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I am 45 have one child and in the last 3 years had 4 miscarriages. Last miscarriage was investigated and due to additional chromosome, which consultant said more likely to occur as we age. My consultant is pushing the ED route but feel unsure as feel I haven't explored the IUI or IVF route. Looking at the stats not promising for someone of my age but my FSH results, last year, were low and don't know if worth a shot. 

Any advice much appreciated.   



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    Hi Carolyn

    thought I d reply on this issue.....
    I think if you havent had any assisted treatment you should give it one shot with your own eggs...just for your own sanity - to say you tried before going down the egg donor route...at least if nothing else...it would confirm for certain the statistics are right!!...(an expensive confirmation though!!)

    I think we all know deep down, in your 40's time is not one our side...and its sensible to go for egg donation...but we all have a desire to pass on our own genetic material...so we hope we will be lucky.......... :)

    lots of things to think about!!

    Karen- Grimsby :)