* Author Topic: anyone else forgetful on the 2ww?  (Read 1133 times)

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anyone else forgetful on the 2ww?
« on: 6/09/04, 16:41 »
Hi Everyone!!!   :)

Yes it`s me again,  started now i can`t stop!!!   ;D

I forget to tell you that i am due for the blood test after my 2ww on the 14th sept and i was wondering if i could be added to your list aswell please?

Also, whilst i`m on, has anyone else found that they are forgertful at the moment?  or is it just me?  then again we are all abit distracted at the moment anyway!!!   ;D

Hope to hear from you soon,  :-*

Love Chazzie!!!xxx


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    Re: anyone else forgetful on the 2ww?
    « Reply #1 on: 6/09/04, 18:41 »
    Hi Chazzie
    Yes, I am forgetful - am sure it is because I am COMPLETELY distracted from anything and can't concentrate at all. Roll on Friday...
    Good Luck