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Hello wonderful friends!  ^wave^

So I had my final consultation with The Fibroids surgeon. He was really helpful and is convinced that I don’t have Ashermans and to put the thought right out of my head.  :-X  ^smash^

These are his reassurances/observations

1)   I have extensive scarring but they are OUTSIDE the uterine cavity so I shouldn’t worry.
2)   I shouldn’t use the term perforated uterus but something else that they did when they tried to cut away the adenomyosis. He said the balloon they put in would have kept scarring to a minimum. Also it’s away from the lining where they put the embies back so not a problem
3)   The black blood and clots are nothing to worry about. My periods are reduced due to the fibroids removal and not due to extensive scarring.  (still not sure about this but this is what he says)
4)    He says not much is known about adeno and fertility but it is a factor.  He says it depends where it is. I have a patch on the side… he doesn’t know how soon it will grow back. FX it hasn’t yet.  ^pray^ ^pray^
5)   He would advise Serum do my hsyto as they have the embies but understands me going to the specialist due to financial constraints and if there is scarring I am with the specialist so that’s all good.

So I SHOULD get the all clear from  Hammersmith this month. ^reiki^ ^reiki^

In other news:

I am 6 lbs away from my 2014 weight!  ^pompom^ ^pompom^

I think I’ll lower it by another 10 lbs after I reach target and be the weight I was when I was in my early 30s.

SW works well when my whole world is consumed by it. I’m thinking about SW meals, cooking, checking my diary. Reading inspirational Vlogs. I am obsessed but I think it’s such a healthy way to eat – although I struggled when I threw in veggie days. ???

So I’m doing one Vegetarian day a week  but this month plan to give up dairy as it really doesn't agree with me... but it's a staple in my SW repetoir.  :-\

So believe in the power of the universe. Get this....

Went out with a mate had a great time, was feeling good she didn't understand why I didn't have a boyfriend. She said - I was too attractive and intimidating (isn't she a fab mate?  ;D) So I put it to the universe... I want a boyfriend...  the following Saturday  I go shopping and get asked out in Aldi's. I didn't really fancy him... although he was young and not bad looking... he just seemed evasive about his life...   and was sceptical about me doing loads of yoga - "Be careful about brainwashing..." I hope he wasn't the one   ;D

I am still wondering why the universe brought him to me...  so I can spot red flags?  ;D

TBH I do want a fella but right now not sure I want to fit one in. I'm enjoying focussing on me.

That's it for me. Will let you know about my adhesions consultation at Hammersmith. (tried to chase them up but no one would get back to me so I'm just going to have to wait until 17th)

Wish me luck xx


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    Consultation with Hammersmith team

    1) HSG showed no scarring.
    2) HSG showed a polyp which they'd like to remove.
    3) dye from HSG leaked into uterus muscle from where the consultant perforated the uterus - this is rare they want to check this out.  :-[  (have just asked Dr Google and leaking dye means hole or tear in uterus... :-\
    4) Hysteroscopy November time.

    So I'll keep on taking Serrapeptase in the hope that it helps something. Finished one bottle.. Not sure if it's my imagination but my myomectomy scar looks slightly better on the better side.  :)

     ^pray^ ^pray^ ^pray^ can it be good news. I mean the consultant said if it wasn't for the polyp they would give me the all clear but I said what about the leaky womb thing?  Anyway, well see.

    other news

    7lbs away from my target weight  ;D

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    Just done some more readlng... if my womb is still open does that mean stitches and another 6 months wait?

    Guess I'll have to wait and see.

    The good news is I'm with one of the best consultants.

    And Summer has been great - It's been Fab since May xxx

     ^daisy^ ^daisy^ ^daisy^

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    Hysteroscopy in DECEMBER!  :(  So far away...

    Taking Serrapeptase and Nattokinase for scarring to see if I can help things along. Not too sure about the nattokinase as it's from soy and that's meant to be bad for fibroid ladies. .. Also not seeing any difference to my myomectomy scar... went for laser treatment, the lady told me I could get a steroid injection to flatten it on the NHS so looking into that.

    other news

    So... friend and I went to a meet up hike. We had such a laugh just chatting with each other as we enjoyed the view. It was so funny, my friend came on the hike wearing flat shoes and a handbag and her shoe split half way along. We were a bit like Edina and Patsy from Ab Fab. 

    And of course the hike was amazing. Just loved it. We visited Constable country. Lovely.  Want to do more hiking... By the way, single ladies, that's a great way to meet blokes, it seems. By just laughing and having fun and being open... and by being a lot younger than a lot of them.  ;D.

    Seriously, I was feeling really down about being single but now things don't seem too bleak... spoke to a really sweet guy who broke up from his 9 year marriage cos his wife didn't want kids. I know that story well... He was so sweet... I took his number... he's a builder and looks like he'd be helpful with my landlord stuff as I was looking for a builder...  :)

    So I'm just going to keep enjoying myself and improving my life.
    I have realised I'm a little uncomfortable with male attention (or any attention come to think of it) so the goal for the rest of this year is to work on being comfortable with attention once I get it.  ;)

    Slimming world - up and down... but getting closer to target. (am constantly eating cos I'm constantly hungry!. I'm hungry now!  :-X)

    Still not sure about SE Asia... I am so scared going alone. Will I enjoy it? I've been travelling alone before and i don't particularly enjoy it. But I'd like to do something different before I get pregnant.

    It's either SE Asia for a month or a week on a yoga retreat over new year.. . The retreat is less scary cos I know what I'm getting... SE Asia... I just feel too old for Full Moon parties in Thailand...  :-[. And what do I want to see in SE Asia? I want to go to Cambodia but not sure about anywhere else.

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    Dear Diary

    Well, it's been a while...

    1) Hysto less than a month away  ^clapping^

    2) Had  a meeting about fostering. Looks like foster to adopt is the more practical route for me. Am pretty excited about that but before I start an a adoption journey diary I have to get my finances in order and face up to trying with my FETS. I've mentioned before I've always wanted to adopt so I was thinking of adopting first because of my age then going back to my FETS but I've been reassured that my age is okay for fostering to adopt. So I'll just get the FETS over with as I'm not quite ready to start the process as I have several writing projects I'd like to complete and the finance thing. The thing is, I have options.  :)

    3) Weight loss:well was 1.5 lbs away from target then got stressed about something then put on 6lbs! Hate yoyoing so am really working on what makes me comfort eat and dealing with what makes me anxious... Still going to yoga. Love it. NEED to start practising in the week, though so I progress faster.

    4) Travels: well am not going... yet... .still hope to go Feb/March so am trying to organise things for that. Also depends on results of hysto. I don't know why I had a loss of confidence in the last post but have been working on my fears and feel better about travelling alone.

    Sorry not much progress but spiritually things are better.

    Will update after Hysto.

    Love LuckyE

    Ps - lots of ladies I've cycled with in 2014 have had babies now. I think I'm the only one left. What's inspiring is they've all had babies.  :)

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    Should be upset as Danny and Oti didn't win Strictly but am too much in the christmas spirit...  :)

    Sending you Christmas wishes and hope you all have got what you wanted or will get it.

    Hysto results: No polyp. The hole is a patch of no endometrium. uterus okay.

    Looks like I'm going out to Serum in January for a bit of sun, a mock cycle and aquascan! ...


     ^snowflake^ ^snowflake^ ^snowflake^

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    dummy cycle didn't happen as I'm too swamped with work at the moment to go to Greece.

    Booked my holiday so will be back in April.

    Being swamped at work meant my diet went awol... so trying to get to grips with that. This is the year I'll reach target!

    I'm also beginning to feel the need to start supplementing again... can't believe I'm going to start that cycle. I really hope the end is in sight.

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    Back from holiday and am really busy with work. Sadly have put on loads of weight – just all over the place – lots of booze too.

    Flashing ovulation this morning so have  ^BMS^  twice today.

    Have just re-read Peny’s email. She suggested doing it tomorrow and the day after. So we didn’t have to do it today but I thought the face was non-flashing and I only had 24 hours or something but it seems to be flashing when I checked today.

    Have started on the supplements and serrapeptase in the hope that I can unstick one of my ovaries!

    I know, the plan was to get my embies but the bloke I'm seeing believes that he can impregnate me despite my age, the dodgy fallopian tube and the patchy womb… Believes he knows better than the clinics. ^idiot^ So we’re doing this for 2 months before we proceed to the next step… 

    It's all pretty crazy.

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    Well, didn't really manage most of those days - fella's no spring chicken. He did his best. But additional pressure from me didn't help.
     I just get frustrated as we talk about having a kid but I can't have a kid of there ain't no  ^sperm^ meeting my egg!
    Don't get me wrong. There' s a lot of  ^BMS^ but just not the end product which I'm after! So it's all great but hello? I want a baby! And he was the one that put him being the father on the table - so I don't feel I'm being too hard on him. He does though...  :-X

    We've got next month for another bash at it but think, realistically, I'm gonna get my embies as this is just time wasting. And then, now the window's closed I'm not feeling the urgency so much... Maybe if I didn't have hope TTC naturally this would be a lot easier. Anyway, I'm being practical now. I'll just  ^BMS^ for fun. And enjoy dating... we've had some lovely dates... gonna focus on those.

    Ovulation falls over Easter so I can't do the dummy cycle in April - but that gives me a month to get into shape. 

    On the positive, I'm in the TWW I guess as we did get something up there... Let's hope I ovulated from the good ovary with the working tube  :)

    Re-joining Slimming world tomorrow. Gawd - dreading getting on those scales.

    I can do this! I really see me being pregnant this year.  :)

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    2ww symptoms

    None ...although I'd love there to be some but I feel like I'm reaching.

    A painful twinge in the back of my hip
    Excess CM during my smear - but I've had a lot before and it's common in peri menopausal women.
    (.) (.) - nothing.

    Honestly to be honest. There's nothing...
    No cramping, spotting, heavy boobs.
    A tiny metallic taste in my mouth which I feel silly even reporting as I'm sure this taste is imagined - it's not even very strong. It only becomes stronger the more I think about it... I think it's my mind playing tricks.  Or even just too much wheat!   ^idiot^

    How do I feel?