hello linlou, snzk, not long til you are out here. I have a very red face today after a day at the beach - great to have the option of sunburn! 

Tilly - the 'what happens after transfer' is something I've read in numerous forums and support pages. Hard to locate original source as it crops up alot but think it was medhelp.org. 
If only the daily mail was so well censored!! 

Hi to bigA & siob & anyone I've missed xx 

I had news I have 5 embryos from the 8 today. No info as to quality. Of course I would have liked more, but I'm happy enough. Looks like I'll be deciding on transfer day what to put back. Like all of you - I just really really don't want to ever have to do this again!!!! 
Planning to have dp's sperm frozen while we are here, just in case we need to do this again, I can just nip over alone and save some cash on flights for dp & dd. The price of freezing has gone up by 100 (it now costs 250) since I asked a week ago, a bit frustrating as costs have certainly built up, but I guess it happens! 

We've had such a nice day today - went to the bellapais today - it was truly breathtaking. I would highly recommend car hire & getting out there. St hilarions castle too. We hired a decent car for 6 days for 81. We then went to a beach cove to the east of Kyrenia & it was warm enough to paddle in the sea. Needless to say dd loved every minute! The cleanest of all 3 beaches we've been to has still been the one at Acapulco. 
Really appreciating the 'holiday' aspect of this week, much more than expected. 

Routing for you both berry & blondie this weekend. 



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