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Where to buy cheap drugs
« on: 22/06/04, 18:10 »
Hello All

We are about to start a second course of IVF and wondered if anyone knows which is the best place to buy the cheapest drugs (menopur) .
The first time (which was unsuccesful) I managed to get them from my GP but they can only fund one course.



The following are the same company (Serono):-
Applied Dispensary Services 0800 3285323
Clinovia 01279 456789
Ferring 0870 2400518
Healthcare at Home 0870 3332867
Calea/Organon 0870 7492020 (but this branch doesn't supply Menopur)

The following are different independent chemists:-
Fazely Pharmacy 01827 262488
West Town Chemist 01733 564144
Pharmasure Ltd 01923 233466 (also have a website www.pharmasure.co.uk)
Ali's at Shadwell 0207 790 9150
Central Homecare 01420 543400

My prescription is as follows:-
Menopur 75iu x 55
Pregnyl 5000iu x 2
Pregnyl 1500iu x 2
Cyclogest 400mg x 36
Buserelin 5.5ml x 2

Total cost from clinic = 994.50 not including 3 per item dispensing fee

Sharps kit required as follows
Buserelin - approx 30 syringes, approx 30 injection needles, swabs, cotton pads, sharps disposal bin
Menopur & Pregnyl - approx 30 syringes, approx 30 mixing needles, approx 30 injection needles, swabs, cotton pads, sharps disposal bin

Quotes obtained today are as follows:-
Applied Dispensary Services/Ferring
Package price inc delivery 779.33 not including sharps and bin but they are obliged to provide it if you specifically ask for it when ordering

Fazeley Pharmacy
Menopur 12.20 per amp
Pregnyl 5000 7.19 for 2
Pregnyl 1500 3.60 for 2
Cyclogest 75p each
Buserelin 15 per bottle
P&P 9.95
Package price inc delivery 748.74 and need to request sharps

West Town Chemist
Menopur total cost 788.28
Pregnyl total cost 13.10
Cyclogest total cost 27.22
Buserelin total cost 30
P&P 25
Package price inc delivery 877.05

Pharmasure Ltd
Menopur total cost 728.75 includes full menopur sharps kit and bin
Pregnyl total cost 32.72 includes 20 charge for cold shipping the items
Cyclogest 80p each, total cost 28.80
Buserelin 16.41 each, total cost 32.82 + 5 for Buserelin sharps kit
Package price inc delivery and all sharps and bins 828.09

Ali's at Shadwell
Menopur 13.65 per amp
Pregnyl 5 each + 25 p&p
Cyclogest 85p each
Buserelin 15.50 each
Package price inc delivery 872.35

Central Homecare
Menopur total cost 638 with sharps
Pregnyl 5000iu 8.10
Pregnyl 1500iu 5.50
Cyclogest total cost 29.81
Buserelin total cost 32.94 with pack
Package price inc delivery 714.35

Lesson learned 1 - if you're ordering drugs that need cold delivery, check the delivery costs. May be worth while getting your cold delivery drugs on a seperate prescription if you want to source them direct from your clinic and take them home to ensure safe delivery.

Lesson learned 2 - always check to see if your clinic will provide your sharps/syringes, bins, swabs etc or if the place you're buying your drugs from will provide them, and of course how much they cost

Lesson learned 3 - check P&P costs overall and delivery lead times.

Lesson learned 4 - before you send off your prescription, scan it/photocopy it, and send it to your drug supplier recorded post with your contact details including home and mobile phone number, and a covering letter

That's all I can think that occurred to me whilst I was ringing around talking to these people. I'm off to post my prescription to Central Homecare!



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    Re:Where to buy cheap drugs
    « Reply #1 on: 25/06/04, 10:32 »
    Hi girls,

    I use a clinic in London in Wigmore st. 'John Bell and Croydon'. They seem to stock everything that my clininc precribes. I don't know if they are cheap as I haven't used any other chemist to compare prices. However, I would assume that if they keep a large stock of everything their prices might be comparable.

    Telula - You will need a prescription for the HCG drug - You might be able to get that from your GP though - have you tried?


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    Re:Where to buy cheap drugs
    « Reply #2 on: 25/06/04, 19:48 »
    Hi Emily,

    I think the chemist in Peterborough is called West Town Chemist.  Tel 01733 311150    Fax. 01733 3564144
    Chemists name is Murley Pirmohamed.

    Hope this helps
    Good Luck

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    Re:Where to buy cheap drugs
    « Reply #3 on: 1/07/04, 10:53 »
    I have been told about a cheap place to buy IVF/ICSI drugs.  The chemist is in Peterborough.  It is called West Town Chemist. It is at mayor's walk near the district hospital. The phone number is 01733 564144.  The chemist is Murley Pirmohamed. His rates are really reasonable, but if you are on puregon, the cheapest place for that is Home Care, Organon, whose number is 0870 749 2020 - Organon's IF dept is also called Calea UK.

    I believe CARE Notts is cheap for drugs. Call 01159 667731 Zoe, 01159 667732 Suzanna or 01159 667730 Jenny and ask for a quote - they buy their drugs from Clinovia so it might be cheaper to go to Clinovia direct - I'm not sure as someone told me that CARE Notts is cheaper because they bulk buy from Clinovia so get a discount.  Best to ring and get a quote from both places.

    Clinovia is the supplier that I have used in the past (they are very professional and helpful I have found).  The drugs are delivered by the next day after they receive your prescription so nice and quick.  

    Clinovia Ltd
    PO Box 26
    62 High Street
    SG12 8YA

    Tel: 01279 456705 or 01279 456789 (I ask for Paula Miller as she is very professional I have found)
    Web page: www.clinovia.co.uk

    I have also been told that Tesco are very good and competitively priced with their IVF drugs, you could also get a quote from Boots the Chemist as they sell IVF drugs.

    The best thing is to ring around getting quotes.

    Hope this helps.



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    Re:Where to buy cheap drugs
    « Reply #4 on: 1/07/04, 11:05 »
    Hi all,

    Just want to add that I have used Murley at West Town three times now, all with excellent service so would throughly recommend him!

    Jen xxx

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    Re: Where to buy cheap drugs
    « Reply #5 on: 20/08/04, 21:17 »
    Hi Jenny,

    Her is the number for Applied Dispensary services: 0870 2400 518. They gave me a quote over the phone. The next stage is for me to send in my persciption and then they debit your credit card and send out the drugs for next day delivery.

    Good luck xx
    Nicnack ;D

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    Re: Where to buy cheap drugs
    « Reply #6 on: 24/08/04, 15:36 »

    I was at the Isis and compared to West Town Chemist's prices (contact details somewhere on this thread!), they were expensive so we went through West Town by just asking the Isis to give us the prescription.  As a comparison the West Town price for cyclogest is 50p each and the Isis charge 1 each!

    Good luck!

    Love Jen xxx

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    Re: Where to buy cheap drugs
    « Reply #7 on: 4/09/04, 21:39 »
    Hi L
    You can try the chemist in peterborugh who delivers drugs all over the UK for a flat fee of 20 pounds wherever you live. Give them a  call on 01733 564144. our second cheapest was ferring on 08702400518, we too had the same problem with clinovia. The chemist in Peterborough comes highly recommended and he does not make any mark up just charges an admin fee of 10 pounds, give them  ago!
    Good luck, M :) :)

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    Re: Where to buy cheap drugs
    « Reply #8 on: 16/09/04, 22:48 »
    It is called Rigcharm in Shadwell, E1. Should be in phone book if not pm me and I'll send it

    Louise x

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    Re: Where to buy cheap drugs
    « Reply #9 on: 5/11/04, 21:45 »
    Hi All. First post on this forum - been a bit of a lurker up to now.

    Thought I would post as my wife and I are finally about to start our first cycle of IVF, and I've done some ringing around to check drug prices.

    We've got a choice of Menopur or Gonal-F (I'm guessing this is a pretty common prescription).

    I've rung round a few of the suppliers mentioned in this post and these are their current prices (I'm sure the moderator will scrub this post if we can't post prices - but couldn't see anything in the T&Cs)

    Bristol Center for Reproductive medicine - 0117 902 1100
    Gonal - F : 22.50 per 75iu equivalent (in 300iu pens)
    Menopur : 20.50 per 75iu ampule

    West Town Chemist - Peterborough - 01733 564144
    Gonal-F. 22.50 per 75iu ampule
    Menopur: 14 per 75iu ampule

    Spoke to the pharmacist/owner who seemed really helpful. He said that the Gonal-F pens were relatively new and as such carried a premium price, he quoted 157.50 for a 450 iu pen.

    20 delivery (or you could pick up), and 10 dispensing fee.
    These prices were lower than our clinic (Bristol CRM) for Menopur, but much the same for Gonal-F.

    Clinovia - 01279 456705
    Gonal-F : 29.93 per 75iu
    Menopur : 15.60 per 75iu

    They only stock the Gonal-F in vials rather than the pens

    Boots online - http://www.boots.com/microsites/microsite_info_template.jsp?contentId=2797
    Gonal-F : 32.10 per 75 iu

    Didn't ask for menopur prices from Boots for some reason - doesn't look like they would be cheaper based on their Gonal price.

    And finally - the winner (at least on price) :

    Serono/ADS - 0870 2400518

    Gonal-F : 17.70 per 75iu equivalent in a pen (ie. 70.80 per 300iu pen)
    Menopur : 10 per 75iu

    No delivery charge. No VAT either for Home delivery (thats probably the same for all these providers)


    btw. If your clinic tells you that you HAVE to buy your drugs from them I would say they are on legally dodgy ground - I don't think the HFEA would be very impressed, and mentioning that you will check it with the HFEA may change their mind. Failing that speak to your local Citizens Advice Bureau who may be able to advise on the legal position. (Although I understand that confrontation is the last thing we need when going through IF treatment)

    Hope this helps