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Protocols for clinics in Spain
« on: 5/04/08, 16:33 »
Dear All

we have just interrupted our second try with egg donation in Spain bcs of an early bleed. I am wondering about the protocol I am following and am curious to know what medication other clinics use.

We have been with FIV Center in Madrid. For our first try I took one injection of Decapeptil on day 2 and a few days later started with a low dose of Progynova, 2 mg /day. That cycle I bled two days before the pregnancy test which was negative. Our second try I took Buserelin instead, a daily injection of 0.1 cc starting day 2 together with 2 mg Progynova. This did not work either since I had a bleed on day 22 (and again on day 29 so am being checked now for polyps). 

My question is what protocols other clinics in Spain use. Perhaps these long ones don't work for me. Does anyone recognise this problem?

We are keen to continue trying but just want to make sure we get medications etc that are the best for us.

Good luck to you all trying!



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