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Re: planning treatment at the clinic in Zlin
« Reply #60 on: 2/05/08, 09:58 »
Hi Cailin

I have the same dilemma as you - I have emailed the clinic at Zlin 3 times with no response though I might try contacting Dr Horvath now. As for Reprofit, I have had very prompt responses to my emails from Stepan and have now been given a date for ER on Jan 19th 2009!!  You do not have to pay a deposit at this stage which is probably why some of the girls have registered with several clinics.  After much thought we have decided to go ahead with Fertimed they are cheaper than some of the other clinics like Repromeda but like you, I am slightly concerned that their success rate is lower. The website quotes 40% but there is a girl on the IVF connections boards who has just cycled there and Dr Sobek quoted 50%. One of the reasons we decided to go there was that I have had quick responses to my emails from Dr Sobek who seems really nice and there is no waiting list. Having said that I emailed him last week and again this week and not had a reply.Communication with some of these clinics seems to be a bit of an issue but having said that I cycled with IVI Valencia and they have lots of DE co-ordinators and communication is still a problem! They all seem to be overwhelmed with the volume of work.

Hope this helps - let me know what you decide to do.

Helen xxx


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    Re: planning treatment at the clinic in Zlin
    « Reply #61 on: 2/05/08, 19:15 »
    hi helen

    Do you have any ideas of costs for Fertimed and Repromedia or any email addresses,  I've tried contacting them through their websites but not having much luck  :(


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    Re: planning treatment at the clinic in Zlin
    « Reply #62 on: 2/05/08, 22:19 »
    Hi Lisa

    Fertimed is 3700 euros for your own donor and 3200 for a shared donor. Dr Sobek's email address is [email protected]. He was really quick to reply to my initial emails but I have been waiting about 2 weeks for a reply to my last one so perhaps he is away. Repromeda costs 4900 and the email for Dr Vesela is [email protected]. She also sent me a quick reply and seems very approachable too but its a bit too expensive for us. These costs do not include the price of the drugs you would need but do include the donor meds.

    Let me know how you get on.


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    Re: planning treatment at the clinic in Zlin
    « Reply #63 on: 3/05/08, 02:26 »
    hello all !  ^daisy^ ^daisy^

     60 odd posts, wow !

    Just wanted to 'pop in '  to let you know :  all  is well with me , so far so good and I'm keeping my nerves.

    I'm very sorry to hear several of you tried to contact the clinic and got no e-mail replies.
    I was getting  a bit worried that  Iwas 'clogging up' Dr Anna's e-mail!  .  I bombarded him with questions for a wee while ,about what the clinic is telling donors ( whether  young women  get counselled regarding the emotional impact an  anonymous donation may have in later life) ,  whether they pay women who have good eggs ' premiums etc.(apparently they don't   -our egg donor already  donated successfully once at age 23   )   all stuff that was going through my head when they provided us with our donor details. 
    Dr anna got back to me on each occasion . although his replies admittedly are short and to the point . It seems that once you are 'in' he sends you replies. he even sent an e-mail to enquire if everything was going according to plan  .

    I feel a bit relieved that the explanation seems to be  that they are going to recruit another doctor . Let's hope this English speaking doctor will materialise !  ^doc^ ^surprise^

    On a personal note :

    Yonny - I've been thinking about you and am keeping everything crossed for you , are you still waiting ? Please let it be good news . ^pray^ ^pray^ ^pray^ ^pray^ ^pray^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^

    Caz, how did you get on ? I seem to remember you wee also planning to have treatment  at Reprofit in April ? ( perhaps  ishould check the Reprofit thread ????)

    you doing all right  ::), are you still on schedule? I've also had my depot shot in the meantime and am getting nervous (although trying not to) . 
    Dh and I have booked our flights -we will arrive at Luhacovice late on 21st May -  ET planned for 26th MAy . If you don't stay at Luhacovice perhaps we could meet up at Zlin on 22nd may  - will be there for a scan in the morning and have Thai massage booked for 2pm so expect that  iwill  be hanging around ... we will be staying in an apartment at Penzion Monica for Ł36 per night and the owners have offered to pick up from Brno airport to give us a lift to Luhavcovice for free  , they sent a really friendly e-mail .   :) :)

    And Morag, have you got your dates ? ( did you tell me already ?) you said you were also going to Reprofit in MAy . I don't suppose we are booked o nthe same plane ? ( we fly out from Stanstead t oBrno with Ryanair  on 21st May , pm ) .  Are you in Glasow ????? I am in Edinburgh .So perhaps we could arrange to meet sometime anyway - whenever I have some money to spend on shopping in Glasgow ? I I have only spoken 'live' to one woman who has had egg donor IVF and  Iam so interested in your UK donor . - Are you having a donor from the UK who you will get t oknow and who gets her eggs retrieved at Reprofit ?or what does ' uk approved' donor mean ? Or does it mean you are having treatment in Czech Republic but any child can  find out about donor at age 18 , in line with UK law ? I would be interested to hear details about how you went about getting a 'uk approved 'donor ...

    About the clinic at Fertimed :  Ihave read a lot of good things about this clinic and Dr Machac and I have also corresponded by e-mail .  I seem to remeber from what I've read   (but  imight be wrong) that this clinic mainly does egg sharing and that therefore there is not a long wait and that 'own' donors are harder to come by.   I have decided on ethical grounds  that egg sharing is not for me because I've got it in my head  that  any 'offspring' might  have to live with the thought that perhaps they have another sibling who by chance got selected as an egg t ogo to the genetic parents , whereas the offspring from the other egg(s)would feel they have somehow not ended up with their genetic parents /don't feel wanted  . :( :(
    As for the lower success rate , this is possibly because if you only get half the amount of eggs, then fewer will fertilise ? If Dr Machac says that success rate is 50 %, does he mean for egg sharing or own donor ? If 40 % , then my thinking is  that a clinic that is honest about its figures must be  reputable .

    Zlin versus Fertimed :
    Another thing  Ifound out is that that at Zlin  they guarantee to transfer 2 embryos per cycle. If  you don't get 2 embryos ,you don't pay anything  .Whereas at Fetimed, they give you a fourth treatment   for free if 3 treatments fail ( I thinK )s oif you can stick it out and have enough money for 3 treatments ( which few of us have) then this option might be tempting and also statistically you would be in with a very good chance . At Fertimed  also ,You get a fourth treatment  for half price if during any of the cycles you only got one embryo transferred  (so they don't guarantee 2 embryos per transfer).- it's all explained on their website,  I seem to remeber .

    Alternatives  ;
    And finally , for all those of you who are looking for  alternatives to the clinic at Zlin and Reprofit and Fetimed, there are lots and lots of other fertility clinics in Brno, Prague , Plzen, even Olomouc  :  CAr 2 , Natal Art etc .....some of the websites are not in English but perhaps if you wrote to them ?  Also some don't have e-mail or web addresses but again you could write to the clinics or try and Google the clinics. Ihave always wondered why everyone went t oReprofit when in fact there are so many alternatives out there -(  I suppose Reprofit is 'tried and tested ') . 
    The clinics and website addresses are listed below,  Icopied them into this post :
    Good luck ! !!! ^afro^ ^afro^ ^afro^

    CAR 01
    Centrum asistované reprodukce CAR 01
    Gyn. por. klinika MU
    Obilní trh 11
    602 00 Brno
    Phone: 542 522 266, 542 522 253

    Centrum asistované reprodukce
    Gyn. - Por. Klinika FN
    I.P. Pavlova 6
    775 26 Olomouc
    Phone: 585 854 127

    Centrum asistované reprodukce
    Gyn. Por. klinika 2LF UK
    V úvalu 84
    150 18 Praha 5
    Phone: 224 434 215

    Centrum Asistované Reprodukce
    Gyn. Por. klinika 1 LF UK
    Apolinářská 18
    120 00 Praha 2
    Phone: 224 923 484

    Nad Buďánkami II/24
    150 00 Praha 5
    Phone: 257 212 516

    Centrum reprodukční medicíny ZLÍN
    Nemocnice U lomu 5
    760 01 Zlín
    Phone: 577 524 421, 605 464 119

    Centrum reprodukčního zdraví ARLETA
    Komenského 702
    517 41 Kostelec nad Orlicí
    Phone: 494 323 420
    Fax: 495 268 347

    Fertimed, s.r.o.
    Boleslavova 2
    772 00 Olomouc
    Phone: 585 224 128

    Gyncentrum Ostrava, s.r.o.
    Dr. Šmerala 27
    702 00 Ostrava
    Phone: 596 118 201

    Institut reprodukční medicíny a endokrinologie
    B. Smetany 2
    301 00 Plzeň
    Phone: 377 279 350-1

    ISCARE IVF a.s.
    Hloubětínská 3/13
    198 00 Praha 9
    Phone: 266 610 975

    Laurea s.r.o.
    Bulharská 29
    612 00 Brno
    Phone: 549 249 116

    NATALART s.r.o.
    Alej Svobody 29
    323 00 Plzeň
    Phone: 377 521 164

    Repromeda s.r.o.
    Viniční 235
    615 00 Brno
    Phone: 548 132 350-1

    Sanatorium ART spol. s r.o.
    Mánesova 24/3
    370 01 České Budějovice
    Phone: 386 358 295

    Sanatorium Helios, s.r.o.
    Štefánikova 12
    602 00 Brno
    Phone: 549 523 211

    Sanatorium PRONATAL, s.r.o.
    Na dlouhé mezi 4/12
    147 00 Praha 4
    Phone: 261 711 606

    Sanus, spol. r.o.
    Labská kotlina 1220
    Detašované pracoviště SANUS Pardubice
    500 02 Hradec Králové
    Phone: 495 757 111

    Unica, spol. s r.o.
    Barvičova 53
    602 00 Brno
    Phone: 543 217 777





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    Re: planning treatment at the clinic in Zlin
    « Reply #64 on: 3/05/08, 12:05 »
    Oh aruck arent you an absolute sweetie to post all that info!!! :-* :-* :-* :-*

    Well, my news, I had my bloods done yesterday am but didnt hear anything back from the doc all day so was getting a bit fed up! :(
    I didnt have any p sticks in the house as Id been determined not to test early but I couldnt stand being in limbo for any longer - so, off I trooped to Tesco at 4 am and got some clearblues!!!!!!
    Home I go - do the test - very despondantly as Im sure its negative and Im working out what we do next  :-\ :-\
    ...............................and its only bloomin POSITIVE!!!!!!!
    My first one ever - that in itself is a miracle! :) :)
    I know theres a LONG way to go but for now............................Im pregnant!!!!
    Love to all of you
    Ill keep you posted
    Yonny xxxx

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    Re: planning treatment at the clinic in Zlin
    « Reply #65 on: 3/05/08, 12:12 »
    Yonny ,

    that's fantastic news !!!!  ^storkgirl^ ^storkgirl^

     ^daisy^ ^daisy^ ^daisy^ ^daisy^and let me be the first one to congratulate you on you BFP. It sounds as if you have been through a lot of disapointments so I'm really pleased this has worked for you this time .

    This news will help us all to keep going . ...

    now put your feet up, get some chocolates to celebrate or whatever ...

    You will not end up in Zlin after all, but we won't hold a grudge against you .... >:(

    Lots of love !

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    Re: planning treatment at the clinic in Zlin
    « Reply #66 on: 3/05/08, 12:38 »
    Yonny - Congratulations on your BFP...........is this from Zlin Clinic?  You must be thrilled.

    Andrea - thank you so much for putting all the information on here about Zlin it has helped me so much,  Its so confusing with all the different clinics and your help has been invaluable............Thank you  ^hugme^ ^hugme^
    What did you think of the Zlin clinic when you went there,  we are debating on whether to visit the clinic first and leave a sperm sample then go back over there just for ET or whether to wait and stay out there longer. How do you get all the drugs?  Sorry i've got so many questions i am waiting to email the new doctor there on the 5th but no doubt he will be inundated with emails.  I contacted Reprofit as well but there waiting list is now in Jan 09  :(  That sounds so nice of those people to pick you up from the airport too.  You must be getting nervous now as you've not long to go.
    The very best of luck  ^reiki^ ^reiki^

    Love Lisa xxxx

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    Re: planning treatment at the clinic in Zlin
    « Reply #67 on: 3/05/08, 13:34 »
    Hi Lisa,  ^afro^ ^afro^ ^afro^

    only glad to be of help !I hope you will be able to correspond with clinic once the new doctor starts  (perhaps I'll meet him when  I go over in May and can tell you about him?) .

    As regards clinic, I'm glad  I visited clinic and surrounds- now I feel more relaxed about going for treatment.  it is relatively inexpensive to stay in the Czech Republic and as  Isaid I recommend Luhacovice- there are lots of hotels who offer spa and alternative medicine treatments and pensions and apartments etc .Zlin itself is a bit grim and 'communinist era 'looking and when you come out of the station/or arrive at the  bus station - prepare yourself for a shock , but don't be put off. Luhacovice is perfectly rural and pleasant -it is half an hour on a bus from Zlin and  it is surrounded by forests and hills  ,all the shops and facilities  are very modern  ( that also goes for town centre, Zlin), and I think anyone would have a nice time staying there , especially during the summer months.
    Would be alternative for you be to give sperm sample for fertilisation, and then to return home  for the 5 day wait until embryo transfer ? This sounds quite stressful, or is there a longer time interval involved ? I suppose you could have the sperm frozen and thawed ?In any case, you can discuss your options with Dr Anna via e-mail , or , if you decide to go for an initial visit, face to face, he was very patient with us  and explained any questions we had and we were inhis office for 1 hour and a half.

    The clinic at Zlin recommends women who are new to egg donor IVF  to undergo a 'mock ' cycle, before they cycle for real. (Other clinics as far as I know don't do this but it is to rule out later problems with endometrium- it is all explained on their website).

     In my case, I had my mock cycle in March.  I had to take just Estrimax for 3 weeks , then I went over to Zlin for initial visit and they scanned my womb whilst  Iwas there, ( we timed out visit to coincide with  day 14 of my mock cycle whic his when the scan was due).

    But some women decide not to go for an initial visit . They still do the mock cycle  but  have a scan done back in the UK.

    They seem to have an ample supply of drugs. When we first paid our deposit ( 1000Euros) via international bank transfer, they sent us  drugs for the mock cycle and treatment cycle via the post. They also send you an instructin sheet and I sent e-mails to double check what to do with Dr Anna.

    Whislt I was at the clinic for the initial visit, I had to continue taking the drugs Estrimax and Utrogestan , to  encourage  my womb to shed its lining,  but  I din't bring enough Estrimax with me and they just gave me another couple of boxes to take away. I am confisdent  the clinic will send drugs  out in case anyone shouldbe so lucky to have a BFP .

    I hope I have answered your questions. If you want to know anything else, please ask away. You could also pm me.

    What you need to get your head round s that donations are done anonymously, as anywhere in CzechRepublic. They tell you physical attributes and education /hobbies of the donors. You can specify your preferences  (ours were t ohave young well educated donor) and ours were met , but you cannot express your thanks to the donors and any future child will not be able to find out anything else about their genetic parents or their siblings ( often women donate their  eggs twice or more and this might previously have led to a pregnancy , for example , we now know that any offspring from our donors  ( we are havign both sperm and egg donatied ) would have 3 siblings, but no way of finding out about them ever ...so it's tough.


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    Re: planning treatment at the clinic in Zlin
    « Reply #68 on: 3/05/08, 20:15 »
    Way to go Yonny!!!!! ^congrats^

    I'm so pleased for you enjoy every minute its awesome.

    Lots of love and good wishes from me and DH pregnant lady  ^hugme^

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    Re: planning treatment at the clinic in Zlin
    « Reply #69 on: 4/05/08, 11:51 »
    Yonny - congratulations - great news good luck for a strong beta.

    Andrea - thanks for posting all the info about the clinics I have contacted a few of them but had no idea there were so many! Just to clarify, Dr Machac is the Dr at Reprofit and the Dr at Fertimed is Dr Sobek who also seems very nice - I have just sent him all the forms and am waiting to hear about starting treatment. I have gone for the sole donor option as am not keen on egg sharing. So far I haven't managed to get in touch with Dr Anna despite 3 emails bit I emailed Dr Horvath this morning so am keeping my options open!

    Good luck for your treatment - you must be getting excited now.