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Raspberry ketone
« on: 19/09/12, 10:48 »
Hi all, im not sure if u have heard about it and i wanted to share it with u. i am about to try these new vitamins for weight loss, theres a great article in womens health magazine and im hoping it will help me shift the last stone so im ready for treatment. I will keep u updated of weight loss and if they work. This could be the answer to aid weightloss for us pcos ladies. Raspberry Ketones is what they are called and there is also a colon cleanse that works with the vitimin, it apparently breaks down sugars and fat and is highly recommended. As i said ill let u know if they work! fingers crossed xxx ^pray^

p.s heres the article that i read    http://rsweb-cdn.com/adele/index.php?t202id=316&t202kw=GB-27-32-F


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