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CD for FET
« on: 21/08/08, 19:57 »
Hi, I am having a FET next month and want to get a hypnoses CD. Has anyone ever used one before that you can recommend?? Is it ok to use a general IVF one as I'm only having FET??? Also is it ok to use a CD if you are going to see someone for Hypnoses aswell???



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    Re: CD for FET
    « Reply #1 on: 16/10/08, 11:08 »
    HI there Mrs Gally
    I have just started the 2ww for my FET.  I did start off using the Natal Hypnotherapy http://www.natalhypnotherapy.co.uk/ CD I'd used for my IVF but to be honest I was so sick of the woman's voice after listening to it non-stop for IVF I was looking for a new one.  Although she does talk about growing strong and healthy eggs, everything else is relevant to FET.

    But I have now discovered Zita West has a relaxation CD.  It mainly focuses on the embryos and your womb so seems much more relevant to FET.  THere are three tracks - pre transfer, post transfer and 2ww.  YOu can get it from her website http://www.zitawest.com/ Although her voice isn't quite as relaxing the visualisations are good.  I used it straight after my transfer and found it very moving -  actually shed a tear!

    At the end of the day anything that helps you relax has to be a good thing! Good luck with your FET!


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    Re: CD for FET
    « Reply #2 on: 16/10/08, 22:53 »
    Good luck Kaypea  :-* ^reiki^ :-* ^reiki^