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Cycle Buddies March / April 2017
« Reply #250 on: 20/03/17, 20:06 »
Hi all  :)

Just a quick one as going out,had scan...okay ( i think ) EC is wednesday!!!! getting so nervous now,taking my trigger shot late tonight and then thats it injections all done  ^pray^
Hope everyone is okay will have a good read through later xx


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    Cycle Buddies March / April 2017
    « Reply #251 on: 20/03/17, 20:24 »
    Evening - that was a long day!

    Jenstuttz - good luck with the increased dose, hope all ur smaller ones catch up and all the best for sat x

    Lynz30 - I'm glad the consultant listened to you sometimes as feels like it's just a load of numbers. I hope that you stay well and am wishing u all the best x

    Unicirnlover - good luck for Wednesday x

    Tania - crossing everything you start stimms soon and a little bit of feeling normal again!

    Cowshed - check with your clinic. I'm on long protocol, and the nurses said I would have to delay my baseline scan if I hadn't had AF (but the consultant didn't seem bothered?!) so check and I hope it comes soon for u

    AFM - day 6 scan today and blood test. 16 follicles 4 at 10mm and a bigger fibroid which everyone seems to love measuring and telling me that measurement! No idea about lining I think the clear view of the fibroid was too exciting! No call this afternoon so I continue my bruserilin and gonal f at 25 and 150 and see what Wednesday brings!

    Thanks for all the support and thoughts through my DR headache.  I have felt so much better since Friday (day 3 stimms) and I have my nails back. Can't quite believe how low and unwell I felt.

    Sorry if I forgot anyone, just can't keep up on all the developments and it's only going to get busier!


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    Cycle Buddies March / April 2017
    « Reply #252 on: 20/03/17, 20:34 »
    Sorry clicked send too quickly!!

    Tania, hope scan goes well and you can go onto stimms.

    Lynz you must be so uncomfortable! Very pleased the consultant is taking your wishes into consideration.  You don't want Ohss though so freeze all is the better option in that situation although I know a last resort!

    Misty, try not to worry, I'm on day 13 of stimms and still not quite there. I'm sure upping your dose you will see more growth.

    Athena, congrats on 4 eggs! That's great. Good luck for the call tomorrow

    Jen, sounds good so far!

    Mo, good luck for stimming.  You'll soon be off - then it goes quickly

    AFM had another scan today and still not quite there so back tomorrow. I have a piece of paper with all my sizes on, I was writing them down as she was calling out the sizes! Team work hey.
    I've got 5 on right, biggest right now are 2 x 14 so still a bit small.
    Left I have 7.  2 x 18 a 16, 14 and some 12s

    So back tomorrow for another scan and they will decide on Thursday or Friday for collection. Getting real now and happy that I'm responding better this time around but hoping the smaller ones catch up!

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    Cycle Buddies March / April 2017
    « Reply #253 on: 20/03/17, 21:03 »
    thank you ladies for the lovely welcome

    Jenstuttz thanks its so nice to know that other ladies are going through
    The same treatment  ^hugme^

    Misty sending angel wings and positive energy for you  ^hugme^

    Athena congratulations on your eggs!!

    Cowshed by the sea serum and penny are incredible. I'm having another aquascan so penny will do a scratch at the same time. Its an internal exam with water to get a really thorough look around.
    I did a ton of research before I decided which clinic to choose.

    I'm an emotional mess, its so challenging to be calm. I finished my cyclacur on
    Friday last week and I'm waiting for my period. Penny said it could be in around
    3-5 days.
    I keep saying to myself I'm doing so well to coordinate everything on my own!!

    Tania L how fabulous we are cycling at the same time!! Good luck  ^hugme^
    Serum is in Athens. Its highly recommended and a family run clinic.
    They specialise in women over 40, donor egg and single women.    Basically this is me xx did anyone else panic whilst waiting for their bleed? Xx

    Sending angels to everyone xxx :)

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    Cycle Buddies March / April 2017
    « Reply #254 on: 20/03/17, 22:15 »
    Daisy- hearing you were an emotional mess actually made me feel slightly better. Sorry. But I have non stop cried since sat.constant feeling down, anxiety, upset. Think its hormones, got period yesterday and its so strong. Im literally the definition of an emotional mess. But knowing others feel the same is comforting as I was working myself up more over it

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    Cycle Buddies March / April 2017
    « Reply #255 on: 20/03/17, 22:44 »
    Hi ladies,

    wow! So much going on here...sorry I have been absent for a while, we had a lot of people staying for the long weekend.

    Welcome to all the new ladies!

    Round two - great that you are responding better now...you sound calm, keep it up. FIngers crossed for EC!

    100acrewood - glad you are feeling better, the DR is really harsh isnt it?

    unicornlover - yay for EC on Wednesday!

    mo89 - good luck with stimms...things are starting move!

    Tania - good luck with the scan tomorrow, really hope you can start stimming: lifts the mood, stops the headaches, makes the skin nice and hopefully produces lots of good eggies!  ;D i hear you about wanting your body back...I also suffer from lack of exercise, but have recently started walking to work and doing very gentle yoga, which definitely helped. Last round this time I can hardly move from painful ovaries and this time around I am still dancing 2 days before EC.

    jenstutzz - it is so confusing during these scans isnt - I never manage to keep track of what numbers they through at you (and OH is just never paying enough attention.. ::) ), but what matters is that the consultant is happy with progress etc. Good luck with the next scan!

    Athena2017 - well done for EC. Hope you recover quickly and there is some good news tomorrow from the clinic!

    Lynz30 - glad you can proceed...we have EC on the same day! Good luck for Wednesday!

    misty2017 - sorry to hear your scan was disappointing for you...but it sounds like the consultant is happy to go ahead and remember it is quality and not quantity that matters!

    cowshedbythesea - i too was panicking about AF not coming on time, I even took a test - have you done that?? If you are not preggers it will show eventually, they will likely just extend the DR phase a bit.

    AFM, had scans on Friday and today, the consultant didnt do a very detailed count, but was happy to proceed with EC on Wednesday - eeeek! Said I had between 8-10 follies between 15-20 mm and lining 11mm. I guess given my age and the lower dosage I was on this time, this is all in the 'to-be-expected' range. I am definitely feeling much better physically than before my last EC. I even went to my dance-class this evening. Really hoping that EC will be better than last time, too. I was in so much pain that they had to up the drugs during the procedure. Also, at our clinic they dont tell you the day after EC how many eggs were fertilised. We will have to wait until Friday with the results...so nerveracking!

    Sending happy vibes to you all...good luck with all the scans and EC and injections!! xx

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    Cycle Buddies March / April 2017
    « Reply #256 on: 21/03/17, 13:42 »
    Unicorn lover and rocky raccoon - good luck for egg collection tomorrow, you can be 2ww buddies!!
    Daisy71- hoping your period comes soon!
    Round 2-how di the scan go!  So close now.., how exciting!!!
    Jen - glad to hear they are growing up the boost will help push them on!
    Athen2017- how are you feeling? Have you heard from the clinic?

    Hope everyone else is having a good day and things are going to plan!

    Afm- so still going crazy... I'm 6dp5dt with 2 emryros in me!!! Every hour feels like a day and so many different emotions! Trying to keep busy but it's always on my mind and all me and my partner talk about!
    No period yet so that is a good sign.. official test date is Saturday but am tempted to test Thursday!!! I just want to know now!!!

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    Cycle Buddies March / April 2017
    « Reply #257 on: 21/03/17, 15:00 »
    So it's official, I triggered last night and am all set for EC tomorrow! So that's me, Unicornlover and Rocky Racoon all for EC tomorrow. Best of luck to you both!

    Feeling a bit crap today, just so tired and feeling sicky. Really struggling to eat all this protein and drink milkshakes etc when I just feel sick and don't really fancy food! Also sorry for the tmi but i am so constipated 😓 Apparently it's a common side effect with the drugs but also when your ovaries are so swollen like mine, they can squish your bowels a bit which doesn't help. All in all, I'm just really uncomfortable and feeling miserable with it! Hoping I'll feel better after EC! Supposed to be going to my sisters this evening and putting together a flat pack computer desk - last thing I feel like tbh. What's worse is she doesn't even about any of this (none of my family do) so I can't even explain why I feel so poop. Will have to wear something baggy to hide my bloat lol.

    Oh Lisalou, the 2ww is horrid. Time seems to go backwards. Hope you manage to get through ok and not test too early. If you're anything like me, you'll be spending most of your time obsessively looking for any signs or symptoms - that's what I end up doing 😬🔫

    Mo89 and Daisy, sorry to hear you've been struggling feeling so low. It's such a hard time and our hormones are going through the ringer atm so it's to be expected. Look after yourselves! Treat yourself to something nice to cheer yourself up?

    How did you get on at scan today, Round two? Do you know if you're having EC Thirs or Fri yet? Yes, totally take on board what you said about OHSS and obviously would freeze all if I was unwell and we had to. Hopefully the strict diet and tablets they've put me on will stop it getting to that point and I'll get to ET.

    How're things with your OH, Unicornlover? How's he feeling about giving his sample and EC tomorrow? Hope he's manageing to be supportive.

    Sorry to anyone I've missed, hope everyone's well xx

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    Cycle Buddies March / April 2017
    « Reply #258 on: 21/03/17, 15:51 »
    Getting exciting with collections happening this week!!

    I'm provisionally booked in for Thursday pending blood results. They move me to Friday if they can squeeze another days growth.   Have to be at the clinic for 7am!  Triggering tonight at 11.00 and then wait around and will be called between 10.30 and 12.30.

    Getting very real now!

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    Cycle Buddies March / April 2017
    « Reply #259 on: 21/03/17, 16:51 »
    Hey ladies,

    Round two - good luck for Thurs/Fri

    Lynz30 - hope the tired/sickness feelings are getting better

    Lisalou - hope you're managing to keep distracted and that time flies quickly for you

    Rockyracoon and Unicornlover- all the very best for EC tomorrow.

    Mo89 -i was on goal f 225 too - hope it's going ok

    AFM - embryologist called me this morning, 3 out of my 4 eggs have fertilised so going in tmrw afternoon for ET ^pray^ due to my age, they will put 2 back in  :) fingers crossed

    100acre - hope the headache has subsided

    Daisy 71 - how are the emotions?  are you in Athens at the moment?

    Jenstut - hope the boosted gonal f is helping

    cowshed - good luck at baseline