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Ive done a post previously about injections - I really have a very difficult time with routine blood tests and things like that - I would prefer if I can have them done proffessionally.

My gp is not that helpful at all - I have asked if the practice nurse will do them and he didnt seem keen - will ask again..

In the meanwhile does anyone have info on how I go about contacting a nurse/ nursing agency to see if i can book some-one to do my injections - Im based in London. I know rationally the injections are not that bad - I just have a bad phobia and this may be the best solution...

Would be grateful for any feedback. Thanks Deborah

Thanks Deborah

Hi Deb

Really really really the injections are not that bad. Did they give you one of the self injectors, they don't even look like a needle.

But if there is no talking you around you could contact medicentre. They have several surgeries in London and when I lived there I used them instead of a NHS doctor because I hate the NHS. They will probably do deals on price for you too.

Hi Paula and Meg
Thanks so much for the info. Its crazy - Im so emotional before I have even started treatment and I think the injections are really worrying me.
The hospital wont give me an auto-injector pen. Not sure why- will wait to chat to consultant.  Meg I will contact the medicentre, thank you, Deborah

Hi Deb
Don't know where you are in London but I'm in St Albans
I am a registered nurse and if you need jabs I am happy to do them (don't know how you non medical types get your head around these things) but the onus would be on you to get to my place - wouldn't charge you anything for the jabs etc. I've recently stopped doing jabs for a friends daughter who had Hughes syndrome and had to have heparin jabs for the first trimester so it don't bother me as it only takes 5 mins
Alternatively, you could contact a nursing agency (Yellow pages) and arrange for a nurse to come to your home/office and do the jabs but you usually have to pay a minimum call out fee of 3-4 hours and the agency fee so you're looking at about 50-80 per day


Hi Deb,

I work in London and am a nurse and like Jo if you need help I don't mind coming and doing your injections for you.IM me if you want some help. Agencies charge a fair amount of money to send a nurse out.
No charge with me :-)



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