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2WW - Can I still get a Positive Beta?
« on: 1/09/04, 12:37 »
It has now been 13 days after my FET, but I have had a -tive HPT. I am due to go and have a blood test (BETA) at the clinic tomorrow., which is the actual day to be testing. I am trying to remain positive but I know it isn't looking very good now. Has anyone had negative HPT and gone on to have a positive BETA?

I am a Host Surro Mum, and I know it isn't my fault that it hasn't worked this time, but it makes me feel kind of guilty that it has failed....Hopefully we should all be able to start treatment again in November if this is a definite negative. :(


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    Re: Can I still get a Positive Beta?
    « Reply #1 on: 1/09/04, 13:52 »
    Hiya hun,

    Best of luck to you, I think what you're doing is wonderful  :-*

    I got a BFN 13dpIUI and then a positive beta and HPT 15dpIUI, so it can and does happen!   

    Best of luck, and dfon't feel guilty at all - you're a wonderful woman,

    Marie xx