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« on: 15/08/08, 09:09 »
 ^hugme^ ^hugme^

I Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all my supportive messages, both on here and personal, they really meant alot.  I am keeping an eye on people here, but if I dont appear very often at the moment I am sure you will understand.

Feel bit down at the moment, but I dont think the job situation helps, if I get back into that I can then focus on work and saving those pennies.  Had a low Weds, but went to take my niceces and nephews to Mama Mia with mum yesterday, which cheered me up!

Battling a little at the mo over hubby saying doesnt want to try his fishes (that's what I call them) with a donor egg, but he possibly feels we have more chance going straight to Embryo transfer.  Perhaps wait to see how people get on abroad shortly who I know are going to treatment and also what the specialist says end Sept.

Thanks again all and I do send you loads of hugs and am thinking of you!


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