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Should I have damaged tubes removed??
« on: 27/03/17, 22:50 »
 Hi guys, I'm new here and just wanted advice or anything at all I'd be so grateful!
After 5 years of ttc, years of pain and my recent relationship failure due to the stress, this last week I had a laparoscopy. The results were severe Endo, having a cyst removed from a ovary and both Fallopian tubes being totally blocked. Luckily my ovaries are good and have good egg reserve.  I will be having another op to remove my tubes recommended by my consultant. I can't help feeling like I'm making it so final by doing this. I'm so shocked and finding it really hard to come to terms with. I know I'm NOT the only one but I feel like I'm the only one in the world, I don't know anyone who has had IVF to be able to talk to. I am usually a fighter and positive but I can't stop feeling defeated like being a mum won't actually ever happen for me and I'm a total failure. I'm heartbroken. How do you manage to come to terms with this? Has anyone had this experience and IVF worked for them?
Thank you so much in advance for any replies :) xx


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    Should I have damaged tubes removed??
    « Reply #1 on: 21/04/17, 12:54 »
    Hi Claire58, A week ago I found out exactly the same thing :'(. The floor just fell from beneath me. You echo precisely what I am going through too. Feel sick. Not the news I was expecting to hear at all. All of a sudden the main function of being a woman is broken. Indeed, how do you come to terms with it.

    I am trying to tell myself that 'at least I know' and can look into options, not waste anymore time awaiting/dreading period arriving each month.
    I read someone on here describing needing IVF due to blocked tubes as 'you just need help getting your egg from A to B, not the C..D..E..F... part'. Keep trying to tell myself this.

    However, being 42 (and meeting my wonderful boyfriend later in life) can't help but feel like my optimism for a baby is misplaced.


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    Should I have damaged tubes removed??
    « Reply #2 on: 21/04/17, 22:21 »
    Hi Claire58,

    Have they said your tubes contain fluid/hydro or are they 'just' blocked?

    I was diagnosed with 100% blocked tubes and severe adhesions but no fluid/hydro. I had two successful rounds of IVF that sadly ended in miscarriage and one negative cycle. Then.....well, read my signature.

    I also had PCO but no endo.

    I guess all I'm saying is find out more about your tubes before they remove them  ^hugme^

    Riley xx

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    Should I have damaged tubes removed??
    « Reply #3 on: 21/04/17, 22:27 »
    Omg loads of us have had babies via ivf after tube removal, for myself life began after the removal, chin up really ☺