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Amulet for fertility
« on: 8/03/08, 00:39 »
This is something I've read in a magazine. How to make an amulet for fertility.

Day to make it: Monday

"Fertility amulets have been around for thousands of years, and if you're hoping to get pregnant, make yours from seashells.
Collect several shells from the beach, then wash them in salt water. As you cleanse the shells, imagine how you'd feel if you were pregnant and say: IT FEELS WONDERFUL TO BE A MOTHER"

Make a small hole in each one and feed the shells on to a length of string. Hang this above your bed. Alternatively, place a single shell or a picture of a shell in your knicker drawer.

Shells contain hidden life and come from the sea- just as legend has it, Venus, goddess of love and fertility, rose from the ocean.

Make your amulet on a Monday, the day associated with the moon, which will help you tune into your monthly cycle."

Love/ Ophelia


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