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Re: Birthclub - August - September - 2006 - Part 3
« Reply #310 on: 31/07/07, 12:57 »
Right the ladies - as promised a bit of a catch up - better late than never!!

Bev - big ^Cuddle^ ^Cuddle^ to you and Alex - hope you are back on track real soon.

Bels - how is the shopping going - we too are looking at ideas to give people for Katies birthday - everyone likes to buy something for their 1st Birthday - it is really hard to think of enough stuff and some people think you are a little funny if you say money - but I don't want my house to end up like Toys-r-us!

Christine - hope Miriams party with DHs family went well - looks like you will have good weather this weekend as well.

Baxy - hope your presenting hunting is now complete - it really is exhausting.

Gizmo - thought the poster idea was great - we intend to make an album of Katies first year to give to grandparents.

Neeta - sorry to hear your were flooded out - hope things are getting back on track.

Abbey - has Williams nappy rash improved - the few occasions when Katie has had it - it seems to take forever to get rid of.

Jane - sorry to hear you were all ill - hope you have a fab time in Norway - look forward to catching up when you get back.

Hi to everyone I've missed.

Now for a progress report!

Katies top teeth finally made an appreance on Sunday - seems like they have been cutting forever.  She is now fully mobile on the floor and is into anything and everything.  Came home last night to find that she had broken my Vase that has sat quite nicely on the fireplace for what seems like forever - still it was not expensive and I can always get another one - after we have brought the fireguard that is!  Why - well nipped into the kitchen the other night to get a drink and came back to find Katie covered in COAL - all over her face and hands as well as on her clothes - we couldn't help but laugh - she was quite a sight - so fireguard it is.

We decided not to go away anywhere in the end last week - why pay money to go away and watch the rain fall when you can stay at home and do it for free.  On the good days were ventured out to Monkey World and the local country park and it was just really good to spend quality time with the kids after 2 weeks away - and yes I did catch up on my sleep.

We are off to France camping in a couple of week and get back a few days before Katies birthday - we have been trying to decide what to do to celebrate - big party - all the family, that kind of stuff - but as we are away with DHs family the week before it didn't really fit so I think we will have a party for her in France and then on her actual birthday we are going to go to Marwell Zoo and invite the other 2 sets of grandparents (she has 3) and leave it at that as we are hoping to go sailing the following weekend as it is the BH weekend.  Still deciding what to buy as ideas have all been taken by the family - but the most important think is for me to spend the actual day with her - which is what I will be doing.

Finally - update on the job front - I only have 32 more 0530 starts and then I will have finished  ^pompom^ ^pompom^ - cannot wait!!  Have a job interview next week (first in 20 years) for what will hopefully be a part time position for a company 10 miles down the road so lost of  ^reiki^ ^reiki^. will still keep looking as you never know what is round the corner.

Well thats about it for now - hope you are all well and finally enjoying the sun.

Take care

PS - Re meeting up - could maybe make a date wc 20 Aug - away the previous week.


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    Re: Birthclub - August - September - 2006 - Part 3
    « Reply #311 on: 31/07/07, 14:24 »

    Quick one ... as I am at work  ^evil^

    Bev ... I am sooo glad you are feeling better ... totally understand that you still need a little more time ... you come back when you are ready to post.  Lovely new piccie of Alex.

    Meet ...

    w/c 20th August ... looks like a plan then ...

    so who wants to play ???  ;D ;D

    Bels x

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    Re: Birthclub - August - September - 2006 - Part 3
    « Reply #312 on: 31/07/07, 15:12 »

    Would love to play - cannot do the Mon and the Tue is Kaites birthday so unless you all want to come to Marwell Zoo that is out too.  As for the rest of the week I could make any day but would depend on work.


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    Re: Birthclub - August - September - 2006 - Part 3
    « Reply #313 on: 1/08/07, 10:00 »

    We'd like to come along and the WC 20th is fine - how about the Thursday?? Next question.. location!!! Any thoughts from anyone???!

    Hope you're all well - got to dash as just making a picnic up as the sun calls for a trip to the park and a picnic lunch with friends and their LO's! . whilst DH has decided to play golf  ^bigbad^ - wouldn't have minded but too much of the old vino occurred with friends last night and could have done with a little support whilst feeling a little worse for wear! Also doesn't help I'm not too mobile after crippling myself building a garden wall on Tuesday!!! - whilst DH watched as he said he didn't want to get involved in another one of my projects!

    Will catch up later x

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    Re: Birthclub - August - September - 2006 - Part 3
    « Reply #314 on: 1/08/07, 11:22 »
    Real quick one form me, at work with lots of 7 year old girls around!! Thurs is good for me, as for location, don't think I'm the best one to ask! Sooo bad at it  ;D  But am happy to travel anywhere really.

    Bels, that swing looks great and so cheap to.

    Gizmo, hope you have a lovley day in the sun and the vino doesn't catch up with you!

    Sailorgirl  ;D at counting down the 0530 starts, think I would be too!!

    Sorry so short, will catch up properly later

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    Re: Birthclub - August - September - 2006 - Part 3
    « Reply #315 on: 1/08/07, 13:43 »
    Hi all,

    Bels - we've been talking about getting a swing for a couple of months now - the woolies one looks great - might have to go and order it!

    Gizmo - enjoy your picnic in the sun! hope the hangover clears soon!

    Sailorgirl - we've got a little one here who loves coal aswell! as temporary fix we've put her toy box in front of the fire but she still manages to squeeze around the back somehow!

    Bev - nice to hear from you - the new picture of alex is adorable!

    Christine - going to visit the cake website now - need some inspiration!!

    I seem to have been awol for ages - we all had a nasty bug over Fri/Sat - not pleasant but we had to drag ourselves to a christening on sunday as we were both godparents. it was a lovely day and i feel so honoured to be a godparent - has given us some inspiration now to get R christened!

    Work has been crazy and i've been doing lots of extra hours but this week i've kind of thought "stuff it" and i want to spend some time with Rebecca in the nice weather.

    Rebecca is now managing to balance by herself now and so i guess it won't be long till shes off walking... they were saying in ursery yesterday that she will be going up to toddlers next feb/March time - my baby is growing up far to quickly!

    anyway, off to enjoy the nice weather!

    speak soon

    Louise xxx

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    Re: Birthclub - August - September - 2006 - Part 3
    « Reply #316 on: 1/08/07, 13:55 »
    Miriam  ^birthday^ for Friday!! Have a lovely BBQ

    Brain a bit frazzled to do any more personals at the mo, but just to let you know DH took me to Venice for the week. It was beautiful, although I missed Jake like mad!!

    Hope that everyone is well,

    Dawn & Jake

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    Re: Birthclub - August - September - 2006 - Part 3
    « Reply #317 on: 1/08/07, 20:22 »

    Dawn- thanks for Miriam's birthday wishes. Can't imagine how much you missed Jake. I've never gone a whole day without Miriam.

    Lou- hope you're all feeling a lot better now. Let me know what kind of cake you make- I made a cake in the shape of a fish as DH is mad about fishing. Turned out quite good.

    Gizmo- hope you've recovered from your wall episode.

    We had a great BBQ with DH's family on Sunday- 25 people to cater for. They must have enjoyed it because they stayed for 7 hours and we fed them twice! (Did I really serve 50 meals? :o)

    SIL has been very ill with measles so we've had to cancel Miriam's party on Saturday.  :( Don't want to take any risks. Her kids and my parents have all been in contact with her so no-one is coming. Actually I don't feel too sad about it. Hearing how ill SIL had been put things into perspective for us....

    At least we had a good celebration on Sunday so Miriam did get her party with balloons, banners, cake with one candle and a bubble machine. Her 4 girl cousins aged 10-15 yrs made such a fuss of her; she had a fan club following her wherever she went giving cuddles, taking pictures and reading her stories! She took to it very well. I think she enjoyed all the attention.


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    Re: Birthclub - August - September - 2006 - Part 3
    « Reply #318 on: 1/08/07, 21:10 »
    Hi ladies

    Neeta and I would like to join the 'meet'.  Neeta suggested it would be nice to go somewhere the babies could crawl/ walk around??  Picnic perhaps?!  Not that i've got any wonderful suggestions you understand  ::)!!!

    My baby took three steps today, took two at the weekend  ^scared^

    Christine sorry to hear about your SIL I hope she gets better very soon.  Happy Birthday to Miriam for Friday.  Sounds like she had a wonderful time at the weekend.  Bless her.

    Dawn lucky you, although I can imagine how much you missed Jake.  Was he OK?

    Louise how lovely for the both of you to be godparents, sorry you've been poorly.  I know what you mean about them growing up too quickly, Alex goes to baby toddlers in September!!

    Baxy hello hun, hope your not working too hard.

    Bel how you doing hun?  and how is that precious boy of yours?

    Sailorgirl hoorah for Katies teeth!  Excellent news on the work front, I hope you find something suitable very soon.

    Gizmo Hello hun.  hope you had a fab day with your friends and there LO's.

    Hello to everyone i've missed.

    Love and hugs to you all.

    Bev xx

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    Re: Birthclub - August - September - 2006 - Part 3
    « Reply #319 on: 2/08/07, 10:52 »
    Just a quick one from me. 

    If the meet is on the Thursday - I should be able to make it.

    The picnic idea sounds fab - but need an indoor bolt hole what witht he British weather being so unpredictable.

    As always happy to travel.

    Anyone got any ideas.



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