* Author Topic: Sending blessing to all ladies having TX in Czech republic  (Read 2800 times)

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Just like to send many blessings to all ladies past and present , whom are having  or had TX in Czech Republic and any one else looking in on FF.
To all these who have no experience of pregnacy and birth, I wish for all your dreams to come true quickly.
For all those whom have had pos test but  no fruit.
For all those that have carried a baby, but had a silent birth.
For those who have had a multiple pregnacy of  which some of your precious babies have been taken away.
For all those who have a need to hold a new baby in there arms once again and breath in that certain special aroma of a new baby.

All have different needs but the hurt just the same

You are all in my thoughts  and i am be sending you loads of healing prayers.



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    hi Karen
    just came acoss your post and wanted to say Thank you. your post says it all.
    many thanks