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I have investigated surrogacy in Kiev (Ukraine) for several months, lots of egg donation and surrogacy providers, made comparison for myself and the most interesting choice for my was the PSCC, it the Perfect Surrogacy Coordination Center, not an agency, but a group of people-professionals like lawyers, interpreters, logistic managers coming together in one company to give fertility treatment support for foreign patients. I looked though their services and it has much more benefits than a simple agency. I will never go directly to a clinic, because I had an experience... I am already in contact with them and from the first communication I felt that all goes so easy, fast and comfortable, you can feel right away that you have got in the right place and you will be cared of. I am 34 with Rokitansky  syndrome and cannot have children at all, only egg donor+surrogate mother. Well, my husband is healthy and I pray for him, because he is with me in on this road. I hope I can help you, how is searching and comaring and deciding where to go, I did all the job already and here is the website http://www.perfect-surrogacy.com/   
Good luck!


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    this company perfect surrogate looks like it could be related to Biotex>?? seems like the same packages.... only going directly with biotex the prices are cheaper the agency prob just adds on fees.

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    No, they don't work with this clinic and have other conditions and services

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    We are with Biotexcom and really pleased.
    The communication is very good and we never had problems with transfer or anything else.
    It's not true that you have to share bathroom or toilet with other people.
    The people are in general a bit different than in England but that's okay.
    This clinic is not very popular in the UK as they there are a lot of fake posts around from them which I don't understand. They don't need to do that as they are brilliant. The clinic if full of Italians, Germans and Chinese. Very lovely couples indeed.

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    Besidetheseaside - good luck with yr treatment