* Author Topic: Where to source Drugs in the UK using a scanned/emailed prescription  (Read 88495 times)

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Hi wondered if you could help - I have been told that there is a list of pharmacies in the UK that accept international scripts.

Would anyone know where I could find that on here?

Thanks for your help love Karen xxx


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    I have used Ali at Rigcharm,
    They are based in London they have always got everything and posted them off very quickly

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    the italian pharmacy is good and quick

    think web is www.farmaciacerati.it

    if that is not right put italian pharmacy on the search on this site and it should be on there

    good luck

    helen xx


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    thanks for your help - I will investigate these two! :)    Anymore anyone who does anyone know where a list is that I read is on this thread somewhere but I can't find?! Thanks Karen xxx

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    I wonder if anyone can help me??? 

    Does anyone know if the International Pharmacy accepts either faxed or emailed prescriptions from Reprofit?  I am desperate!!


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    Lisa Ladybug sent this to me in an private msg. I am sure she will not mind me sharing it... :)

    Here is the info I’ve found about the Italian Pharmacy:


    Contact is:
    Monica Manzone
    PR Manager Farmacia Cerati
    tel ++39 0141 982653
    fax ++39 0141 982653
    [email protected]

    I think you do need Stepan to write a prescription for this pharmacy, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

    I used  http://www.unitedpharmacies.com/ I didn’t need a prescription and I just ordered the Estrofem and the Utrogestan from here. I'm in Canada though,
    Here are 2 others you can check out as well
    http://www.ivfmeds.com/  and  www.vrdrug.com

    I hope this is of help to you :)
    Amanda x


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    The following is Julianne's research into getting drugs in the UK without an original prescription.

    Can we pin this please?

    You may have read that Reprofit are no longer posting prescriptions, and that the pharmacies cannot accept scans and must have originals.  That's true of most, but here's the info for one in London that I have talked to and has agreed to accept scanned prescriptions.  He's commonly known as 'Ali from Shadwell', but Ali sold the business years ago.  His name is actually Yasser, but so many of us ring he answers to Ali these days!  There is another pharmacy also known as Ali's, but to my knowledge they do not accept scans.  So just for clarity, here is the contact info you need:-

    Rigcharm Pharmacy, Shadwell
    Yasser Latif - Pharmacist
    T:  0207 790 9150
    F:  0207 702 8283
    Email:  [email protected]

    He has a nice locum called Lukman who often answers the phone if Yasser isn't there, and he is fully au fait with our needs and situation.  You can email your scans straight to him, no need to fax anymore - but would advise ringing and letting him know that the email is on it's way.

    If you are close to London it makes financial sense to go and pick up your meds, as the courier costs a bit - especially if you have refridgerated meds like Pregnyl.  They have to then send it in a cooled vehicled and it costs quite a bit.

    If you know of another chemist in the country that will do this, please post it here and we keep all the data central that way.
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    From ShellieG:
    Just wanted to put a note on here about Fazeley's Pharmacy in Tamworth (forgive me if this has already been mentioned).

    They are CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP for drugs!!!! 

    They have recently set up the same agreement with Reprofit as Rigcharm in Shadwell has, whereby they will accept an email prescription and post out your drugs. Once a month Reprofit will post them the original prescriptions.

    The contact there is a guy called Ali (not to be confused with the original "Ali at Shadwells" mentioned on here). He is absolutely wonderful and lovely to deal with. Email is [email protected]  and tel is 01827 262 488. (Address can be found on the web if you need it). Mark emails "FAO Ali"

    The best part about Fazeley's is that are considerably cheaper than Rigcharm's. I got all my drugs £123 cheaper overall than was quoted by Rigcharm - big, big difference. Plus Ali was more knowledgeable on how each of the drugs needed to be stored and I didn't need to pay £40 for a refridgerated delivery (quoted by Rigcharm), all I needed to pay was £12.50 for a before 12noon special delivery with an ice pack in, as they post them out at 6pm the night before and it's only Pregnyl that needs refridgerating after 24 hrs.

    I've actually planned to go in and pick my drugs up in the end as they're not far from me, but that's another bonus for us northern ladies! 

    For me, Ali really took the stress out of getting my drugs and made it all easy - which is what you want! I can't recommend him highly enough - and no, I'm not on commission!!!! lol! I wish!

    From Feistyblue:
    Another recommendation for Ali at Fazeley Pharmacy. He is fantastic and way cheaper than Yasser and all other pharmacies that I checked.

    You can pay by debit card, credit card or online banking/BACS transfer. I just called and paid with my debit card today and my drugs will be here tomorrow. Very friendly and very prompt service from him by email and the lady that answered the phone and took the payment was equally lovely and great service. You can have the drugs delivered to any address, so to your work/friends/family if you needed too.


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    That's really helpful to know. Thanks Canoworms.  I thought I'd heard that Ali's might not be accepting scans anymore but that was clearly wrong.  Phew!!

    Love Felix xx

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    I had to email Ali,s yesterday to ask if he would accept scanned px,s, and he replied back just to let them know what I needed.


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    Hi Ladies

    Just to let you know thanks to reading this thread, that I emailed Yasser last week with my scanned prescription for estrogen, he came back and told me the costs but would need the original sent to him, which I did. I rang him in a panic this morning as still nothing in the post and only have enough pills for today, he said he had forgotten to post them, oh how could he forget  ^idiot^ and would send them first class so will definately get them tomorrow, better do or will be very peed off  :)