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Hi Guys,

Some help required please... Our childminder has asked us to help her find a book that has same sex parents in the stories for the kids she looks after. She said that as Alex becomes more aware she wants to have some books around for them to read. I looked into this whilst pregnant but it seemed to fall by the wayside and now I have lost my list.

Thanks in advance,

Rach x

Our favourite is 'The Duke Who Outlawed Jelly Beans and Other Stories' by Johnny Valentine. It's a bit old for Ember yet but it's great as in each story the kids go off and have adventures, then come home to their two mums/two dads/single mum etc and it happens without comment - very normalising! :) I believe he did another in the same vein but we don't have that one.

We also have 'Heather has two mommies' which is also fine but the main storyline is about her having two mums rather than it being incidental.

Those are the only ones we own ourselves but if you look up either on amazon they'll come up with plenty that are similar.

Good on your childminder!

Best wishes,

G. x


a friend from my cycle buddies group has this in the nursery/childcentre where she works.  she said its very good.


Space Girl Pukes by Katy Watson. This Amazon link also has lots of other 2 mums/2 dads titles too:

Ooh - I want to go shopping now!!


me too minty!!!

i saw one of the MOG books in morrisons the other day and wanted to buy it.  did you read Mog books when you were little?



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