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HI Daisy,

What is Factor V Leiden & MTHFR + auto immune factors
Is that killer t-cell issues and more? Would you mind explaining?



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    Thanks again everyone...

    I met with Mrs. Norgand at Create Health today and she did a scan and thinks I am in good shape for another IVF in November. She doesn't seem to think I  have clotting issues though I must remember to ask her again about this. She did a scan today and found around nine follicles in total (I'm on day 16 of my cycle.) Lining is slighlty thin at 6.2 (she'd like it to be 7) but not so thin that she feels I should take progesterone, which could interfere with future stims. She basically seems to think I'm in very good nick for my age.

    Daisy, if I do go to the US, I would go with the Sher Institute in Los Angeles. They have an excellent reputation and in fact did succeed in giving me a chemical pregnancy back in January - IUI with injectibles. I'm still in touch with Dr. Quintero of the institute and it was he who said he'd put back up to 8 embryos on day three.

    Having said this, Mrs. Norgand at Create Health vehemently disagrees with this practice and really feels that the number of embryos has very little to do with success rate.

    Any views on this?


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    Sally - was that 9 ie. antral follicle count?

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    Hi Sally,

    Not sure what Create's success rates are but frankly your consultant sounds plain wrong!  How does she know whether you have a clotting issue or not without testing you - that sounds very odd indeed.  I would absolutely have as many tests now as possible and not waste potential time continuing to cycle without knowing whether anything is wrong with you.  You have to ask yourself why did you have a chem. pg with Sher and why did they not do any testing on you???  How do you know you are in good nick fertility wise?  etc. etc.

    Glad you had a good experience with Sher.  Personally do not rate SIRM at all and don't think they have very good over 40 success rates.  However, they are at least willing to run m/c testing plus immune issues and obviously it is a bonus that they will replace lots of embies.  You just have to make them first!

    Your doctor is absolutely wrong about the number of embies.  You may like to cite research to her that contradicts what she says.  However, number of embryos alone is only one part of the puzzle for over 40s.  Cornell's research recently stated that women age 45 are more likely to have a live birth is they make at least 5 oocytes (however there was an 85% miscarriage rate for those that got pg).


      The other important factor is the quality of the clinic's embryologists and lab and the quality of the protocol you are on.  So a number of factors, but certainly women over 40 generally need to produce and replace as many embies as poss.


    Her attitude just confirms to me that so many fertility doctors in this country have very little knowledge of fertility.  Any old gynae can become a 'fertility' doctor in this country unlike the US where you have to study and quality as a Reproductive Endocrinologist before you can work in the fertility field.

    Rant over!  Wishing you all the best.


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    Daisy -

    Perhaps my doctor is partly basing her info on the fact that around a year and a half ago, I had a termination at six weeks (which sounds ironic, I know, but there were extreme circumstances surrounding that). She has put me on soluble aspirin but no, doesn't seem concerned about clotting issues though I will ask her again.

    If you don't mind me asking, where do you get your info about Sher not having a good success rate in women over forty? I thought they had a very good reputation and my doctor there says he's just got a forty-four year old happily pregnant.

    Personally, I'm  happy to have eight embryos back but in an ideal world, I would prefer for the treatment to work here; first of all, it's MUCH more expensive in the states. Secondly, I've built up a trust with Create Health and feel they are beginning to know my body. And I did respond very well to their protocol despite not having a BFP.

    What were the other American organisations you recommended, where are they based (I assume Cornell is on the Cornell campus) and can you give me some idea of the costs?



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    sally- what have your protocols been?

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    Short protocol: .5 ml of brusserilin every night (from day 2 of period) and on day three of period (I think) 150 iu of FSH as well.

    On day 11, I injected with 5000 iu of HcG.

    And yours?