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Re: Just wonder if anyone had been to this clinic
« Reply #10 on: 13/12/07, 22:24 »
Hi there,

Sorry if this is a silly question but, is DHEA the same as DHA? The reason I'm asking is because I was reading a book by Zita West, the fertility guru, and she raves abour DHA supplements for boosting fertility and even sells it on her website.
Can anyone please advise?

Many thanks,
Alegria  :)


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    Re: Just wonder if anyone had been to this clinic
    « Reply #11 on: 14/12/07, 13:53 »
    Dha is something different to DHEA
    DHA is a fish oil supplement which does have good reviews and all women trying to conceive/preganant and breastfeeding would do well to take - its the vitamins that are in oily fish but we have to limit our intake of that due to high mercury contents in the sea etc - the vitamin is a better supply as it is purified
    i took zita west DHa throught out my pregnancy and still give my daughter the fish oil supplemnet now - she is as bright as a button - and there is some scandnavian evidence to suggest it may help to reduce incidents of post natal depression in women - for women who cant afford the zitz west stuff i think pregnacare now do a pregnancy vitamin with omega 3/6 fish oils in

    DHEA is the controversial hormone supplement that you cant buy in the uk except from websites based overseas - you can see  from this thread that i t stirs up different reactions in people - i would always check with your clinic / doc if its ok for you to take it - i know of people at v good clinics  , including the lister,  whose docs said they couldnt prescribe it but go ahead and take it , as they found the results interesting - others have docs say no dont take it  , as the results arent proven enough yet -

    good luck and i would definately take the dha !!!

    mashie xxxx