* Author Topic: Ovulating with just one tube....can opposite tube grasp egg from opposite ovary?  (Read 16983 times)

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A couple of questions....seem silly but thought I would ask....    :-[

Im sure that you dont ovulate on each side evenly, as in one month one side and then the following month the opposite side and so on......is there any way I can tell what side I am ovulating on each month myself (without scans)? Do some people have a "dominant side", how can you tell?

I would have thought that if I ovulate on the side I will have tube removed (right side) then there is no chance of conceiving that month and the egg will just be absorbed into my body again but Im sure I have read somewhere someone saying that there is a chance that the other tube can "grasp" or move to catch the egg and it is possible!?

 ???  Im confused.............


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    I was having a chat with a gynae dr the other day and this is what she said:

    If you have had a tube removed it tends to function less well than the one with a tube (the ends of the tube stimulate the ovary a bit) this does not mean you ovulate less, just that you ovulate more from one side.


    A lot of the time the egg is "grabbed" from the ovary with no tube by the other tube (this is apparently a risk for ladies as can cause some of the rarer ectopics as the egg can "get lost") So much so that logic would say if you lose a tube you lose 50% of your fertility.. in fact you only lose about 20-30%.

    Hope that helps!

    Jess xxx

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    Thanks Jess. at least Im not going completely mad!  ;)

    Consultant has said that only having one tube we will always be a higher risk of ectopic  :(

    Tube removal now booked for 14th Jan

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    This is how I got pregnant last year, it was sadly another ectopic but just saying to show you , you can ovulate from one side & tube from other side to catch it, this was confirmed on an ultra sound scan for me x.

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    Hi everyone, its my first time to join any site in my entire life. Just wanted to share my story and hope someone could share their own experiences as well. Last august, i had experienced a considerable amount of discharge that pushed me to see my OB. I was treated with suppositories and the infection went away. I also had PCOS and was given metformin and BCP to cure the PCOS. after 6 months I had a repeat transvaginal ultrasound and they found a2.8 cm hydrosalpinx in my right tube. I was given IV antibiotics and oral for 2 weeks. Repeat TVS showed the hydrosalpinx shrinked to 1.3 cm and PCOS was no longer seen in my right ovary and doctor advised to continue the antibiotics for 10 more days. I will be having another ultrasound tomorrow.

    I would just like to know if the hydro can develop within 6 months and can it be cured with the antibiotics given to me. I am planning to get married by March next year and I am really scared that I will be having troubles conceiving. :( need advise from you ladies out there. Thank you. BTW, I am 27 years old.

    So I had the ultrasound again today, the ultrasound showed that the hydro went back to 2 cm and also found an ovarian cyst in my right. OB changed my antibiotics and told me to take it for 10 more days. After 10 days and no improvement, we can talk about my option of having it removed. It this the best option, removing the right tube? They will also remove the cyst during that operation. Please advise. Thanks

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    Hi Hopingforthebest,

    I have replied on your other post.

    Hope you ok x

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    Hi ladies,

    I'm sure your happy with previous replies but I thought I would share my experience (what my doctor said during private consultation).

    My ectopic was dealt with abroad i.e surgery and partial right linear salpingectomy and due to this reason as soon as I hit UK soil I made an appointment privately to discuss options.


    The Dr advised me although it was possible it was extremely unlikely that I would be able to conceive naturally via open tube. I ovulate on my right side (I've always known this) because I can feel it! Dr said yes it is possible however rare that the functioning tube can 'grab' egg. Basically, he said I would be looking to have IVF. (I pushed to get a positive answer to hopefully conceiving naturally - no one wants to be told only option IVF).

    He referred me to NHS for lap&dye test which confirmed right tube closed left tube open. Whats the conclusion if I havent conceived within 12 months to go back for IVF. So if it was private IVF straight away if NHS they know its extremely unlikely for you to get pregnant so will make you wait longer before referring you for IVF).



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