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anyone pregnant after fertility spell?

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Hello everyone, just thought it might be a good idea if we did this poll.
I'm on my 3rd tx and this is the 1st time i've bought a spell so i will post my own vote in jan.

mandamae xxx

I bought a fertility spell off eBay and 3 days later I was told I could have ivf on the NHS. As a result of this ivf I now have 6 month old twin boys! I just emailed the lady who did the spell and she now has nearly 4000 positive feedbacks (100%) and 22 people got pregnant in September alone so maybe there is something in it! Also a very spooky thing happened - I was listening to the radio at the exact time she would have started the spell and the song playing was "I'll be your angel" - the person who did my spell had the eBay name "Mia Angel"!!!!

Good Luck Mandamae - hope your spell works too  :)

Hi  Mandamae
i also bought a spell from "Mia angel" in march, when we were having ivf, she said i would be pregnant within six months (september) so needless to say it didnt work for me :'(  i did feel a bit daft saying the spell ;D  ;D  dh thought id gone loopy ^idiot^ ^idiot^, but i guess we will try anything,

good luck to you, hope you get your BFP

alley xoxo

Thanks girls, Ive bought my spell from mia angel too! well as I said i'll let you know at end of Jan. heres hopeing, wishing and  ^pray^.
 ^fairydust^ ^fairydust^ ^fairydust^ ^fairydust^ ^fairydust^ ^fairydust^ ^fairydust^ for all of us. xxx manda xxx

I've just bought a "powerful fertility spell" from Mia Angel. My OTD is on Wednesday. Hope it will work.  ^pray^ ^fairydust^

I will also be doing the full moon spell tonight and tomorrow.

Will keep you posted.



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