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Hey hey how is everyone?

What's news?

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, life is just so so busy lol love it

Tyler is doing well on her inhalers but still chesty and coughs a lot especially at night, might go back to gp this week for more guidence
Tuesday I have my hysteroscopy booked, it was last minute as the hospital added another clinic date. I'm quite nervous tbh as I'm wide awake and they inject my cervix to numb it ouch. Info says I can contact gp for pain relief and dimazpan to take before but no time to sort that now. Might take a couple of co codmaol I think lol


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    • my wonderful girls.
    hi all

    just a quick post from me.

    hope you are all well and your little ones are too.

    hi kara good luck for tuesday text me and let me know how it went. will be thinking of you. hope tyler's chest improves soon.

    hi pix and j hope you are both well

    hi jule hope you and holly and aaron are well. let us know when you want to meet up.

    afm busy busy here. girls are both well and growing well. they are just adorable and i'm loving it. its great to watch them especially when they are both looking at each other and babbling away.  extra busy at moment as dh was admitted to hospital yesterday. he has quinsy ( abcess on tonsils) and was unable to eat or drink . he's on iv for antibotic's and painrelief hopefully might be home monday as long as antibotics work if not they could remove tonsils. have a busy week ahead and girls have their 3rd set of jabs on tuesday.

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    Well hello everyone and really really sorry not been on here for absolutely ages.
    Life has been manic. 
    Babies are great and growing well.  They now sit alone and love playing with each other.  They hold hands now when they are being fed which is so cute.  They are not on the move yet which is good for us but im sure it wont be long  :)
    We have been on a cruise and we had a good time although we did hit the worst storm they have seen in about 10 years and were shook about like a tin of peas.  The ship was fab though but not sure cruising is for me with the unpredictability of the sea.
    We also came back from holiday to find the house is now sold so need to get looking for another place to live,  We have seen loads but nothing yet that we are crazy about.  Got more viewing booked again for next week.
    Aaron was in hospital again last week for bronchiolitis which is late in the year for it but hopefully thats the last until next winter.  COnsutlant appt for them both on mon.
    Im sure more has happened but cant really remember as things have been non stop. 
    How is everyone? hope you are all well, cant wait for a meet to be arranged it has been absolutely ages.  Im sure all the children have grown loads since we last met.
    Ill try and get on here more frequently.
    Queenie ill text you and perhaps we can meet very soon

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    Hello all

    just thought i'd jump on with a quick update...

    All good here - twins have just celebrated their first birthday - that came around far too quickly, like everyone else, wish I could slow things down a bit!
    Evan is very mobile! like lightening crawling around, pulling himself up on everything and letting go now and again, can get on top of the coffee table  ::) and clings to it like a limpet if you try to get him off. At the weekend he stood up from sitting on the floor. Cari has now been crawling for about a week  :) and is getting quicker. She says 'caaaa' when she sees the cat (or the dog  ;D ) and points at everything.  Hope they are going to enjoy playing together but at the moment they have battles wanting whatever the other one has and screaming when the other one takes it. Evan is also starting to bite  :o , this morning he bit my phone in sheer frustration as Cari tried to take it (he only has it when I'm changing his nappy as otherwise he just rolls over and crawls away), he's also tried to bite Cari's shoulder to get what she was playing with and bit my Dad yesterday when he tried to do up his cardi  :o ) Any tips on stopping that gratefully received!
    Had a 'german measles' drama a few weeks ago - took Cari to gp with rash and that was his diagnosis (that or measles) ended up with public health nurse on phone and having to take a swab and send it off (she was fairly certain it was mealses of any sort) but caused a whole lot of panic as SIL is pregnant. Rash went within 2 days and Cari back to herself, Evan didn't get whatever it was. Bloody GP! always seem to see him when I have a 'book on the day' appointment and he's hopeless - insisted on urine sample to check for infection and prescribed antibiotics when I went there with what I knew was another cyst - 3 months (and bucketfuls of painkilllers) later  I had a scan to confirm it  ^bigbad^   

    Cari has had 2 bad nights in a row and has come to sleep in our bed for the first time (not keen to make a habit of it) She wakes at 2am takes a while to settle her then wakes at 3am and won't be put back down in the cot without screaming, as soon as she's picked up she's fine. Tempted to leave her for 5 mins to see if she would settle but she wakes Evan, then everyone's up. Any ideas?

    Mum has picked up twins and is having them for the day - might bank a bit of sleep in case we have another bad night, before starting on the cleaning & tidying ... and gosh is there some work to do!

    (not such a quick update after all ::) )

    Queenie - lovely to hear from you - pic of girls is gorgeous
    Kara - good to hear Tyler's chest improving with inhalers and good luck for Tuesday
    Jule - good luck with the house hunting and hugs to Aaron and Holly

    Hello to everyone else, hope you and the little ones are well x would be good to meet up sometime soon - back to work in a fortnight for me (aargh) been off since Feb last year so will be quite a shock to the system! but only doing Mon and Thurs, so not too bad

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    Sorry for me post

    I'm in hospital with an infection aftet the hysteroscopy and means the first night I've been apart from tyler! So upset
    I'm on iv fluids, anti bs and anti sickness and I feel dreadful

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    Aww kara, Hope you get better real soon and get home to Tyler x I Was in for 3 nights after my ectopic and I had a very warm welcome from Sophie as soon as I walked thought the door xx
    Let us know how your getting, take care.
    Nic x

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    Hi everyone, hope your all well.

    Kara hope your better now after your stay in hospital.  How's Tyler?

    Nic how's things with you and Sophie?

    Sam hope things are OK with you all.  How's the plans for going back to work?

    Queenie, how's those gorgeous girls of yours?

    Pix, hope Joshua is OK and that your enjoying everything

    Jo how's things with you?  Over half way there now

    Jule hope everything is OK with you all.

    Hi to anyone I've missed

    Afm I've bought something other than a suntan and lots of washing back from holidays, a  ^BFP^ .  I really cant believe it, as we're decided no more treatment, and got used to the idea of Elliot being an only child.  Just  ^pray^ that we'll be lucky again and everything will be OK.  Elliot is good after having another asthma attack and chest infection, just need to get some weight onto him now.

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    Oh claire that's wonderful, u lucky lucky girl. Bet u are in shock big time. Sorry to hear elliot still having chest issues

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    • my wonderful girls.
    omg claire that is amazing news. well done you thats the best thing to bring home from holiday.

    kara how are you

     we want to go away for approx 3 nights with the girls week beg 9th july in west wales. some where nice but not too expensive as otherwise it would probably be cheaper to go abroad. lol any one have any ideas or know any where we could stay.

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    Yeah I am, really can't believe it still.  I've been really really lucky, must have been the sun.

    He'll allways have problems with his chest, we just need to learn how to prevent and deal with it, we'll get there.

    How's Tyler's chest now?

    Queenie we looked for July and it did work out the same to go abroad.  I'm sure Kara will suggest somewhere