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List of Questions to Ask the Foster Carer when you are linked


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Questions for Foster Carer

What size and brand of nappies does child have?
What is child’s routine now?
What are child’s likes and dislikes?
What is the best way to comfort the child?
Is the child allergic to anything?
What is the child’s favourite Cbeebies Character?
What is the best way to distract the child?
What washing powder/fabric conditioner does foster carer use?
What are the child’s favourite toys?
Do you use music at night to soothe child to sleep?
What medicines do you use?  Calpol etc?
Is the child frightened of anything in particular?
Does the child nap in the car/pushchair when out and about?
How far is the furthest the child has travelled?
Has the child had any holidays yet?
Has the child been taken swimming in a pool?
How far can the child walk ie mobility?
Does the child sleep in a babygrow or pjs, with or without vest?
Does the child have a cuddle toy to take to bed?
What size clothes does the child wear?
What is the child's shoe size?
How many teeth has the child got?
What toothpaste do you use for the child?
Does the child suffer when teething?  What are the signs?  How do you manage the pain?
Has child had chickenpox or any other childhood illnesses?

(done by another FF mummy-thank you)

Please reply to this thread if you have any other questions for foster carers. Thanks. :)

Just a few other suggestions, although some wouldn't apply to younger children:

Do they go to any toddler groups?
Are they used to other children in the house/relatives visiting etc?
How many other children are in the placement?
What is child's relationship with foster siblings like?
How do they get on with other children?
Do they go to nursery, if so how much?
Have they had respite care, if so how much and how recently?
Is respite always with the same carer?
How do they respond to being left at nursery/respite?
How do they respond to being left briefly, e.g. carer going to the toilet?
How much one to one time do they get?
Do they understand/accept yes/no?
Are there any behaviour issues?
If no, what sort of things might they be "told off" for?
What sort of discipline is the child used to in the home?
Do they have many tantrums, and how does the f/c respond when they do?
How easily soothed is the child when they are upset/angry?
Do they have any favourite toys/possessions/comforters?
Can the child settle with an activity/Are they easily engaged?
Will the child play on their own for a short time with a carer close by?
What sort of games/play does the child like?
Can they play "imaginatively"?
What is their personality like?
Do they like cuddles/affection? 
Will they settle for "quiet time" or always on the go?
How do they respond to physical contact, e.g. hand holding/hand games etc.
How are they with being bathed, washed, changed?
How do they behave around strangers?
What's their general routine/lifestyle?  Active? Homely? Lots of TV?
What do they eat?  And if the answer is "whatever we do";
What do you eat?
Do you believe the child has a secure attachment to you?
How do you think they will cope with the move to their new family?
Do you have any concerns about the child's development or behaviour?


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