* Author Topic: "Couple sue IVF clinic for giving them twins"  (Read 7079 times)

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    Re: "Couple sue IVF clinic for giving them twins"
    « Reply #31 on: 3/10/07, 09:25 »
    Remembering to take everything presented in the media with a pinch of salt, and therefore not really knowing the true situation, I was interested to read this.  If DH and I had not fallen naturally pregnant, at some point we may have returned to our fertility clinic for further treatment.  Based on our history, we would have been ADAMENT that only one embryo be replaced.  There are many many reasons why people do not want the risk of conceiving twins, and I would be one of them.  If my doctor had mistakenly transferred two embryos, I would have hit the roof.  I don't know that I would have sued, but I would certainly expect an apology and an internal investigation.

    Some people have suggested that she could have considered foetal reduction, however I think that for many people this is an entirely different issue.  When we discovered we had conceived twins naturally, we were offered foetal reduction.  We refused, for ethical and personal reasons. 

    I'm not condoning what this couple have done, but I do know that things get very skewed in the press, and that we are all very quick to judge based only on what we have read - often just a paragraph, or even a headline.  The debate about ESET shows us just how heated both medical professionals and customers can be about conceiving twins, but the bottom line is, it's not a picnic.

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    Re: "Couple sue IVF clinic for giving them twins"
    « Reply #32 on: 12/10/07, 15:19 »
    successful ivf is a blessing, but for a sucessful twin ivf is a double blessing and they should be so happy and grateful! selfish moos  >:(