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Clinic with donors waiting
« on: 20/08/08, 16:50 »
Just doing a bit more research and it seems, Southern Ireland does not have the same laws as UK and that their donations are all anonymous, akin to Europe  ??? 

The Sims clinic  sims.ie run an egg donation programme and they have DONORS WAITING  :oin Ukraine however you only need to visit Dublin -  another reason/excuse to go to this great city - it's worth looking at their website and the nurse I spoke with was so helpful.   

For a bit of pampering too, there is also a natural fertility centre at Cobh, Nr Cork  (where the Titanic sailed from, maybe not a good comment.....on reflection   ;D ::))  They offer weekend long packages of fertility enhancing special pampering and preparation.  The accommodation on site looks very nice and just the sort of place for a couple to get away from it all amongst all this madness. ^hugme^

Both Dublin and Cork are so easy to get to, too!

Hope this helps someone out there!

^fairydust^ ^fairydust^


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