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2WW - Burning Stomach
« on: 17/08/04, 22:47 »
I'm currently in the 2ww of an ivf cycle (day 4 of waiting).  Ever since ET, I've noticed that my stomach has been burning a lot.  I do have stomach issues, but it has never been so hot before. 
a)  Is the burning coincidence or related to everything?  (As a note, I'm getting progesterone injections and taking estrace)
b)  Will the burning have an effect on implantation?  I know that they said to avoid temparature changes but I can't help what's occurring inside my body.  I'm so scared this won't work for us.



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    Re: Burning Stomach
    « Reply #1 on: 17/08/04, 23:00 »

    If I were you I would speak to your clinic - as it may be a mild infection that needs some soft antibiotics.

    We have had couples on here before with similar symptoms and they went on to have BFP's!

    Good luck :)