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PGS Screening - IVI
« on: 11/01/17, 17:19 »
Hi everyone, I'm hoping for some advice about PGS treatment with IVF...
We have gone through 4 miscarriages in the last 2 years and have managed to get cytogenetic testing done following the last 2 miscarriages - the results of both of these have shown chromosomal problems (aneuploidy).
Given my age (40) and the embryo chromosome problems, my UK consultant has talked to me about getting genetic screening done on the embryos prior to implantation to increase our chances of a viable pregnancy ... has anyone else had experience with PGS, and Was it successful?  We are considering travelling to IVI Valencia or Madrid for treatment, as it is cheaper than in the UK but a very reputable clinic - I was hoping to find out more from people who have been through this treatment or had any treatment through the IVI clinics in Spain  :)


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    PGS Screening - IVI
    « Reply #1 on: 13/01/17, 16:53 »
    Hi Lulu,

    I've had PGS on 10 embryos following 5 unsuccessful rounds of treatment.
    It took me 4 egg collections to get this amount suitable to test (whittled down from about 26 fertilised eggs) which was about a year in length.

    This resulted in only 1 viable embryo passing the tests. For us, this I see a fantastic result as had we not had PGS, all 9 of those 10 embryos would have failed to implant or miscarried. I absolutly do this test again if that was our situation. We had this done in London.

    Hope that helps and best of luck with your treatment.


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    PGS Screening - IVI
    « Reply #2 on: 13/01/17, 20:15 »
    I've no experience with IVI I'm afraid, but have done PGS

    I miscarried a chromosomally normal embryo (from my second cycle) and so we knew the problem was the uterine environment (ie me).

    We did PGS for diagnostic reasons as much as anything, because if we'd transferred an untested embryo and the cycle failed or I miscarried again, we wouldn't know if we'd cracked the uterine environment but the embryo was a dud, or if the embryo was normal and the uterine environment was still the problem

    We had our 4 frozen embryos tested and all 4 were abnormal. So we'd have done up to 4 FET and all would have been destined to fail - and because I'd mc a normal before, we'd have assumed that as statistically at least one of them should have been normal (I was 34 at the time), that the problem was me

    We then did another round and did PGS and had much better results - 6 normals!

    Unfortunately we still haven't cracked the uterine environment, as we put a euploid embryo back in Sept and it wasn't a viable pregnancy

    But we know the problem is the soil and not the seeds - and obv desperately hoping that if we can get the soil right, that a good seed will flourish

    Good luck x

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    PGS Screening - IVI
    « Reply #3 on: 15/01/17, 12:33 »
    A few friends of mine have undergone ivf with pgs ngs at Invicta, cos of clinic's prices and experience. Ladies have been satisfied with the service and treatment. x

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    PGS Screening - IVI
    « Reply #4 on: 4/03/17, 07:09 »
    I had PGS testing two years ago - out of 5 blastocysts two were normal. My first one didn't implant - I now think that this was probably because I had an infection that was picked up during the ERA biopsy but the docs said would have cleared. My second embryo did take and resulted in my son. We are about to start a new cycle at the end of march to try for a sibling (I know I am exceptionally lucky to have my son). I was 38 for the first round and will be 40 for this.

    I had my treatment in Spain at IVF Spain in Alicante. The clinic was fantastic and at no point did I doubt my decision.

    Hope this helps and good luck