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Over 45 With Own Eggs?
« Reply #540 on: Yesterday at 20:59 »
Ladies 💋

Just a very quick update as other family matters taking over - my mum has cancer and this has raised its head again  :-[

I started this thread as I felt alone in my quest to try and have a baby at the age of 45 with my own eggs and wanted to hear from ladies in the same situation - I have been overwhelmed at the thread and all of its contributors!
I think if you are over 40 you begin to feel the issues of trying to have a baby and a number of lucky ladies on here have had a child in their 40s and are now trying for their second or third? Therefore in my opinion I think we need to support each other with our quest but please remember as others have said there is a big difference between 40 and 45-46-47 so as long as we all appreciate that we have the same goal but it will be harder for us all the older we get - sorry to say :-[
On the flip side we have 2 ladies on the thread who are pregnant  ;D

Beside - my clomid cycle lasted 38 days the ivf cycle lasted 35 and I am usually 25-29 days.

I have kept testing but still bfn but I did get the bloods back from my day 21 test today - progesterone 32.3 which means I did ovulate so I am happy that I seem to be back to normal - well I'm not sure if I will ever be described as normal but I am 😊 xx

Marigold - welcome - I am also in Scotland - highlands - I had a full ivf treatment at GCRM at age 46 OE which was not successful however I did really like them as a clinic and I would suggest you both go there or wherever you choose for full fertility tests before you do anything else as at least you would know what your options are x
I have also tried Clomid but was not successful and now seem to be back to normal using clear blue digital fertility monitor taking a mix of pregnacare Chinese herbs coq10 omega 3 evening primrose oil acupuncture and ttc naturally at the moment x keep trying and keep us posted it only takes one egg and one swimmer x
Ps you need to have day 3 fsh and lh tests and only day 21 progesterone if you OV on day 14 as your progesterone test should be 7 days after OV x


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    Over 45 With Own Eggs?
    « Reply #541 on: Yesterday at 22:03 »
    Highland girl, so sorry to hear about your mum, that must be very stressful for you. I hope you have good support around you.

    I was actually one of the first to respond to this thread because although I am younger I remember highland girls amh stats being exactly the same as mine  and that made me curious as I was told my only option was donor egg. It was probably this thread that encouraged me to not speed into another donor egg cycle and try and see what I could still do with my own eggs. I got a lot from just reading what others were doing in terms of vitamins etc. While there are ages differences i think what we all have in common is still trying with our own eggs after 40. I have been one of the lucky ones getting a natural bfp and long may this last! Had I went for another donor cycle my life would be very different tonight.

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    Over 45 With Own Eggs?
    « Reply #542 on: Today at 00:26 »
    HI All

    Highland Girl I am so sorry to hear the news of your mum. I hope you are getting the support you need also. Really hope you have a positive outcome soon.

    I too must thank you for starting this thread. I am not a prolific poster but I do follow and it has been a great lifeline for me too. Ive gone from 43 to 44 in the time I've been following but as Gemini says over 40 is the common denominator here and all the information and support has been a godsend.

    My treatment is paused at the moment, part of the plan as I knew I would be super busy and under pressure at work in January. Plus the way the holidays fell meant it would have been rather rushed to do my final transfer over Christmas.

    We got a top grade embryo at the last cycle so have 3 frozen now. Just waiting for my next AF (in two weeks) then hope to transfer.
    Despite work I am being super healthy, doing all the supplements, fitting in pilates and will do some acupuncture.
    I wondered if anyone had any tips, comments on anything further I can do to create and optimum womb environment for the next step. Will ask the docs if i need a scratch, clexane, or any of the other extras that might help one of them stick!

    Wishing everyone all the best and good luck. Thinking of you all xx

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    Over 45 With Own Eggs?
    « Reply #543 on: Today at 01:08 »
    OK so I would love to stick here if you'll have me  :o. Totally agree with the ethos of this thread, i.e. supporting efforts for using own eggs. I too have struggled to get my head round using DE and hoping and praying I never have to make that decision.

    As a small intro, I have completed two rounds of IVF in the UK and opted for freeze-all as I knew I would be working in the US for a few years. Had one FET in UK - BFN. Now in the US and recently discovered (after fibroid surgery!) that I could get IVF on my health insurance. I hadn't even considered this an option. So now going ahead. Baseline scan was this morning. The differences between the US and UK approach have been many so far and I am intrigued to see what lies ahead. Apart from a boatload of worry no doubt  :)

    Highland - great job on starting this thread and sorry to hear your Mum is not well. So stressful when a family member has cancer.

    Quick question - does anyone know if you need to stop taking DHEA once you start stimming?

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    Over 45 With Own Eggs?
    « Reply #544 on: Today at 06:56 »
    Just a quickie as I'm about to do my morning injecti N then head off to work.

    Firstly, Highland, so sorry for what you and your family are going through with your mum.

    Can I just ask what the thinking is with clexane? Because I had a blood clot on my lung a few years ago my clinic are going to put me on it after egg collection until 12 weeks or bfn. They don't think I'm much of a risk but are doing it as a precaution. Could this help my chances?

    Lovely to see all the comments, will post more later although I did also want to say to Marigold that you had your Fsh on the wrong day, I'm amazed your gp doesn't know that. Please don't give up, I've seen a couple of people get a bfp despite terrible numbers. I also didn't get to start trying for a baby til I was 43 so although it's only been two years it feels like so much longer.


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