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Starting IVF at Bourn Hall
« on: 2/07/08, 13:37 »

We're starting our first treatment of IVF at Bourn. I will be having a vaginal scan but I really dont know what this entails or what it is they will be looking for. I only know its under local anaesthetic. Can anyone tell me what this first stage will show. After I will then be starting 10 days of drugs. Although Ive done so much reading on IVF, sometimes In think I know absolutely nothing, particularly when it comes to specific treatments.

Many thanks


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    Re: Starting IVF at Bourn Hall
    « Reply #1 on: 3/07/08, 13:55 »

    I can't help, but just want to say that we went to Bourn Hall and they are really fantastic. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Good luck!